9 Common Things That Weigh 1 Kilogram (+Pics)

Knowing things that weigh 1 kilogram is a great way to understand how heavy one kilogram is and other small weights. The approach is not only time-saving, but also helps you eliminate the need for a weighing scale.

So whether you want to understand how heavy one kilogram is for your weightlifting goals…

Or you’re into cooking or baking and want a perfect reference for measuring your recipes…

Or you want to help people understand concepts involving weights through hands-on learning…

Or, say, you want to quench your curiosity…

These items come in handy. And thankfully, they’re the focus of this post. 

The post covers nine everyday items weighing one kilogram, so you have readily available references.

Let’s dive in.

9 Common Things That Weigh 1 Kilogram

1. One Liter of Water

Water is readily available in every household worldwide, making it perfect for use as a reference item since everyone can access it. 

One liter of water weighs one kilogram, practically, although this can change depending on the temperature. 

So if you want to measure one kilogram for any of your projects, the easiest and fastest way is to fill a one-liter water bottle and gauge by that. One-liter bottles are readily available, and, in fact, there might be a few idling at home.

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2. One Liter of Soybean Oil

Soybean oil might not be as popular as water, but it has been a staple in American homes for decades, thanks to its affordability and widespread availability. It’s, in fact, the most popular cooking oil in the United States. 

Similarly to water, one liter of soybean oil is approximately one kilogram. So like you’d do with water, fill a one-liter bottle with soybean oil to understand how heavy one kilogram is.

3. 20 Large Hard-boiled Eggs

Eggs are nutritional powerhouses and excellent sources of protein. It’s easy to find crates at home, especially if someone is a muscle chaser. 

One large hard-boiled egg weighs approximately 50 grams, as we saw here at Measuringly.com when discussing things that weigh 100 grams.

So if you have twenty, they can be a perfect reference for one kilogram. You only need to boil them in water.

4. Half a Brick

Bricks are versatile construction materials you find on construction sites. You can also find them at home, left after constructing pavements, garden beds, or other structures. 

On average, a standard brick weighs about two kilograms. That means if you can divide one in half, you’d understand how heavy one kilogram is. You might not even need to cut one, as you can find halves scattered on a construction site.

5. Two Standard Loaves of Bread

Many American households regularly purchase and consume bread as part of daily meals. Indeed, it’s a staple American food – so it can be a perfect point of reference for different weights.

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A standard loaf of bread weighs approximately 450 grams (0.45 kilograms). That means two will weigh 0.9 kilograms – only 100 grams shy of the mark. Furthermore, adding five slices on top of two loaves would help you get a more precise idea.

6. Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air is a high-quality laptop option for everyday use, preferred by most freelancers, students, as well professionals.

If you own this marvel of a laptop, it can be a reliable reference for one kilogram. It’s one of the most lightweight laptops, weighing approximately 1.2 kilograms, only a little past the one-kilogram mark.

Other popular laptops you can reference that weigh about one kilogram include Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre x360.

7. 1000 US Dollar Notes

US dollar banknotes are popular reference items because they are available in plenty in the United States, and they have a standard size. 

If you’ve never noticed, all the US dollar notes weigh the same, one gram, regardless of the denomination. We used them previously as references for two kilograms, as you would need 2000 to achieve that weight.

And here, you only need half of that to understand how one kilogram weighs.

8. Two Size 7 Basketballs

Used to play basketball, basketballs are popular items you don’t even need to attend basketball matches to find. If you don’t own one, you can find them in the streets as the sport is popular in the United States, with many playing it for recreational purposes. 

Size 7 basketball is the standard size for adults and weighs 0.6 kilograms. That means two would give you something only two hundred grams past the mark – still, a reliable reference if you have nothing else to turn to.

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9. 200 Sheets of Standard A4 Papers

A4 papers are everyday items in different settings, including schools, offices, businesses, and homes for personal use.

The weight of these papers may vary depending on the manufacturer, but a standard A4 paper weighs approximately 0.005 kilograms. It might be featherlight, but if you stack as many as 200, you can understand how heavy one kilogram is.

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