8 Common Things That are 15 Inches Long

Looking to understand how long 15 inches is?

Sure, a calculator will tell you 15 inches is equivalent to 38.1 centimeters or 1.25 feet.

But figures can be hard to visualize. True?

That’s why in this post, we’re going to show you eight examples of everyday items that are around 15 inches long.

That way, you’ll have a real-life reference point the next time you’re trying to picture 15 inches. 

Ready to see what 15 inches looks like in the real world? 

Let’s get started!

8 Common Things That are 15 Inches Long

1. Two pencils

Pencils are great everyday tools that we use for drawing, making artistic sketches, and even writing, particularly with kids. 

EVERYONE knows what pencils are and what different pencils look like. And while you can visualize how long they are, do you know the size? 

Well, all are not equal, but the standard size of pencils (the most common) is usually 7.5 inches when brand new and with the eraser included. Therefore, imagining how long two brand new pencils would be when placed end to is a relatable way to understand how long 15 inches is.

2. Ten-pin Bowling Pin

If you’ve played bowling or have watched your friends play it, you probably know it’s a game of precision and immense skill and requires a great understanding. You also can picture a bowling pin and how long it is, as learning about its size can increase your chances of success. 

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But chances are you’ve never bothered to know the size. 

Well, a typical ten-pin bowling pin has a US standard size of 15 inches in length. It makes one a  perfect example of items that are exactly 15 inches.

What’s more, if you’ve got a vast knowledge of bowling, you reference a candlepin, which, although slightly longer at 15.75 inches, can give you a rough idea of that measurement.

3. Five Hockey Pucks

If you’re a hockey fan, you must be familiar with the vulcanized rubber disks called hockey pucks used as balls in other sports. 

Hockey pucks used in the National Hockey League (NHL) and other competitive games have a standard diameter of three inches. That means picturing three arranged in a row gives you an idea of how long 15 inches is. There’s also another way to look at it: imagine 15 stacked on top of each other, as they’ve got a thickness of one inch.

4. Two and a Half US Dollar Bills

Money does a lot for you, and still, it can be your favorite tool for understanding different lengths since it has a standard size.

You probably use dollars on a daily basis, but, likely, you don’t know their measurements.

Interestingly, all dollar notes have similar dimensions irrespective of the denominations – take two or three different denominations and compare! And before returning them to your wallet, take note of the length.

Dollar bills are 6.14 inches long, so if you can arrange two in a row, fold the other into half and add to the row, they add up to 15.35 inches, which is just slightly off our mark.

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5.  Seven Pool Balls

If you’re a fan of pool games, you must be familiar with the colorful and numbered balls players shoot to the table pockets when playing straight-pool, nine-ball, or eight-ball. 

The regulation diameter of all pool balls is 2.25 inches. So if you can visualize several placed end to end, they add up to 15.75 inches, which is close to the length we’re trying to understand.

6. Two Bricks

Bricks are construction materials with many benefits, including longevity and creating attractive walls. 

You don’t need to have worked with bricks to become familiar with them, as you might have spotted the materials in a building site as you run your errands.

While they have varying lengths, in the US, the standard and the most common bricks are usually eight inches long. Imagining two lined up gives you something 16 inches long, so you’ll need to ‘cut’ an inch with your eyes. Remember, an inch is roughly the size of your index finger (if you’re an adult).

7. Eleven Standard Paperclips

A paperclip is a loop-shaped piece of plastic or steel wire used for holding several sheets of paper. Like pencils, paperclips are great tools, helping you organize documents at school, at home, or in the office. 

Paperclips make excellent objects for approximating small lengths, as although they can vary in length, they’ve got a standard size. The most you see (or have used) are usually 3.49 centimeters, or 1.37 inches long, so you need to imagine how long 11 are when arranged in a row.

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8. Three Standard Soda Cans

A soda can is typically a metal container for holding soft drinks. They are common at home and on the roadsides as people are like disposing them off anyhow after taking the last sip. 

Soda cans come in different sizes depending on the amount of drink they hold.

But the most common, which holds 12 fluid ounces, are usually 4.83 inches in height. So since 15 inches is approximately three times the height of a soda can, you need to visualize three lying down in a row.

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