11 Common Things That are 7 Inches Long

Want to understand how long 7 inches is? 

One of the best and fastest methods of doing so is using items with corresponding lengths as references. It might not be the most accurate method, but it gives you a good idea. 

The challenge is: how many items can you recall that are 7 inches long? 

Well, we’ve done that for you. 

This post covers 11 items approximately 7 inches long that can be solid references for 7 inches (so long as you can remember and visualize them).

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

11 Common Things That are 7 Inches Long

1. iPad Mini

Launched in 2012, the iPad mini is the smaller sibling of Apple’s popular tablets. 

The iPad mini is one of the most popular tablets in the United States market thanks to its portability and compact size. With the screen display measuring only 7.9 inches long, just slightly beyond the 7 inches mark, it’s a favorite among students and professionals who need to work on the go. 

Therefore if you own one, you only need to picture the length from the bottom left to the top right of the screen.

2. Two Standard Playing Cards

Standard playing cards are used to play various games, including classics such as bridge and poker and recent ones such as blackjack and solitaire. 

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These cards are the most common as they are a part of many cultures worldwide, so chances are you’re familiar with them. One is usually 3.5 inches long, meaning two would give you a perfect item measuring 7 inches.

3. Two Debit Cards

Debit cards are the most popular mode of payment in the United States owing to convenience. 

While you usually use them for transactions, they can double up as excellent reference points for small measurements such as three inches, as all are 3.36 inches long. 

And if you want to use them for referencing 7 inches, two would be only 0.28 inches shy of that mark.

4. Seven US Quarters

With a face value of 25 cents, the United States quarters are widely accepted in the United States despite the growing popularity of digital payment methods. You can find them in automated payment systems, including vending machines and parking meters. 

A US quarter has a diameter of 0.955 inches. That means if you can arrange seven side by side, they’d be just 0.315 inches under the 7 inches mark.

5. A Standard Pencil

Pencils are indispensable everyday items used for writing, drawing, and sketching. 

They are excellent reference points for small measurements because they are universally known and usually standardized. 

While they might vary in size, most pencils are usually 7.5 inches long when brand new and with the eraser included.

Therefore picturing the size of one is an excellent way of understanding 7 inches, as it’s only a mere 0.5 inches past the mark.

6. Ten Dimes

Dimes are small, thin, and circular coins with a face value of ten cents in the United States currency system. 

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Despite their low value, dimes are popular and widely accepted due to their convenience, especially when making small transactions or providing change. Similarly to the US quarters, you are most likely to use them in coin-operated devices, including parking meters. 

One dime is usually 0.705 inches in diameter, meaning ten placed side by side would add up to approximately 7 inches.

7. Four Golf Balls

The small, dimpled balls used to play golf can be excellent reference points for small measurements so long as you are familiar with the sport. 

The balls usually have a diameter of 1.68 inches, meaning four would be just 0.28 inches shy of the 7 inches mark. 

Since golf is a popular leisure activity enjoyed by millions of Americans, you are most likely to find golf balls in almost every state in the country, including in pubs.

8. Two Standard Crayons

Crayons are coloring tools consisting of pigmented wax sticks, typically used by children for drawing and coloring. They’re also beloved tools for education and creative expression. 

A standard crayon is usually 3.5 inches long. So if you are familiar with them, you can picture two stacked together end to end to get a perfect reference for something 7 inches long.

9. Banana

Bananas are sweet tropical fruits you can bet to find in every grocery store. You might also have some in the fridge as they make quick snacks. 

And while some bananas can be as tiny as two inches, most are about 7 inches long, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture

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Therefore, if you can recall the last banana you smashed, you can have a perfect reference item.

10. Three Pool Balls

Pool balls are used to play table games, including the 8-ball pool game, one-pocket, and straight pool. 

Pool balls have a regulated diameter of 2.25 inches, although it may vary slightly depending on the type of game.

Regardless, they can be excellent references for 7 inches if you know them. If so, you only need to picture three placed end to end as they add up to 6.75 inches, just a little under the mark.

11. Adult Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are household items you use on a daily basis – that is, if you care about your dental hygiene!

Toothbrushes come in different shapes and sizes, but most range between 7 – 8 inches long.

Therefore the next time you want to understand how long 7 inches is, envision how long the last toothbrush you used is, and you can’t go wrong.

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