9 Common Things That Weigh Approx 50 Kilograms

50 kilograms is a relatively heavy weight some adults can struggle to lift. 


But to better understand how heavy it is, you better compare it to items of similar weight. That can provide a clear and relatable point of reference.

The most obvious point of reference is a bag of cement, as 50 kilograms is the standard size of cement in many places.

But knowing a few more examples won’t hurt you. Will it? 

Okay, this post covers nine everyday items, ranging from domestic animals to desks, that you can play around with to understand how heavy 50 kg is.

Let’s jump in!

9 Everyday Things That Weigh Approximately 50 Kilograms

1. Male Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are massive dogs that are a cross of bulldogs and mastiffs, as the name implies. They’re popular among homeowners thanks to their gentle and affectionate character. Their attitude, however, changes when a stranger knocks on the door. 

The average male bullmastiff stands roughly 27 inches and is heavier than the female counterpart, weighing about 52 kilograms. It’s not exactly the weight we are trying to estimate, but two kilograms shouldn’t really spoil the fun!

2. 50 Liters of Water

Water is used daily for essential purposes, including cooking and washing. It’s usually stored in cans, with a 20-liter jerry can (five gallons) being the most common. 

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Twenty liters of water is equivalent to twenty kilograms. Therefore, two 20-liter jerry cans and one another half full would weigh approximately 50 kilograms.

However, note that, considering the weight of the jerry cans, the total weight would be slightly heavier, but you get the idea.

3. Three Regular Desks

When you think of a desk, what probably comes to your mind is a piece of furniture with drawers or shelves, typically used for writing, reading, or working on.

However, by a regular desk, here we refer to the average-sized office desk that can fit in almost any space. Put another way, think of those table-looking desks with two legs most freelancers have in their office setting. 

Regular desks don’t weigh the same. However, since they need to be lightweight for easier relocation, they range between 15.87 and 18.14 kilograms. 

So, although not perfect, three such tables can give you an idea of how heavy 50 kilograms can be.

4. Four Floating Desks

Floating desks are typical desks designed to fit into small spaces, especially if you live in a studio apartment and you occasionally have some light tasks, such as writing, ongoing. 

While, in most unusual situations, they can be as light as 3 kilograms, a floating desk is usually roughly 13 kilograms (30 lbs). 

That means lifting four can give you a rough estimate of 50 kilograms, as they would add up to about 52 kilograms.

5. Eleven Domestic Cats

Found in most homes, cats are great pets for many reasons. You can love them for being entertaining and peaceful companies or just because they are easy to maintain. 

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If you’re a cat owner, you probably know almost everything about your pet, from their favorite food to how they behave when hungry.

But have you ever put him on a weighing scale? Most people who seek vet services do it, and according to WebMD, your cat should measure about 4.53 kilograms if it’s healthy.

Therefore, if you could put eleven on a scale, they’d give you something close to 50 kilograms, at 49.89 kgs.

6. Twenty-five Standard Red Bricks

Red bricks are essential construction materials for buildings, bridges, and foundations. Some people also use red bricks for landscaping and other aesthetic purposes, thanks to their red color that leaves structures stunning. 

There are more than a dozen types of red bricks, but the standard red brick is the most commonly used. It’s lightweight, ideal for construction, and is usually 2.04 kilograms.

So if you could put 25 in a lightweight bag, they would add up to 51 kilograms, close to the mark.

7. Seven Shots

Well… A shot may mean a couple of things, but here we’re referring to the spherical, relatively heavy metal balls used in the sport of shot put – where players throw the ‘ball’ as far as they can. 

While shot put is a popular field and track sport contested in international competitions such as the Olympics, you might have had your hands on the shot, as the game is popular in high schools and colleges. 

According to World Athletics, a shot is usually 7.26 kilograms. So, doing some simple math, if you could stack seven in a bag, you’d realize a weight of 50 kilograms.

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8. A Box of 42 500-page Textbooks

Textbooks are used in schools and universities. So you must be familiar with them unless you’ve never set foot in these institutions. 

Of course, the weight of a textbook depends on the number of pages it contains.

For example, a 500-page textbook weighs approximately 1.19 kilograms. Thus, if you could stack 42 such books in a box, they would roughly weigh 50 kilograms (factoring in the weight of the box.)

9. Eleven Stackable Plastic Chairs

Stackable plastic chairs are often used in meetings and conferences worldwide. You can also find them in outdoor settings, such as parks and swimming pools. 

These chairs are ideal for such occasions since they’re lightweight and thus easy to transport and shift sitting positions whenever you want to.

A stackable plastic chair weighs about 4.5 kilograms, right up there with a domestic cat. 

Therefore, to understand how heavy 50 kilograms is, you need to lift eleven such chairs as they add up to 49.5 kilograms, just a little under the mark. 

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