9 Common Things That are 3 Inches Long

Three inches is a small measurement, equivalent to 7.62 centimeters, as you might have heard. 

But what does that really mean? Anything but helpful!

So Instead of converting 3 inches into other units of measurement, in this post, we’ll look at objects that are around three inches long. This way, you can visualize and understand how long that length is by relating it to these items. 

And the best part, we’ve included only everyday objects since they’re easy to remember. 

So, let’s dive in and start visualizing that size in a more relatable way! Shall we?

9 Common Things That are 3 Inches Long

1. A Half US Dollar Note

You likely have a US dollar note in your pockets right now, the official currency of America and 11 other countries, including Zimbabwe, El Salvador, and Ecuador. 

Even if you don’t currently possess any, you likely interact with US dollars on a daily basis. 

But do you know how long the bills are? Well, all United States dollar bills are the same size, 6.14 inches long, irrespective of denomination. So get one out of your wallet and fold it into two equal parts to get something close to our mark. Or else, visualize such a scenario.

2. Baseball Ball

A baseball ball is a small, round ball used in playing the baseball sport, America’s national pastime. 

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Baseballs come in unnoticeably different sizes since the sport’s governing body requires them, including those used in high schools, to measure approximately 2.86-2.94 inches in diameter. So, if you’ve played the game or have watched it, you can picture a baseball to get a sense of how long three inches is.

3. Three US Quarters

Essentially, a US quarter is a US coin that’s worth 25 cents. It’s the only coin allowed in coin-operated machines such as airport trolleys, parking meters, as well as dryers. 

One US quarter has a diameter of 0.955 inches, meaning if you can arrange three in a row, they will have a combined diameter of 2.865 inches. That is very close to our mark, so you can use the quarters as your visual aid to understand how long three inches is.

4. Debit Card

Debit cards have become mainstream, with people often preferring them over cash, thanks to their convenience and safety. 

And regardless of your area of residence, all debit cards are equal and must be 3.3 inches long, according to Nerd Wallet. So to get an idea of a length of 3 inches, just imagine holding one in your hand and picture something slightly shorter than that, or ‘cut’ a small piece with your eyes. 

Alternatively, you use a credit card or any other payment card similarly as they have similar measurements.

5. Regular Crayons

Common at home and school, a crayon is a pencil or a pointed stick with a pigment of clay, wax, or chalk used for coloring or drawing. 

Crayons come in different sizes, Jumbo, medium, and regular.

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The regular crayons are standard size for first graders and artists as they have the finest points to allow one to stay within the line when coloring or drawing. They’re usually approximately 3 inches long, so you can picture how long they are as a quick reference.

6. Three Bottle Caps

Bottle caps are used to seal or close bottles of liquids, including water, beer, and soda. Found everywhere, scattered along the streets, if not in shops, bottles are probably the item in our list EVERYONE can relate to. 

But chances are you’ve never bothered to know their size. True? Well, most of those you see have an interior diameter of 26 mm, or 1.02 inches. So imagine how long three would be when lined up in a row to understand how long three inches is.

7. Six AA Batteries

AA batteries are the most common type of batteries, thanks to their broad range of applications. They power up TV remote controls, toys, flashlights, and grooming gadgets. 

While AA batteries come in different sizes, they all have a thickness of between 0.53-0.57 inches. So if you can stack or imagine 6 AA batteries width-wise, it will be about 3.42 inches which is slightly off 3 inches but can give you a sense of how long that length is.

8. Half a Standard Pen

Pens are must-haves whether at school, home, or the office. And despite the efforts of technological advancements, pens have remained irreplaceable, and you can use the one around you as a quick reference object. 

While pens differ in size depending on the manufacturer, the most popular length is between 5.11 – 5.51 inches. That means visualizing a half will give you something close to our mark. Another way to look at it is to imagine cutting a pen in half and using either piece as your reference.

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9. A Quarter Zip Tie

Also known as a cable tie, a zip tie is a type of fastener, particularly a plastic strip, that is threaded through its end and tightened to hold items together, especially wires and electrical cables. 

The most common zip tie is usually 12 inches long from the head to the tail. Therefore, if you’ve seen one, imagine dividing it into three equal parts and use any as your visual aid to get a good idea of how long three inches is.

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