10 Common Things That Weigh Approx 2 Kilograms

Are you looking to get a better understanding of just how heavy 2 kilograms actually is? 

Maybe you’re planning on setting up a home gym and don’t want to invest in a set of weights, or you’re just curious. 

Whatever the reason, understanding the weight of 2 kgs can be helpful, and a great way to do that is by using everyday items that weigh about 2 kgs.

And in this post, we’ll give you a list of ten items you can use for reference. We’ve included everyday household items you interact with often. 

Let’s dive in! 

10 Things That Weigh Approximately 2 Kilograms

For precise measurements, you better have a scale at hand. But if that’s unavailable, you can’t go wrong with the following items.

1. Red Brick

You’re likely familiar with bricks, the construction materials that have been around for millennia. 

And while they come in different types, when you hear the word ‘brick’, you’re likely to picture the red brick – that’s around 7 inches long and fits into your hand. It’s the most common, according to The Brick Industry Association research. 

A red brick usually weighs 2.04 kilograms and is an excellent alternative for a 2kg dumbbell if you’re only starting to work out.

2. 2 Liters of Water

Two liters of water weigh exactly two kilograms. 

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With that in mind, you can maneuver around to understand how heavy 2 kg is. The most straightforward way is filling two 1-liter bottles or one 2-liter bottle with water and holding them.

Of course, factoring in the weight of the bottles, the weight will exceed 2 kg, but still close enough at around 2.042 kg.

3. 2000 US Dollar Notes

The sole currency in the United States, you use dollar notes in everyday life to pay for goods and services.

And now, you’ve just discovered one more use of the currency!

These banknotes are excellent for understanding small weights, as, according to the US Treasury, a US dollar note weighs approximately one gram, no matter the denomination.

So, by doing simple math, you need to be fortunate enough to own two thousand US dollars (in cash) to understand how heavy two kilograms is.

4. 15-inch Laptop

15-inch laptops are the most prevalent since they balance real estate and portability. They’re also the most economical for most people, so even if you don’t own one, chances are you’ve seen (or even used) a few. 

Although not all, most of these 15-inch laptops weigh two kilograms. They include HP Victus 15-fa0070TX ( 2.37 g), HP Spectre x360 (2kg), and Dell XPS 15 ( 2kg). 

5. Basketballs

Even if you don’t play basketball, you are likely familiar with the balls used in the sport. You may have even held one in your hand, even if it was throwing back to a player after it ran out of bounds.

Basketballs come in different sizes, with the size-7 NBA basketballs being the heaviest at around 1.37 pounds or 0.6 kilograms. If you could lift four, they add up to 2.4 kilograms, close to our mark. 

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Those used in junior basketball leagues and high school are size-5s and are lighter, weighing around 1.25 pounds or 0.57 kilograms. If you have two this size, grab four to realize a weight of 2.2 kilograms.

6. 13 Hockey Pucks

A hockey puck is a closed or open disk made of vulcanized rubber in most cases, used as a ball in different types of hockey. 

Hockey pucks come in different sizes, but the most common are those used in NHL and for recreational purposes. They usually weigh between 5-6 six ounces or about 0.16 kilograms. If you can put twelve in a regular bag, they would weigh roughly two kilograms. 

7. A Newborn Twin

Bouncing newborn babies bring joy to a family, and double if they’re twins! 

People are always eager to get a hold of these new family members, turn after turn, often unaware of their weight. 

If you get to hold one on the first day, they usually weigh from 2.5 kilograms if they’re healthy (born between 37 and 40 weeks). 

Based on that, you can count on twins being small and, consequently, weighing less, about two kilograms, as they’re usually born early.

8. 4 Standard-size Hardcover Books

As the name implies, hardcover books have sturdy covers made from thick cardboard wrapped in a cloth or leather. When opened, hardcover books can lie flat since the pages are sewn or stapled into the spine, making them flexible. 

Most hardcover books are available in 460 pages weighing 0.510291 kgs, meaning four would give you 2.04 kilograms.

But for 735-page (0.878835 kgs) hardcover books, you only need two to get something close to our mark.

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9. 5 Paperback Novels

Also known as softcover novels, paperback novels are books with a paperboard or thick cover, with their pages held together by adhesives, often glue, unlike hardcover books. 

Paperbacks are smaller and lighter than hardcover books, usually weighing around 15.6 ounces on average or 0.442253 kilograms for 300-page novels. That’s why they’re convenient to use on the go, and

If you’ve several, pick five to get something roughly two kilograms, as they add up to 2.21 kilograms.

10. Textbooks

You’ve interacted with textbooks for a better part of your life since your first day in a classroom. In high school, you read them. And at the University, you read them. 

But, all along, did you ever ask how heavy they are? 

Well, textbooks are usually heavier than paperback novels and hardcover books since they are often larger and contain many pages.

For example, a 500-page textbook weighs approximately 42 ounces or 1.19 kilograms. Thus, two would equal 2.38, close to the range. 

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