10 Common Things That Weigh Approx 500 Grams

500 grams is a featherlight weight. Even a healthy 5-year-old baby can lift it!

You often see small household items weighing 500 grams at home, thanks to the 500-gram mark indicated around their bottoms. Such items are perfect references when you want to understand a weight of 500 grams. 

But how many can you recall? 

It can be surprisingly challenging to recall. 

But you don’t have to. I’ve done that job for you, researching, and have put together a list of items weighing approximately 500 grams in this post. 

Let me show you.

10 Everyday Things That Weigh 500 grams

1. 500ml of Room-temperature Cold Water

Water is life. We must drink it every day as our bodies are about 60 percent water. 

Upon awakening, it’s advisable to drink two glasses of water to start the day hydrated. Additionally, if you feel thirsty at any point, two glasses of water can effectively quench your thirst.

One such glass holds about 500 ml. And since one ml is equivalent to one gram, a 500 ml glass of water should weigh exactly 500 grams. But since the weight of the glass can give you a wrong impression, a better way is to pour the water into a lightweight bottle or a paper bag.

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2. 3 Apple’s 30-watt USB-C Adapter

If you’re a fan and a long-time user of Apple products, chances are you’re familiar with the 30-watt USB-C adapters. It’s the standard adapter and the more common since it’s compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Macs. 

The 30-watt USB-C adapter weighs 159 grams. So if you can put three in a lightweight bag, they would give you something about 500 grams – factoring in the weight of the bag.

3. 20 Tablespoons

Tablespoons are everyday items found in every home. 

While they come in different sizes, a conventional tablespoon has an average weight of about 25 grams. And by a conventional spoon, we mean metallic tablespoons as well as those whose handles are partially wooden.

So since you need as many as twenty to weigh 500 grams, it’s that time to call on those ‘reserved’ spoons usually kept in the cupboard to your rescue.

4. A Pint of Ice Cream Plus Cherry

Pint ice cream is a favorite treat among most Americans, with its interest peaking during the hot-weather season. 

Although it contains about 1000 calories, most people don’t feel guilty about gobbling a pint of ice cream on their own since it’s not detrimental to your health, so long as you don’t make it habitual.

If you’re one of those people, well, that’s about 450 grams you ingest. And if you could go further and add a scoop of cherry on top, it would give you something close to 500 grams.

5. 460-page Hardcover Book

Hardcover books have a sturdy board, often covered in thick cloth, leather, or paper. The pages of the books are glued, sewn, or stapled into the spine of the cover, allowing them to lie flat when opened. 

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These books are the most preferred format for fiction, non-fiction, and kids’ literature in the United States, so you’re likely familiar with them. 

And a standard-size hardcover book contains 460 pages and weighs about 498 grams. You might not have one at home, but you can’t miss them if you visit the librarian.

6. 88 US Quarters

You probably have stacked a lot of US quarters, especially if you make some everyday transactions, including laundry machines, parking meters, and vending machines, as their the preferred mode of payment on such occasions. You’re also likely to have a lot if you usually collect the quarters as a hobby. 

Regardless of what you keep them for, you can use US quarters to understand weights, as one usually weighs 5.67 grams. 88 will give you about 498 grams, a little under the mark.

7. 100 5-cent Coins

Although not as frequent as US quarters, 5-cent coins are commonly used for small, everyday transactions. 

Their usage has been declining in recent years thanks to electronic modes of payment. But if you still possess them, 100 can give you a precise idea of how heavy 500 grams is, as one weighs 5 grams.

8. Eight Comic Books

Comic books are types of books that use pictures or illustrations to tell their story. They’re a popular form of entertainment in the United States, playing a critical role in shaping the country’s culture for more than a century. 

Comic books are physically light, and while they may vary depending on the materials the manufacturer used, the average weight is about 2.2 ounces or roughly 62 grams. So if you can stack eight together, they would add up to about 496 grams, just a little below our mark.

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9. One Paperback Plus One Comic Book

Also known as softcovers, paperbacks are books whose covers are made from paperboards, and the papers are attached by binding. Novels are great examples of hardcover books. 

Similarly to hardcovers and comic books, the weight of paperbacks varies. That said, the average size, with about 300 pages, usually weighs 15.6 ounces or 442 grams. So since we already know the weight of a comic book, if you can add it, you’d get 504 grams, just past our mark.

10. 74 #10 Envelopes

Also known as business envelopes, #10 envelopes are used widely for transactional mail of all types, including bills and monthly statements. 

These #10 envelopes usually weigh about 6.75 grams. So if you can stack 74 together, they would weigh 499.5 grams, or 500 grams when you round off the figure. 

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