13 Common Things That Weigh About 50 Grams

Challenging, isn’t it? 

Trying to understand or determine how heavy 50 grams is, and you don’t have a weighing scale. 

But, thankfully, that’s where things that weigh about 50 grams come in, acting as comparison guides. 

This comparison method has been long used by many in different contexts, including cooks and bakers, fitness enthusiasts, and those looking for general information to understand and determine various weights. 

So, you, too, for whatever purpose, can use it. 

And in this post, you’ll discover 13 items weighing 50 grams to help determine or understand a weight of 50 grams and its multiples, such as 100 grams and 500 grams.

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List of 13 Things That Weigh About 50 Grams

1. 50 US Dollar Notes

The US dollar notes are everyday items that can be helpful when you want to determine various small measurements, including five grams, 10 grams, and, like in our case here, 50 grams. 

That’s because a banknote weighs approximately one gram, regardless of the denomination. So a bundle of 50 dollar notes is an excellent example of things that weigh about 50 grams.

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2. Ten Nickels

Nickels might be less popular than US dollars, but they are excellent comparison items for small weights if you have several. Most people keep them in jars for use in different transactions, including paying for laundry. 

Each nickel coin weighs precisely five grams, so you need only ten to take you to the world of 50 grams.

3. Nine Quarters

US quarters are slightly heavier than nickels, with each weighing 5.67 grams. 

So if you have several at home for your next shopping trip, you want to collect only nine as they exceed 50 grams by only 1.03 grams. 

4. Large Boiled Egg

You don’t have to go far to get things that weigh about 50 grams if you have eggs at home. Many people keep them in crates thanks to their rich nutritional value and health benefits. 

A large egg weighs approximately 50 grams when boiled. So it’s a reliable item for referencing something about 50 grams.

5. Ten Sheets of A4 Papers

A4 paper is the standard size used in most printers, homes, and offices. Even if you may not have a printer at home, chances are you’ve several of these papers as they’re versatile, used for writing and drawing. 

These sheets usually weigh 5 grams, similar to a nickel coin. So if you can stack ten, they would be approximately 50 grams.

6. 38 Salted and Dry Roasted Almonds

Almonds are a popular snack, either on their own or as a part of trail mix. They are also a popular ingredient in baking and cooking. 

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When dry roasted, each almond kernel weighs 1.3 grams. A fraction of 50 grams, but with as many as 38, or say, a third of a cup, weighs 49.4 grams.

7. 45 Jelly Beans

Similarly to almonds, jelly beans are popular candies you can bet to find in many households as people of all ages, not only kids, enjoy them. 

These brightly colored candies are slightly lighter than almonds, weighing approximately 1.1 grams each. So to get an idea of 50 grams, you need to grab about 45 beans.

8. 50 Paper Clips

Paper clips are essential tools in many offices and homes worldwide. 

These little fellows are typically long, thin, looped wire flattened at both ends weighing approximately one gram, similar to a US banknote. If you can grab 50, they would weigh about 50 grams.

9. Seven #10 Envelopes

A #10 envelope is a standard business-sized envelope used for mailing letters, invoices, and other documents and businesses for correspondence. 

This envelope weighs 6.75 grams, meaning if you had seven, they would weigh 47.25 grams.

10. 20 Pennies

Pennies are convenient for small daily transactions, from buying a cup of coffee to paying bills due 

to their low face value. 

They are the second lightest of all coins in the United States currency system, each weighing 2.5 grams. That makes them ideal for determining small weights. And if you would gather as many as 20, they would weigh precisely 50 grams.

11. 22 Dimes

Like quarters, nickels, and pennies, dimes are widely accepted in everyday transactions, from buying small items like candy or snacks to paying for public transportation or vending machines. Often, they’re used alongside other coins to make large sums of money.

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Dimes are the lightest of all, with each weighing only 2.268 grams. That means 22 in your hand weighs 49.9 grams.

12. 65 Packets of Restaurant Salt

If you pay attention to the salt in restaurants, cafes, and other food establishments, you’ll notice it’s in a 0.75-gram packet. Although it comes in different sizes depending on the manufacturer, that’s the most common. 

Therefore, if you can get as many as 65 such salt packets, they would weigh approximately 50 grams.

13. A Quarter Cup of White Granulated Sugar

Sugar is a common and essential ingredient in many households for sweetening foods and drinks. 

White granulated sugar is the most common type of sugar and is often used in baking and cooking and in hot beverages such as coffee and tea. 

A quarter cup of granulated sugar weighs approximately 50 grams.

And so, due to its ease of accessibility, it should be the first item you should go to when measuring small weights at home. 

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