13 Common Things That Are About 200 Feet Long (With Visuals)

If you’re looking to understand how far 200 feet is or how long it takes to walk a distance of 200 feet, you just landed on the right page.

Here you will find 13 things often compared to 200 feet to help you visualize that measurement.

Things That Are About 200 Feet Long 

A distance of 200 feet is approximately 61 meters or 67 yards.

Whether that distance is far or not depends on personal perspective.

That said, in terms of time, it can be considered relatively short. Assuming a walking speed of 3 miles per hour, it would take 45.45 seconds to cover this distance. 

You can refer to the following item for a practical understanding of how long 200 feet is.

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1. Length of a Hockey Rink

If you live in North America, where hockey has a dedicated fan base, a hockey rink is all you need to visualize a distance of 200 feet. 

According to the National Hockey League (NHL), a standard hockey rink must be 200 feet long and 85 feet wide. So, if you can visualize the last rink you saw, look no further.

2. Length of Two and a Half Tennis Courts

Staying on the same page of fields, the dimensions of a tennis field/court are also excellent reference points for various lengths that fall in the range of 200 feet. 

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Although the sizes of tennis courts differ in width, depending on if they are for single or double matches, they are all equal lengthwise, at 78 feet. 

To get a mental picture of 200 feet, imagine the length of two and a half tennis courts. 

3. Combined Height of 20 Basketball Rims

Basketball rims are perfect reference points for short distances such as 20 feet since they are precisely 20 feet long. They are among our favorite items for determining such short lengths here at measuringly.com due to their popularity and since they are all equal (note that the rims we consider are the ones e specifically designed for players aged 12 and above).

And despite being a small fraction of 200 feet, you can use them to determine relatively long measurements such as 200 feet. Picture the height of ten to understand how far 200 feet is.

4. Combined Width of Four NBA Courts

On the same topic of basketball, you can use another basketball facility to gauge a distance of 200 feet; the court. 

An NBA court measures 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. That means the combined width of four will be precisely 200 feet. 

You can also refer to other basketball courts similarly. Although slightly shorter, they must adhere to International Basketball Federation (FIBA) specifications of 94 feet by 49 feet. 

5. Length of Six Volleyball Nets

A volleyball net is another sports facility you can use to understand different length measurements.

The entire net typically spans 32 feet, including the ones you see at the beach. 

So, with a picture of a volleyball net in mind, picture seven arranged end-to-end, as they give something close to 200 feet.

6. Length of One and a Quarter of an Olympic-size Swimming Pool

Olympic-size swimming pools are popular in many places worldwide. For example, in many universities, colleges, and public aquatic centers in the United States, most pools adhere to dimensions and specifications set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)., meaning they are 50 meters long (approximately 164 feet). 

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Now imagine that length plus a quarter of it. That’s how far 200 feet is.

7. Combined Length of 12-13 Midsize Cars

Midsize cars are the majority in towns and cities worldwide. Even if you don’t own one, there’s a good chance you can picture one right now. 

The size of midsize cars varies slightly, depending on the model and manufacturer. Most of them, including the 2023 Honda Accord, 2023 Kia K5, 2023 Toyota Camry, 2023 Hyundai Sonata, 2024 Subaru Legacy, and 2023 Nissan Altima, are about 192 inches long (16 feet), making them perfect references for things measuring about 16 inches and other small lengths. 

But because you are probably familiar with them, if you can imagine about 12 to 13 such cars parked end-to-end, they would give you an impression of 200 feet.

8. Combined Height of Eleven Giraffes

Most people are familiar with giraffes, as although they are native to grasslands and savannas of Sub-Saharan Africa, such as Kenya, Namibia, and South Africa, they are frequent features in African wildlife documentaries on YouTube. 

As you probably know (especially if you are a follower of measuringly.com), giraffes are the tallest animals in the Animal Kingdom, standing about 18 feet tall – the neck alone can be as long as six feet! 

So using a giraffe’s height as your reference point, you would need to picture eleven giraffes standing on top of each other. A bizarre scenario, but you get the idea.

9. A Distance of 80 Walking Steps

Probably the most relatable way to understand how far 200 feet is by using the concept of walking steps. 

The University of Iowa states that the average person’s walking step length is approximately 2.5 feet

That means you are only 80 steps away (or forty strides) from understanding how long 200 feet is, assuming you are an average-sized person – i.e. a 6 feet adult.

10. Combined Length of Four Step-deck Trailers

Also known as drop-deck or lowboy trailers, step-deck trailers are specialized types of flatbed trailers used in the transportation industry. They’re everyday sights on highways, hauling oversized or tall cargo. 

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The length of these step-deck trailers varies depending on the model and configuration, but they all average from 48 to 53 feet.

If you’re familiar with them, picture four end-to-end on a straight line to understand what 200 feet looks like.

11. Height of Magnum XL-200 Roller Coaster

The Magnum XL-200, or simply Magnum, is a groundbreaking roller-coaster that draws visitors from all over the globe, eager to experience the adrenaline rush of this iconic attraction.

Standing at an impressive height of 205 feet from the ground, it holds the record for the highest roller coaster in the world.

If you have visited the iconic structure, never worry again about the distance of 200 feet.

12. Combined Height of Two Cottonwood Trees

Cottonwoods are species of large-sized trees with distinctive heart-shaped leaves and fluffy white seeds that resemble cotton, giving them their name. 

Cottonwood trees are known for their impressive height, often reaching about 150 feet.

However, due to harvesting demands, they are typically cut down when they reach approximately 100 feet tall, just as they begin to mature, to produce items, such as storage boxes and matchsticks.

Therefore, as soon as they start maturing, the height of two cottonwood trees would give you an impression of 200 feet.

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13. Boeing 777 Wingspan

If you are enthusiastic about planes, there’s a good chance you are familiar with Boeing 777. It’s a wide-body, long-range commercial airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes that has dominated the airlines for a decade – and still counting.

The Boeing 777 has a wingspan (the distance from one wing tip to the other) of precisely 212 feet. The best time to note how long that is is when the plane has landed or is on the runway.

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