11 Common Things That are 60 Inches Long

If you’re struggling to understand how long 60 inches is, don’t. 

There’s another effortless way of doing it using items of the corresponding length.

Of course, it would require you to have a good memory of remembering the items at will. But that’s it – you don’t need practical and visual skills that are a must-have when you want to visualize big measurements.

And in this post, we’ll cover 11 items around you you can use to reference a length of 60 inches.


Let’s go!

11 Common Things are 60 Inches Long

1. 18 Debit Cards

Debit cards are the most preferred mode of payment in the US and other countries, thanks to their convenience and safety. 

Chances are you’ve familiar with debit cards, and, in fact, you probably have one or more right now in your wallet. 

They’re perfect for understanding small measurements, such as 3 inches since they all have a standard length of 3.7 inches. 

But even for relatively long ones, like in our case, 60 inches, they come in handy. Just visualize the distance 18 would take when arranged side by side lengthwise. If you find it a bit hard to do, this practical visualizing guide will surely help.

2. 17 Standard Playing Cards

Standard playing cards, though not considered everyday items, should not be disregarded as they remain popular among children and young adults for playing games such as poker, bridge, and solitaire. 

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Chances are you’ve played one of those games at one point. If so, you’re well aware of their size, which is usually 3.5 inches long.

Therefore, to understand how long 60 inches is, you can’t go wrong if you imagine 17 standard cards placed in a row side by side.

3. 7 and 1/2 Standard Bricks

Bricks are popular construction materials mainly used for building houses, bridges, and pavements. 

They come in all sizes, and the standard and most common bricks in the United States are usually eight inches long.

So if you can visualize the length seven and a half would take when arranged end to end, you’d understand how 60 inches really looks.

4. 4 Ten-Pin Bowling Pins

Ten-Pin bowling pins are used in the game of ten-pin bowling, a popular social and leisure activity enjoyed alongside friends and family. 

If you’re a bowling fan or have watched it, you must be familiar with the bowling pins and their size. And if you’ve been keen enough, they’re all equal, measuring 15 inches long, making them perfect for small lengths, such as 15 inches and 30 inches

But you can play around with their size to conceptualize a relatively longer measurement. Like in our case, you’ll only need to visualize four arranged in a row lengthwise to get 60 inches. 

5. 6 and 1/2 no. 10 Envelopes

Envelopes are popular in the United States and widely used for sending letters, documents, small packages, and other related purposes. 

Envelopes come in all sizes, but one of the most common envelopes is the no. 10 envelope, also known as the business envelope, found in almost all offices you’ll walk into.

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The business envelope is usually 9.5 inches long, so six and a half would give you 61.75 inches, just a little past our mark.

6. 6 Burpless Cucumbers

Burpless cucumbers are a variety of sweeter, milder flavors than regular cucumbers. They’re also a favorite among cucumber fans because they’re less likely to cause indigestion issues thanks to their tender skin. 

Burpless cucumbers are relatively popular in many supermarkets as well as grocery stores. Of course, they may vary in size, but most will usually be about ten inches long.

So if you’re familiar with them, picture six in a row to get a sense of 60 inches.

7. 7 Size-5 Footballs

Football, commonly known as soccer outside America, is one of the most popular and viewed sports. It is played at all levels, from schools to universities to international competitions. 

In all those levels, the size-5 football is the preferred size. And according to the rules of the game, a full ball is usually about 8.6 inches in diameter.

That means if you can visualize the length of seven balls arranged side by side, they’d total 60.2 inches long.

8. 8 Pencils

Pencils are indispensable everyday tools used for various tasks, including writing, sketching, and drawing. 

As you may already know, not all pencils are equal. However, a typical pencil, the ones you’ve regularly used from pre-school to university for writing, are usually about 7.5 inches long when brand new, including the eraser.

So if you can picture eight in a row end to end, they’d give you something precisely 60 inches long.

9. 8 Adult Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are right up there with pencils when you consider everyday items that are always within our reach. They’re a must-have if you want to maintain oral hygiene and avoid common diseases, especially gum disease. 

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You might argue all toothbrushes are usually equal. That’s easy to do, but you’d be slightly wrong. Adult toothbrushes range from 7-8 inches long and are perfect for understanding small lengths.

For 60 inches, you need to picture the distance about eight would cover when placed end to end.

10. 10 US Dollar Notes

US dollar notes are familiar items if you live in the US or other countries that use them as their official currency. They’re popular as they’re one of the preferred modes of payment for big and small transactions despite being riskier to carry around. 

Surprisingly, all US dollar notes are equal at 6.14 inches long and 2.25 inches wide, regardless of the denomination.

Thus, if you’ve at least ten right now, you don’t even need to visualize, but arrange them in a row to get a sense of how long 60 inches is. They add up to 61.4 inches, just a little past the mark.

11. 11 Pens

Alongside pencils, pens are everyday tools used from schools to universities to job settings. Even with technological advancements, pens are indispensable, so chances are you’re familiar with them. 

Including the cap, pens can be as small as 4.8 inches, like the Parker Jotter, and as long as 6 inches, like the Sakura Gelly Roll. That said, the average length of a capped pen is usually 5.4 inches long.

So next time you want to understand how long 60 inches is, visualize the length of six pens with the one you used last time in your mind.

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