17 Common Things That Weigh 25 Grams (+Pics)

Knowing what weighs 25 grams can be invaluable in different contexts.

For culinary enthusiasts, some of these items offer comparisons for measuring ingredients.

In the field of measurements, these items serve as reference points for individuals seeking to understand the significance of this weight. 

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast seeking the perfect balance of ingredients or are engaged in casual conversations about this weight, this guide unveils 17 everyday items that weigh approximately 25 grams.

Read on to find out what suits your pursuits.

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Things That Weigh 25 Grams

1. 5 Teaspoons of Milk

Teaspoons of milk are a practical and tangible way for people to understand and work with small quantities, especially when dealing with delicate or precise culinary tasks.

If you want to measure 25 grams of an ingredient at home, you can weigh it against five teaspoons of milk since each is 5.04 grams heavy.

2. 5 Teaspoons of Water

Water is universally available and is divisible into different quantities, making it an excellent way for people to understand the scale of different quantities, as lightweight as one ounce and as heavy as 100 kilograms.

For 25 grams, you can compare it to five teaspoons of water. Each teaspoon is 4.93 grams heavy.

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3. 6 Teaspoons of Sugar

Sugar is a staple ingredient in most households, making it a widely accepted reference point for understanding different measurements in cooking and everyday scenarios.

A teaspoon of sugar weighs 4.17 grams.

So, you can measure 25 grams of ingredients by gauging them against six teaspoons of sugar.

4. 5 & ½ Teaspoons of Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil might not be your best friend for measuring light weights in technical contexts due to its inconsistent density.

But if you are only interested in measuring recipes or understanding the weight of 25 grams, you can call upon it.

Generally, a teaspoon of vegetable oil weighs 4.54 grams. That means five and a half total 24.98 grams – close enough.

5. 3 & ½ Teaspoons of Honey

Honey is often used in cooking and baking, and its viscosity and density make it a practical substance for measuring by weight.

So, given a teaspoon of honey weighs seven grams, you can scoop three and a half to realize 24.50 grams.

6. 3 Tablespoons of Cornmeal

Cornmeal is relatively less well-known compared to widely used ingredients like sugar, honey, and milk.

But in regions and cultures that prefer the ingredient, it can still serve as a practical reference for lightweight measurements.

Since a tablespoon of cornmeal is 8 grams heavy, you would need three to total 24 grams – a negligible one gram shy of the mark.

7. Half a Large-sized Chicken Egg

Chicken eggs come in all sizes, from as small as 42 grams to jumbo-size weighing about 71 grams.

In the middle are large-sized eggs, the most preferred in recipes.

These weigh approximately 50 grams, meaning half portion is 25 grams. 

Although half an egg might not be an ideal item to measure ingredients against, it can be an excellent way to understand the heaviness of 25 grams in a casual conversation.

8. An AA Alkaline Battery

AA alkaline batteries are one of the most common battery sizes. They power a wide range of devices, including remote controls, toys, flashlights, and portable electronics – due to their versatility and availability. 

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Depending on the manufacturer, they weigh between 23 and 24 grams. 

That’s about only a gram shy of 25 grams, and you can refer to them in a discussion or casual conversation about 25 grams.

9. A Bundle of 25 USDs

The United States dollar notes have stood the test of time as common comparisons for light weights such as one gram and relatively heavy weights such as 200 grams. They have standard sizes and, the best part, they’re consistently available. 

Each US dollar is one gram heavy, regardless of the denomination. 

Thus, if you had a bundle of as many as 25, it would be a perfect reference point for 25 grams.

10. 5 Nickels

Some people keep nickels for small transactions such as making changes and vending machine purchases. 

If you have several, they can be a practical and relatable way to understand different weights, including 25 grams, informally.

Each nickel weighs precisely five grams, meaning five will suffice.

11. 10 Pennies

While pennies may be foreign to some, they are everyday items for coin collectors who keep them as a hobby. 

Each penny is 2.5 grams heavy. So if you have stacked some, you can pick ten to give you a combined weight of 25 grams.

12. 5 Credit Cards

Many people rely on credit cards for everyday purchases, travel expenses, online shopping, and emergencies.

Most credit cards are made of plastic, averaging approximately five grams, to make them lightweight and easy to carry.

You might not have as many as five at hand, but you are likely familiar with their weight.

If so, 25 grams is five times as heavy.

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13. 5 & ½ Letter-size Papers

Letter-size paper is the most widely used in everyday contexts, including printing documents, writing letters, creating resumes, and school assignments.

The paper measures 8.5 inches in width and 11 inches in height and weighs 4.5 grams. The weight may vary depending on the thickness, but that’s the most common.

That means five and a half letter-size papers add up to 25 grams.

14. 25 Bic Pen Caps


The weight of a pen cap is negligible as it’s designed to be minimal to ensure ease of use and portability.

A Bic pen cap, for example, weighs around one gram

So, if you had a collection of 25, they would be equivalent to 25 grams.

15. 14 Standard Playing Cards

Standard playing cards are a timeless and popular choice for many purposes, moreso as entertainment tools – playing card games such as Poker, Bridge, Solitaire, and Rummy.

Since a deck contains 52 cards (including the two jokers) and weighs about 96 grams, it means each card is approximately 1.8 grams heavy.

Thus, pluck 14 to get a sense of something weighing 25 grams.

16. A Handful of 22 Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are a popular treat during holidays like Easter, where they take center stage in Easter egg hunts and decorations.

They have a negligible weight of 1.1 grams, with a deviation of 0.2 grams.

So, a handful of about 22 jelly beans add up to 25 grams. 

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17. A Handful of 22 Shelled Almond Nuts


A shelled almond nut is as heavy as a jelly bean, about 1.1 grams.

Hence, as you can guess, a handful of 22 will give you a sense of 25 grams.

The use of these nuts goes beyond standalone snacks to being incorporated into baked goods, salads, and desserts to add a buttery and nutty flavor – unless jelly beans.

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