12 Everyday Things That Are 12 Inches Long (With Pictures)

Things that are 12 inches long come in handy when you want to understand small measurements such as 12 inches.

If you’re familiar with these items, you can easily conceptualize the measurement by just picturing them.

So if you’re trying to understand how long 12 is for whatever purpose, this post is helpful, as we’ve compiled a list of 12 12-inch things familiar to most people. You might not be familiar with all, but there’s something for everyone. 

Let’s go!

12 Everyday Things That Are 12 Inches Long

1. A Long School Ruler

The long school ruler (usually marked up to 30 centimeters) is one of the must-have tools at elementary school. So, having used it uncountable times, you can visualize one even when someone wakes you up in the middle of the night! 

This ruler is one of the perfect references for 12 inches you can find around, as it measures precisely 12 inches long.

2. A 2-Liter Soda Bottle

The 2-Liter soda bottle (the one with a volume of 67.6 oz) is the most common with soft drinks, so chances are you’re familiar with it. In fact, you might have one or more at home, especially if you own a fridge. 

This bottle is another perfect reference material for 12 inches, as it has a height of 12.4 inches. That’s slightly past the 12 inches mark, but nobody would beat you up if you said 12 inches is as long as a 2-liter soda bottle!

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3. Six Business Cards

A business card is a small piece of printed material, typically containing one’s contact information, including the individual’s name, job title, and company name. They’re often exchanged in professional interactions for networking purposes. 

Business cards are a perfect reference for two inches and other tiny measurements since they are typically two inches long. 

And if you can picture six lined up end to end, they would give you an impression of something 12 inches long.

4. 12 US Quarters

US quarters are used on a daily basis in the United States, as they’re the most preferred mode of payment in many coin-operated devices, including parking meters. 

If you’ve some reserved for the next shopping trip, they are one of the most accessible things you can turn to if you want to understand how long 12 inches is. 

They all have a diameter of 0.955 inches, meaning if you place twelve side by side, they add up to 11.46 inches, just a little under the 12 inches mark.

5. Two US Dollar Notes

Even if you don’t have as many as twelve quarters, US dollars – equally common (if not the most common) – are excellent reference points for small measurements. 

Regardless of the denomination, all the US banknotes are equal, measuring only 6.1 inches long, hence perfect reference materials for things that are six inches long

And to understand how long 12 inches is, you’d need to arrange two end-to-end. Of course, they exceed the mark by 0.2 inches, but that’s not a worthy deal breaker. Is it?

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6. Three Regular Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper is an essential household item found in every home and indispensable to daily life. 

And although these must-haves have varying measurements depending on the brand, they all fall between 4-4.5 inches in width. Hence, they’re easy culprits if you want to understand how long four inches is

But you can also use them for relatively longer measurements, such as 12 inches, by imagining how wide three would be.

7. One and Half a Brick

Bricks are popular items in construction sites and some homes, especially among home gardeners who use them to make garden beds. 

In the United States, a standard brick is usually eight inches long, making them an excellent reference point for various measurements if you are familiar with them.

As for 12 inches, you only need to visualize two placed end to end and then imagine cutting either one into half.

8. Seven Golf Balls

With many golf courses spread countrywide, golf is among the highly valued sports and recreational activities in the United States. So chances are you’re familiar with golf balls. 

Golf balls have standard sizes, with a diameter of 1.68 inches, hence reliable references for small measurements.

So, place seven side by side in a straight line to get an idea of something as long as 12 inches.

9. Four Baseballs

Baseballs are used in baseball, which chances are you have hands-on experience with as the sport is played at all levels, from high school to colleges to professional leagues. 

Although baseballs vary in size, they all fall between 2.86 – 2.9 inches in diameter. That means arranging four side by side would be only 0.48 inches (about half of your index finger) short of the 12 inches mark.

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10. Two Apple iPhone XR

If you’re a fan of Apple products, you’re most likely familiar with the Apple iPhone XR, as it’s among the most popular iPhone models in the United States. 

The smartphone has a screen display size of 6.1 inches, the size of a US banknote. So similarly to the dollar, you can visualize two iPhone XRs to understand what 12 inches looks like.

And remember, a phone’s display size is measured diagonally, from the bottom left to the top right corner of the screen.

11. Eight Table Tennis Balls

In the United States, table tennis balls are used in schools, community centers, and other recreational facilities as part of the popular sport of table tennis.

These tiny balls have a diameter of only 1.57 inches, hence reliable references for small measurements if you have experienced table tennis as a player or spectator.

Visualize eight arranged side by side in a straight line to get something 12.56 inches long – almost as accurate.

12. A King-size Submarine Sandwich

The last spot of things that are 12 inches is reserved for the mouthwatering treat designed to satisfy the hunger of even the heartiest appetites. 

The king-size submarine sandwich, also known as Subway footlong sandwich, consists of an assortment of meats, cheeses, vegetables, condiments, and other delicious ingredients, all filled in a long, cylindrical bread measuring 12 inches long. 

So if you have been served this creation at some point, visualize how long it spans on that plate to understand how long 12 inches is.

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