8 Common Things That Are 200 Square Feet Big (With Pictures)

Things that are 200 square feet big (or approximately the size) are an excellent way to understand how big 200 square feet is

When you’re familiar with these items, you only need to picture how big they are to understand that size.

But how many such items can you remember?

Don’t even struggle. This post covers eight everyday items you can use to visualize a size as big as 200 square feet. You might not be familiar with all, but you will find something you can relate to. 

Therefore, read on.

8 Common Things That Are 200 Square Feet Big

Use the following items to paint a picture of 200 square feet in your mind.

1. Six Queen-size Mattresses

Queen-size mattresses are the most popular in the United States market. They’re ideal for couples and individuals looking for extra space for pets or kids. 

Because queen-size mattresses are 80 inches long and 60 inches wide, they’re excellent references for things measuring 60 inches long when you look at them width-wise. 

And since they cover 4,800 square inches, equivalent to 33.333333 square feet, you can visualize six beside each other in any pattern to understand how big 200 square feet is.

2. 4 and 3/4 King-size Mattresses

A king-size mattress might not be as popular as its queen-size counterpart, but it is also a popular choice for many due to its expansive sleeping space. It has a similar length of 80 inches but is slightly wider at 76 inches, covering an area of 6,080 square inches (about 42 square feet). 

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Five king-size mattresses beside each other would cover an area of 210 square feet but still can help estimate how big 200 square feet is, especially if you have nothing else to turn to.

3. 1000 US-standard Bricks

Bricks are everyday items found in many homes, lying idle, on pavements, or in garden beds. They are also visible in a brick house if it’s not plastered. 

Bricks vary from country to country, and in the United States, they have standard measurements, eight inches long and 3.625 inches wide, meaning one covers only 29 square inches (0.201389 square feet). 

But if you can visualize 1000, each arranged beside the other, you would get a picture of 200 square feet.

4. Four and a Half Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis tables are excellent reference points for various measurements since they have standard sizes and are familiar to most people, even if you don’t have hands-on experience with table tennis. 

These tables usually measure 2.7 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, covering 4.05 square meters or 43.593837 square feet. 

Therefore, if you can picture five arranged side by side and then imagine cutting one at either end into half, they would be only about 4 square feet from the 200 square feet mark.

5. Ten Standard Front Doors

Front doors are the entryways providing access to a building or a room from outside. 

While the size of front doors varies from country to country (also depends on personal preferences), in the United States, architects recommend a standard size of 80 inches long and 36 inches wide. That’s the size of the front doors in many homes, schools, and other buildings. 

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So since a door of such size takes up a space of 2,800 square inches (precisely 20 square feet), you can think of 200 square feet as ten such doors.

6. Ten Twin-size Mattresses

Twin-size are designed for short single individuals, but you can also find them in smaller living spaces with limited space, such as children’s bedrooms and guest rooms. 

These mattresses are one of the smallest, measuring 75 inches long and 38 inches wide. They cover 2,850 square inches of space (only about 20 square feet), but with ten arranged beside each other, they can paint a picture of 200 square feet.

7. Bath Towels

Bath towels are essential household items, but you can also find them in other hospitality establishments, including hotels and spas. 

And while they vary wildly in size, typically, most are 56 inches long and 30 inches wide to cover an area of 1,680 style inches (about 12 square feet). That means 17 such towels, laid uniformly, would cover approximately 200 square feet.

8. Five Smart Cars

A smart car, also known as smart Fortwo, is a compact two-seater car designed and manufactured by the German automaker Daimler GA.

The car is preferred by drivers who prioritize fuel efficiency and urban maneuverability, as it’s one of the smallest in the market, measuring just over eight feet long and 5 feet wide. 

As such, one covers about 40 square feet. And so, to understand how big 200 square feet is, picture five parked beside each other.

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