How Long is 25 Cm? 15 Common Comparisons (+Pics)

Curious about how long 25 centimeters is?

25 cm is a measurement commonly encountered in everyday life. So, understanding how long it is can be practical in various situations.

It allows you to estimate dimensions, plan space efficiently, or assess the size of objects.

This knowledge can come in handy in tasks like crafting, designing, or arranging items, providing a tangible sense of scale in daily activities.

This post compares 25 centimeters to everyday items, from dollar notes to pens to different balls, to paint a picture of the measurement and help you complete your tasks efficiently.

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Let’s dive in!

15 Common Comparisons For 25 Centimeters

25 cm is approximately 9.84 inches or 0.82 feet. It is comparable to the following items.

1. 1 & ½ US Dollar Notes

The US dollar notes are widely available, have standard sizes, and are familiar to many people, making them a convenient reference for quick estimations or visualizations of dimensions in everyday situations.

Regardless of the denomination, all US banknotes are 6.14 inches (approximately 16 cm long, making them perfect references for six inches.

For 25 cm, which is relatively longer than six inches, place two dollars end-to-end on a flat surface, and then imagine cutting either in half. The remaining section is approximately 25 cm long.

2. 10 US Quarters

US quarters, with a diameter of approximately 0.955 inches (2.42 cm), are often used as handy reference points for small lengths. 

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Similar to the US dollar notes, their sizes are standard and are familiar among many – commonly used in coin-operated devices such as parking meters and vending machines.

To get a sense of a comparatively longer measurement of 25 cm, you can line up as many as ten end-to-end on a flat surface.

3. 3 ATM Cards

It’s a common practice for most people to carry ATM cards for everyday purchases and access funds from ATMs.

So, their ease of accessibility makes them excellent at comparing small lengths. And even better, they have standard sizes, similar to banknotes and quarters.

Each ATM card is usually 3.37 inches or approximately 8.6 cm long.

That’s a perfect reference for 3 inches, but if you can add two more in a straight line, they will give you a practical sense of 25 cm.

4. 3 Standard Playing Cards

Standard playing cards are commonly used for playing various card games and are characterized by a specific deck structure with four suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) and numbered or face cards.

They’re handy references for small lengths or quick measurements because they are ubiquitous and uniform. 

These cards are slightly longer than ATM cards at 3.5 inches (8.9 cm), but still, three arranged end-to-end on a flat surface can give you a solid idea of what 25 cm looks like.

5. A No. 10 Envelope

No. 10 envelopes are a standard size in the United States. They are commonly used for business and personal correspondence, making them a familiar reference for size comparisons in daily life.

They measure 4.125 inches by 9.5 inches (10.48 cm by 24.13 cm).

Hence, you can compare 25 cm to the length of the no. 10 envelope.

6. A Letter-sized Paper

Also known as A4 in some regions, a letter-sized paper is a standard paper size commonly used for printing documents, letters, and various forms. 

Its dimensions are 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches long (approximately 21 cm by 28 cm).

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So, it is only 3 cm past the 25 cm mark, but still a reliable reference point.

However, to be more accurate, you can imagine cutting a piece the size of an ATM card from its length.

7. 2 Capped Ballpoint Pens

For many people, picturing a pen in their mind’s eye is a common and relatively easy task, even when one is not physically present. 

If you can picture one, it’s an excellent way to guesstimate small lengths, including 25 cm, since pens have standard sizes. 

For example, a capped ballpoint pen is about 13 cm long. That means two aligned end-to-end stretches just about one centimeter past 25 centimeters.

8. A 15-inch Laptop

15-inch laptops dominate the market. They offer a sufficiently large display for various tasks and are portable, making them a popular choice for many users. 

These machines are usually about 9 to 10 inches wide or approximately 25 centimeters.

So, if you are wondering what 25 cm looks like and have one, wonder no more.

9. A Burpless Cucumber

If you are into cooking and gardening or are passionate about healthy eating, you are more likely to be familiar with burpless cucumbers. They typically have thinner skins and fewer seeds than traditional cucumber varieties, making them ideal for salads and snacks.

Burpless cucumbers are approximately ten inches (25.4 cm) long. That may vary due to different factors, but the difference is usually minimal.

10. A Stack of 2 Standard Beverage Cans

Standard beverage cans are widely recognizable for their convenient size and shape – a cylindrical shape and a pull tab for easy access to the drink.

These cans are typically around 4.83 inches (12.3 cm) in height, regardless of the drink they hold. This measurement may vary slightly depending on the specific design and brand of the can, but the difference is negligible.

That means stacking two gives you a tangible sense of 25 centimeters.

11. ¾ of 2-liter Soda Bottle

While standard beverage cans are often preferred for individual servings or portability, 2-liter soda bottles are more suitable for sharing or extended use.

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So they’re taller than the former, measuring approximately 12 inches or 30 cm.

Hence, if you imagine cutting a quarter out of the length of a 2-liter bottle, the remaining portion is approximately 25 centimeters.

12. 4 Tennis Balls


Tennis balls are used for various purposes beyond the sport of tennis, like as dog toys and even for physiotherapy exercises. 

You can also use them as reference points for small lengths, starting with three inches, since they range from 2.5 to 2.7 inches wide (about 6.6 cm).

And for a relatively longer length of 25 centimeters, you can picture four placed end-to-end in a straight line.

13. 3 Baseballs


Baseballs are commonly recognized and may assist in visualizing small lengths. 

They are slightly bigger than tennis balls, with a standard diameter of about 2.86 inches (7.27 cm). 

So, picturing three in succession brings you closer to the length you are interested in. But to be more accurate, you can imagine adding an ATM card to either end of that ‘picture.’

14. An NBA Ball

Basketball is another sport-related way to understand how long 25 cm is. 

The regulation NBA ball is approximately 9.43 inches (24 cm) wide, close enough to give you a practical sense of 25 cm.

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15. A Stack of 3 Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are not out of reach for many since they are staples for personal hygiene and sanitation.

Depending on the manufacturer, a typical toilet paper roll is about ten centimeters tall, making it an excellent way to understand small measurements – 10 cm, to start with.

For 25 centimeters, you can picture a stack of three, then imagine cutting the top one in half. The remaining section gives you a practical perspective of how long 25 centimeters is. 

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