How Long is 80 Inches? 16 Common Comparisons (+Pics)

Discovering the length of 80 inches goes beyond mere numbers; it’s about connecting with the tangible world around us.

This everyday measurement holds significant relevance, particularly in countries like the United States, where the imperial system prevails. 

The ability to visualize it accurately can empower you to make informed decisions in various aspects of life, from home improvement projects to buying or selling items.

In this post, we delve into 16 vivid comparisons, offering you a tangible understanding of 80 inches.

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Let’s get into it.

16 Common Comparisons For 80 Inches

Eighty inches is 6.67 feet or approximately 2 meters long.

It’s comparable to the following items.

1. A Queen-size Mattress

You can grasp the length of 80 inches through a vivid mental picture by imagining resting on a luxurious queen-size mattress. 

The mattress is one of the most popular in the market, and it’s 80 inches long. 

They are popular among couples and single individuals who like spacious sleeping spaces.

Alternatively, you can compare 80 inches to the length of a king-sized mattress. Although these offer extra width compared to queen-size mattresses, they’re just as long.

2. A Standard Front Door

Front doors are everyday features in homes and buildings. People interact with them daily, making them an excellent way to understand different lengths.

Although they vary based on regional building codes, architectural styles, and individual preferences, a standard front door in most countries, including the United States, is 80 inches long.

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Hence, if there’s a front door nearby, look no further.

3. A Typical 3-seater Sofa

As you probably know, the dimensions of 3-seater sofas can vary, ranging from around 80 to 96 inches. 

However, most are on the shorter end, flirting with 80 inches, typically measuring about 84 inches long.

Although they are not exactly 80 inches long, you get the idea.

4. A Bar-size Pool Table

Pool tables come in various sizes, with standard dimensions widely used depending on the setting. 

Those found in bars and pubs (usually coin-operated) are a perfect way to visualize 80 inches since they have a playing surface of 78 inches in length. That’s only two inches shy of 80 inches. 

Alternatively, you can picture a distance twice their width, as they are 39 inches wide.

5. An Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are an increasingly growing trend due to their durability. Unlike real trees, they don’t dry out and shed needles, making them a practical choice for long-term use.

Their lengths can vary widely based on their size and style, starting with around two feet for limited spaces or as decorative accents. 

However, most are the size of a typical 3-seater sofa, about 84 inches tall, to slot nicely in most homes with standard 9-ft ceilings.

6. 3 & 1/2 Human Footsteps

The length of a human footstep can vary from person to person and depends on factors such as height, leg length, and walking speed. 

That said, according to the University of Iowa, the average human step is about 2.5 feet (30 inches) long, walking at a normal pace. 

That means you’re only two and a half steps away from realizing how long 80 inches is.

7. 13 US Dollar Notes

US dollar notes are an excellent way to comprehend small lengths such as six inches since they are just as long, regardless of the denomination. 

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And if you can get several more, you can use them to understand comparatively long lengths, like in our case here. 

To do so, line up as many as 13 on a flat surface end-to-end. They extend to 79.82 inches.

8. 11 Standard Pencils

Also known as the No. 2 pencil, a standard pencil reminds many of their classroom activities – taking notes and doing homework assignments.

And if you can recall how long these ubiquitous tools are, they could be just what you need to understand how long 80 inches is.

Since each, when unsharpened, is 7.5 inches long, imagine a straight line of eleven pencils end-to-end.

9. 7 Letter-sized Papers

Chances are there’s at least a letter-sized paper lying somewhere at home. 

Letter-sized paper is convenient for most office and personal uses, making it one of the most popular paper sizes in the world. It’s widely used for various purposes, such as printing documents, letters, resumes, and reports.

This paper is eleven inches long, meaning seven laid on a flat surface end-to-end are approximately 80 inches long.

10. 10 Standard Bricks

Bricks come in various dimensions based on regional building practices and standards.

For example, in the United States, the standard brick size for most construction projects, including residential buildings and pavements, is 8 inches long.

So, using that as the benchmark, picture a small wall of ten standard bricks. That’s how long 80 inches is.

11. 2 Tennis Net Posts

Tennis net posts come in standard dimensions to ensure consistency in the game.

According to the International Tennis Federation (ITF) rules, they must be 3 feet and 6 inches tall, which is approximately 42 inches. 

So, 80 inches is about twice the height of a tennis post.

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12. 2 Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are another sport-related way to understand how long 80 inches is. 

Although their lengths can vary based on a golfer’s height, swing style, and personal preference, for most men, they range from 43 to 45 inches long. 

Hence, you can compare 80 inches two golf clubs laid end-to-end.

13. 9 Soccer Balls

Soccer balls come in many sizes to suit different age groups. 

The standard size recommended for players aged 12 and older and used in professional and international soccer matches, often known as the Size 5 soccer ball, lies between 8.6 and 8.9 inches wide, according to the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

So, imagine a line of as many as nine soccer balls lined up end-to-end. They stretch to approximately 80 inches long.

14. 8 NBA Balls

NBA balls are slightly larger than soccer balls, with a diameter of approximately 9.5 inches. 

So, using a basketball as the reference point, you need eight placed in the same manner as soccer balls to paint a picture of 80 inches in your mind.

15. 7 NFL Balls

NFL balls are larger than soccer and NBA balls thanks to their egg-like shapes.

From tip to tip, the balls are approximately 11 inches long, as the National Football League (NFL) dictates. 

That means you need seven in the same format as soccer and NBA balls to realize a distance of 80 inches. They’re only 3 inches shy of that mark.

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16. 5 & ½ Ten-Pin Bowling Pins

Ten-pin bowling pins are cylindrical-shaped objects with a slightly tapered top and bottom used in bowling.

They’re the standard pins used in the sport, measuring 15 inches long.

If you’re a regular bowler, imagine a distance five and a half times as long as a ten-pin bowling pin to get a sense of 80 inches. 

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