10 Common Things That are Approximately 11 Inches Long (With Pictures)

Want to understand how long 11 inches is? 

Then things that are 11 inches long are a better and more creative way to conceptualize 11 inches and other small measurements. 

This approach may not be as accurate as when using a ruler. However, it comes in handy if you are looking for general information or are partaking in DIY projects, such as making a garden bed, that don’t require 100 percent accuracy. 

All you need is good visual skills to help paint a picture of the measurement in your mind and therefore understand it effortlessly. 

And talking of painting is a picture, we have included a picture of each item for easy remembrance.

10 Common Things That are Approximately 11 Inches Long

These items may not be precisely 11 inches long, but they still serve as reliable references as they deviate by less than an inch.

1. Five and a Half Business Cards

A business card is a small rectangular card containing crucial details about a person, including name, contact information, and company affiliation. They are often used in networking situations, such as trade shows, and probably, someone has handed you one at some point. 

We have used them to understand as small measurements as 16 inches, and we can use them here, too. 

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So, if you can picture six placed in a row end to end, then imagine cutting one on either side into half, then you would have exactly 11 inches.

2. Three Standard Playing Cards

Standard playing cards are used to play several popular games, such as poker, solitaire, bridge, and blackjack. They are the most likely cards you can find in every card store. 

At measuringly.com, we’ve used standard playing cards as perfect references for small measurements, such as five centimeters, since they have a standard length of 3.5 inches. 

And we’ll use them here as well. If you can visualize three placed side by side, they’d be just 0.5 inches shy of the 11 inches mark.

3. One and a Half Standard Pencils

Also known as no. 2 pencils, standard pencils are universally known items you can picture within a flash. Right? 

You used them, especially for writing and sketching at the elementary school (and, probably, you still use them to date). And, now, if you are creative, they can double up as perfect reference points as they have standardized measurements, usually 7.5 inches long when brand new, including the eraser. 

Therefore, if you can visualize the length of one and a half, it would be only 0.25 inches shy of 11 inches.

4. Eleven US Quarters

With a face value of 25 cents, United States quarters are used in coin-operated devices, including vending machines and parking meters. 

All these US quarters have a diameter of 0.955 inches. That means if you can arrange eleven side by side, they’d stretch to 10.505 inches, a measurement approximately 11 inches long.

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5. Three Crayons

Crayons are coloring tools used by children and professional artists for coloring books and art projects, respectively. 

While crayons come in different sizes, standard crayons, notably those used by children, have a standard length of 3.5 inches.

So, similarly to standard playing cards, you need to visualize three placed end-to-end.

6. US Letter-size Paper

Also known as ANSI Letter paper, letter-size paper is the default paper used in offices and home for sending mail in the United States. But in other countries, this might not be the case. 

This letter is the perfect example of things that are 11 inches long since it is precisely 11 inches.

So, if you are somehow old school and have one at home or can visualize the last one you saw on an office table, you can rest confident that you know how long 11 inches is.

7. Five Pool Balls

Pool balls are small, hard, sphere-shaped balls used in pools, a popular billiards game commonly played in pubs, pool halls, bars, clubs, and recreational centers. 

All pool balls in the United States are equal, with a standard diameter of 2.25 inches, making them solid references for small measurements.

Therefore, if you’re familiar with them, you only need to picture five placed end to end, as they’d be just 0.25 inches short of the target.

8. Two Typical Pens

Alongside pencils, pens are familiar writing instruments you can easily visualize, even if someone wakes you up from sleep. 

As you already know, pens come in different sizes. Some can be as long as 6 inches, and others can be as short as 4.8 inches. However, according to Unsharpen.com, a typical pen, like the ones used in schools, is usually 5.4 inches long, including the cap. 

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Therefore, if you were to place two typical pens on a table, they’d be only 0.2 inches under the 11 inches mark.

9. Five US Dollar Notes

Dollar notes are excellent reference points, having used them severally to understand small measurements in our blogs. They’re the first culprits if you want to know things measuring approximately six inches long when you look at them lengthwise.

However, here, we’ll use their widths instead. One is as wide as a pool ball, 2.25 inches, so you’d need to arrange only five widthwise to get approximately 11 inches (11.25).

10. Five Debit Cards

Debit cards are the most popular mode of payment in the United States, thanks to their convenience and safety. In fact, you might have some in your wallet right now!

And if you’re keen enough, you must have noticed that all debit cards are equal, measuring 3.36 inches by 2.25 inches wide, regardless of region. And similarly to the US dollar bills, we occasionally refer to their length when understanding small measurements in most of our blogs. 

But, again, similarly to the US notes, you have to turn to their widths if you want to turn them into references for 11 inches. 

Thus, if you can place five end-to-end widthwise, they would stretch to only 0.25 inches past the target mark. 

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