How Long is 8 Inches? Explained With 14 Practical Visuals

Are you curious about the length of eight inches? 

You’re probably aware that eight inches is a small measurement, but still you can’t explain how long it is. If someone asks you ‘how long is 8 inches‘, your mind would likely go blank! 

If that’s so, your search journey ends here, then.

In this post, you’re just about to discover 14 ways to understand the scope of the length of eight inches using familiar items you often interact with daily. 

No matter who you are; a measurement and dimensions enthusiast, a science lover, or anyone interested in understanding eight inches, you can effortlessly visualize that measurement using these items as reference points.

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14 Things That Are About 8 Inches Long

Eight inches is approximately 20 centimeters or about 0.67 feet.

Scroll the following items to the last to find your most relatable way to visualize how long that measurement is.

1. A Standard Brick

In the United States, standard bricks are excellent reference points for determining a length of eight inches since they’re just as long.

Although bricks are commonly found in construction sites and stores, you can find some in homes, especially among gardening enthusiasts who use them to raise beds. You can also spot bricks in unplastered buildings that use them during construction.

2. Two Dollar Notes

Be careful with these; the length of two dollar notes will give you an impression of something about 12 inches long since every dollar is usually 6.14 inches –  that’s why they are perfect for determining or visualizing 12 inches

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But since the banknotes are easily accessible, with creativity, you can use them to understand how long eight inches is.


Place the first note on a flat surface, then place the other one perpendicular to it to form an L-shape. Visually, that should give you a rough idea of what 8 inches looks like.

3. Eight US Quarters

US quarters are perfect references for visualizing two inches and other tiny measurements since they have a diameter of 0.955 inches. They may be less popular than banknotes, but there’s a good chance you have a few reserved for use in coin-operated devices such as parking meters. 

To understand how long eight inches is, picture eight US quarters end-to-end in succession. They stretch to 7.64 inches, close to the measurement in question.

4. Four Debit Cards

Although people always move with cash, debit cards are the most popular mode of payment in many countries, including the United States, due to their safety and convenience.

Similarly to the US banknotes, all debit cards are the same. They are 3.375 inches long and 2.125 inches wide.

But instead of using their length like we do when visualizing three inches, we rely on their width here.

Therefore, imagine four debit cards placed end-to-end width-wise on a flat surface. They exceed the length in question by only 0.4 inches, which is excusable. Isn’t it?

5. Four Businesses Cards

You might have attended business conferences, seminars, or other professional settings and got a business card. And if you’re like most people, chances are you just kept your card in a drawer, wallet, or on a desk and forgot it till today.

Well, if you can locate it, it can come in handy when you want to understand small measurements, like in our case here.

A business card is usually two inches wide. So picture four arranged width-wise on a table to get a mental image of eight inches.

6. 3 Standard Playing Cards

Often found amongst game enthusiasts, standard playing cards are used to play games such as poker, bridge, and rummy with friends.

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They are slightly larger than business and debit cards, measuring 2.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches long.

So, unlike the other cards where you need four, with standard playing cards, you need one less arranged width-wise to determine a length of eight inches.

7. IPad Mini

The iPad Mini is an excellent choice for gaming, watching, and a quick messaging tablet due to its relatively small screen display of 8.3 inches.

If you own one or are familiar with it, it could be just what you need to understand how long eight inches is. But remember, 8.3 inches is the length from the bottom right corner of the screen to its top left corner, as the screen display is measured diagonally. 

Alternatively, you picture the size of the tablet’s width since it’s precisely 7.69 inches. 

8. 5 AAA Batteries

AAA batteries are must-have household items since they power everyday devices starting with TV remote controls. They are perfect references for small measurements due to their ease of accessibility. 

An AAA battery is usually 1.75 inches long.

So, to understand the scale of eight inches, imagine five placed end-to-end on a flat surface.

9. Eight Paper Clips

Paper clips have become a symbol of office work, administrative tasks, and keeping papers tidy. You might also have a few at home for organizing papers on your desk or table.

These little looped-shaped fellows could come in handy when you want to visualize various tiny measurements. 

Each is approximately one inch long. So if you can picture eight end-to-end in a straight line, you wouldn’t worry about a length of eight inches again.

10. A Standard Pencil

For most people, the sight or thought of pencils can evoke nostalgia and memories of classrooms, teachers, classmates, and the overall school experience.

And that’s great if you want to visualize a length of eight inches since a standard pencil is approximately 7.5 inches long, including the eraser, when brand new.

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11. A Large Banana

Bananas must be on your shopping list next time when you’re going to buy groceries! Nothing beats their soft and creamy flesh that melts in your mouth.

And if you allow them enough time in your hands, they can be reliable references for various small measurements, like in our case here.

Although the size may vary wildly depending on the variety, a large banana is usually between 7 and 8 inches long.

12. Four Pool Balls

Are you a fan of pool? Even if you are not, pool balls are everyday sights in many recreational centers and pubs, as many people like playing pool games for fun or casual gaming.

The size of pool balls varies depending on the country. In the United States, the standard diameter of pool balls is approximately two inches.

Therefore, picture four pool balls lined up in a row end-to-end on the pool table to get an impression of something eight inches long.

13. Size 5 Soccer Ball

Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide. As such, many people can relate to many things related to it, including the ball used. 

As you probably know, soccer balls come in all sizes to suit different playing levels.

But here, the focus is on the Size 5 ball. It’s universally known since it’s the preferred choice for players from age 12.

If you can picture one, it’s approximately eight inches in diameter.

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14. Three Golf Tees

A golf tee is a small peg or stand with a pointed end. It’s pushed to the ground to elevate a golf ball, making it easier for golfers to hit it cleanly. 

Over the years, the sizes of golf tees have changed from around 2.125 inches to around 2.75 inches tall today. 

If you are a regular visitor of golf courses, picture three golf tees stacked as a visual representation of eight inches.

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