How Long is 500 Cm? 19 Common Comparisons (+Pics)

500 cm equals 5000 mm, approximately 196.85 inches, 16.4 feet, or 5 meters

Understanding how long it is can be helpful for space planning in construction, design, and crafting.

This post compares 500 cm to familiar items, from mattresses to human footsteps to soccer goals, to help understand how long it is by visualization.

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Read on.

19 Common Comparisons for 500 Centimeters

1. 2.5X A Queen-size Mattress

Mattresses are often used as a reference for measurements because they come in standard sizes, providing a familiar and relatable comparison of dimensions.

For example, a queen-size mattress is usually 80 inches long and 60 inches wide.

Since 80 inches equals 203.2 cm, you can visualize 500 cm as approximately two and a half times as long as a queen-size mattress. 

You can also use the same approach on a king-size mattress, as they are just as long.

2. 3X a Loveseat

Loveseats are smaller sofas typically designed to accommodate two people. They are a popular choice for smaller living spaces or as additional seating in larger rooms.

They are available in different sizes, but on average, they are about 63 inches or approximately 160 cm long.

So, if you placed three loveseats end-to-end, they’d be approximately 500 cm long.

3. 2.5X a Front Door

Due to their familiarity, front doors provide an excellent benchmark for visualizing and estimating dimensions.

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Although they may vary, the difference is usually minimal, with a standard front door in the US measuring 80 inches long, the same as a queen-size mattress.

Consequently, you can view 500 cm as two-and-a-half front doors to understand how long it is.

4. A Midsize Car

Also known as intermediate cars, midsize cars are a popular automobile category that provides a good compromise between fuel efficiency, interior space, and maneuverability.

Although they may vary depending on the make and model, most midsize cars flirt with 500 cm.

5. A Standard Canoe

Canoes are popular watercraft for recreational activities such as leisurely paddling, fishing, and camping in rivers, lakes, and other water bodies. 

Canoes come in various sizes, but most are about 16 to 17 feet long. These are the most preferred for their speed, manageability, and substantial capacity. 

When converted into centimeters, their length is approximately 500 cm.

6. 6 & ½ Footsteps

Footsteps provide a quick and accessible way for individuals to gauge distances without needing specific tools. 

Most people are familiar with their own stride length, but if you’re not, the average human footstep is about 2.5 feet (76.2 cm), according to the University of Iowa.

So, if you do the math, you are only six and a half steps away from realizing a length of 500 cm.

7. 25X a Standard Red Brick

Red bricks are used for building facades, pathways, or landscaping.

They are available in different sizes depending on the country. For example, a standard red brick is typically eight inches or approximately 20 cm long in the United States.

Although they are commonly used to estimate small measurements, like 8 inches, you can use them for comparatively longer ones, including 500 cm.

To do so, imagine laying as many as 25 red bricks.

8. 13X a Cinder Block

Cinder blocks are suitable for constructing walls, foundations, and various structural elements in buildings.

They are typically larger than the standard red bricks, measuring 8 inches by 8 inches by 16 inches (41 cm).

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So, using a cinder block instead of the standard red brick, you’d need only 13 to get you close to the 500 cm mark.

9. 16.5X a 2-liter Soda Bottle

2-liter soda bottles are a familiar packaging format for carbonated beverages in many countries, including the United States.

A 2-liter soda bottle is typically 12 inches tall, making it a perfect reference for 12 inches.

And since 12 inches equals 30.48 cm, if you want to understand how long 500 cm is, you view it as sixteen times as long as this bottle.

10. 18 Letter-size Papers

Letter-sized papers are the standard in the United States and many other countries, widely used for printing documents, letters, and various office or academic purposes.

Their widespread use makes them readily available for quick measurements and estimations.

For example, to know how long 500 cm is, arrange as many as 26 letter-size papers end-to-end since each is approximately 28 cm long. 

11. 21X a No. 10 Envelope

No. 10 envelopes are a standard size commonly used for mailing letters, invoices, and official documents.

Measuring 4.125 by 9.5 inches (10 cm by 24 cm), they are well-suited for holding standard letter-size papers folded into thirds.

500 cm is comparable to arranging 21 No. 10 envelopes end-to-end in a straight line.

12. 25X a Standard Pencil

No. 2 pencils are the standard pencils in schools, especially for standardized tests and everyday classroom activities.

Their widespread use in educational settings makes them a familiar and practical choice for estimating small measurements starting with eight inches since they are usually about 7.5 inches long.

And since 7.5 inches equals about 20 cm, you can compare 500 cm to laying as many as 25 standard pencils end-to-end on a flat surface.

13. 25X an Adult Toothbrush

Adult toothbrushes range from 7 to 8 inches (17.78 to 20.32 cm), making them suitable for estimating small measurements since they are household essentials.

To get a sense of 500 cm, view it as approximately 25 times as long as an adult toothbrush.

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14. A Stack of 13 Bowling Pins

Bowling pins are bottle-like objects used in bowling.

They typically have a height of 15 inches (38.1 cm) and a base diameter of 4.766 inches (12.1 cm).

If you are a regular bowler, 500 cm is comparable to a stack of 13 bowling pins.

15. 2X a Soccer Goal Height

The sizes of soccer goals are standardized by governing bodies, such as FIFA.

The posts are usually 24 feet apart and eight feet (244 cm) tall.

Thus, you can visualize 500 cm as twice a soccer goal’s height. That’s only 12 cm shy of the mark.

16. 4X a Hockey Goal Height

Hockey goals are smaller than soccer goals. They are six feet (183 cm) apart and four feet (122 cm)tall. 

So, to get a sense of 500 cm using a hockey goal as the reference point, picture four times its height.

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17. 7X a Tennis Racquet

Tennis racquets come in various styles, materials, and sizes, catering to players of different skill levels and playing styles.

Lengthwise, they range from 69 to 74 cm long. 

So, if you’re familiar with them, imagine placing seven tennis racquets end-to-end to realize a distance of 500 centimeters. 

18. 2.5X a Bar-size Pool Table

Bar-size pool tables are the smallest of any pool table, making them suitable for tighter spaces and casual play. They are common in bars and smaller game rooms.

These tables are typically 78 inches or approximately 198 cm long.

Thus, 500 cm is comparable to two-and-a-half bar-size pool tables.

19. 6.5X a Regulation Table Tennis Table Height

Table tennis tables have standardized dimensions set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) to ensure consistency in the sport.

They are typically nine feet long, 4.5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet (76.2 cm) tall.

So, 500 cm is about six and a half times as long as a standard table tennis table’s height.

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