8 Common Things That Weigh 100 Kilograms

When we seek to determine various measurements, we frequently rely on objects as reference points, comparing them to what we are attempting to grasp.

DIY enthusiasts use this method.

Those driven by curiosity or looking for general information about the weight of things around us, too, use this method.

Therefore, if you’re looking to determine how heavy 100 kilograms is, you can turn to things that weigh 100 kilograms as references.

And thankfully, in this post, you’ll discover eight items weighing 100 kilograms.

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So read on to find out what you can use as a benchmark for 100 kilograms.

List of 8 Common Things That Weigh 100 Kilograms

100 kg = 220 pounds =3,527 ounces. And the following items can be reliable benchmarks for that weight.

1. 50 Bricks

Bricks are commonly available building materials. We’ve used them severally here in measuringly.com to understand different weights such as four pounds and 50 pounds

Of course, the weight of bricks varies from country to country, so you may want to understand the standard size of a brick in your country before using them as references. 

For example, a standard brick weighs approximately 2 kilograms in the United States. That’s a fraction of 100 kilograms, but if you can gather as many as 50, they would be perfect examples of things that weigh 100 kilograms.

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2. 100 Liters of Water

Water is essential for life; you can bet to find it in every home worldwide. That’s why it’s one of our favorite items we always refer to when we want to determine different measurements, lightweight and heavy. 

One liter of water weighs 1 kilogram – that’s all you need to know to determine various weights. 

So, in our case here, 100 kilograms is as heavy as 100 liters of water or about 26 gallons. And it’s easy to measure a hundred liters of water; use 1-liter bottles as they are common in many households. 

You can also think of it as the weight of five 5-gallon containers of water which are common in the United States. They add up to approximately 100 kilograms.

3. 20 Standard Soda Crates

Soda is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. You can find crates in restaurants and at home, especially during family gatherings or events with friends. 

Chances are, you’ve, at some point, tried lifting a soda crate to gauge yourself or when transporting it. But didn’t you know how heavy it was? 

Well, factoring in unopened soda bottles, a standard crate (it carries 24 bottles) weighs approximately five kilograms.

That means if you can stack about twenty such crates, you can get an impression of how heavy 100 kilograms is – something you’ll barely lift!

4. 44 Standard Bags of Wheat Flour

Do you occasionally come across a bag of wheat flour at home? Well, chances are it’s a 5-pound bag, as this is the standard bag of wheat flour in the United States and the most common in many grocery stores in the country. 

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This bag weighs precisely 2.27 kilograms, slightly more than a US-standard brick. So if you are curious about the weight of 100 kilograms, imagine lifting about 44 such bags.

5. A Standard Refrigerator

Refrigerators have become must-haves in most American households, as they help to preserve perishable items. 

Most households usually have a standard-sized fridge (refer to the picture below). And if there’s one at home, chances are, at some point or occasionally, you have tried to move it from one position to another. Right? 

But did you wonder how heavy this object you tried to drag around was? According to PIP’S ISLAND HOME, most are about 110 kilograms or less, depending on the type and model.

Although they might be a little heavier, they are reliable if you want to determine a weight of 100 kilograms and you’ve nothing to turn to.

6. Four Bushels of Corn

Corn is among the most-grown cereals in the world due to its versatility. It can be used in food processing, as animal feed, and in ethanol production. 

Usually, corn is packaged in bushels for storage and transportation. Each bushel weighs precisely 56 pounds (about 25 kilograms). 

Therefore, if you have four bushels of corn, they can be excellent references for things that weigh 100 kilograms.

7. A Newborn Elephant Calf

If you’ve visited the grasslands and savannas of Sub-Saharan countries, especially Kenya and Tanzania, or you like watching nature documentaries, you have probably seen a newborn elephant calf. 

It might be just one day old, but it’s relatively heavy, weighing between 90 and 113 kilograms. But that’s not surprising, considering the elephants take the crown for the heaviest land animals.

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8. Pacific White-sided Dolphin

Pacific white-sided dolphins are native to various places, including off the coast of California, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. You can spot them in these locations during whale-watching tours or when you visit marine parks and sanctuaries in these regions. 

On average, an adult Pacific white-sided dolphin weighs 100 kilograms, with males a bit heavier than their female friends. 

Of course, knowing how heavy these whales are can’t help you measure 100 kilograms. However, it can be helpful if you are just curious about the weight of 100 kilograms – it’s much the same as with a baby elephant. 

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