10 Common Things That are 10 Inches Big

Ten inches is equivalent to 25.4 centimeters or 0.833 feet. A relatively small measurement, indeed.

But no matter how small, you can find it challenging to conceptualize it. 

That’s until you think of it in terms of objects that are approximately ten inches. With these objects, you only need to visualize their size to understand how big ten inches is. 

This post provides a list of ten items approximately the size of ten inches to serve as reference points. From stationery to currencies, we’ve included daily items to make it easy for you to understand how big ten inches is in the future.

10 Everyday Things That are 10 Inches Big

1. Burpless Cucumber

Burpless cucumbers are grown to ensure they have zero or reduced cucurbitacin, the substance responsible for the bitterness you find as you bite the fruits. 

These cucumbers grow to between 8-12 inches long, but the ones you find at the market are usually 10 inches. 

So if you like incorporating burpless cucumbers in your meals, you can picture how long one is next time you want to understand a size of ten inches.

2. Two Standard Beverage Cans 

Beverage cans are household items in the US. You probably have one in the house, especially if you’re a fan of takeaway drinks.

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The most prevalent type of beverage can in the US is the 12-fluid-ounce size. Most beers and sodas are packaged in this standard size, with all manufacturers following a uniform height of 4.83 inches. 

With two such cans, imagine placing one on top of the other. They add up to 9.66 inches, something close to the size we’re trying to visualize.

3. Three Debit Cards

Although we now have the likes of Google pay and Apple pay, debit cards are still a usual mode of payment in the US as well as in other countries. They are way safer and more convenient than cash, and you likely have one in your wallet. 

You probably use them often. But do you know their sizes? 

Well, all debit cards measure the same, usually 3.3 inches long. That makes them easy targets when you want to conceptualize small measurements, like a length of three inches, because you only need to take one out of your wallet or picture it. 

In our case, you need to visualize three debit cards in a row. They equal 9.9 inches, but can anyone beat you up when you reference them?

4. Two Pens

Pens are great everyday writing tools we’ve all used (or still use). They’re indispensable even with technological advancements. 

If you’re keen enough, you’ve realized that all pens are not equal, although the variation is slight to notice, anyway.

If you walk into a stationary store, the most popular pens you’ll find range from 5.11 – 5.51 inches long. Therefore, you need to visualize the size of two to get something close to 10 inches.

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5. Ten Loonie Coins

A loonie coin is an 11-sided gold-colored Canadian coin worth about 0.7 cents. 

Although loonies are Canadian currencies, most people in the US are familiar with them. They have a standard diameter of 1.04 inches, so if you’ve seen one before, you can imagine how big ten are to get a sense of how big ten inches is.

6. Six Golf Balls

Golf is among the most common sports in the US and is popular because it’s available countrywide. 

So due to its countrywide popularity, most people are familiar with golf balls, and even right now, you can picture how big a golf ball is. True?

If you never knew, all golf equipment manufacturers in the country have 1.68 inches as the standard diameter of all golf balls. That means picturing six golf balls end to end can help you comprehend how big ten inches is, as they add up to 10.08 inches.

7. Seven Paperclips

A tool for holding together several sheets of paper, a paperclip is a small loop-shaped piece of steel wire or plastic you can’t miss in an office and some homes. 

Paperclips make excellent objects for approximating small sizes since they have a standard length, with only slight differences.

Most of them are usually 1.37 inches long, so to get an idea of how big 10 inches is, you need to picture seven placed in a row. Although they’re slightly off our mark at 9.59 inches, they are still a solid reference point. Aren’t they?

8. Three Standard Playing Cards

Playing cards are popular in the US, especially among youth and kids. 

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They come in different types in different sizes, with standard playing cards, famously known for playing poker, being the most common in stores. Even those magicians perform tricks with, and the ones people often collect during vacations are all standard playing cards. 

All standard playing cards are usually 3.5 inches long. So, imagining how big three would be according to their lengths, you’d understand the size of 10 inches, as they add up to 10.5 inches.

9. Regular Envelope

Depending on your needs, envelopes come in different sizes.

And the most common of all is the regular envelope, also known as the 10 envelope. It’s the standard business envelope used in reply invoices and business mailings.

You can likely picture a regular envelope if you’ve ever stepped into an office – they are always on the table. One is usually 9.5 inches long, but a great reference point when you want to understand a size of ten inches.

10. Ten US Quarters

Almost everyone is familiar with a US quarter – unless you live outside the United States. Anyway, it’s essentially a US coin worth twenty-five cents and is common in airport trolleys, candy machines, and parking meters. 

A US quarter has a diameter of 0.955 inches. And similarly to most items in our list, they’re excellent for understanding small measurements. 

To get a sense of something as big as ten inches, you need to visualize the distance ten US quarters would cover if you placed them in a row end to end. They add up to 9.55 inches, which is fair enough. 

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