9 Common Things That are 20 Feet Big

20 feet = 6 meters = 6.6 yards = 240 inches. 

But those theoretical figures can’t give you a precise idea of how big 20 feet is. Can they? 

Therefore, to understand how big that length is, the only way out is to picture things as big as 20 feet. 

And in this post, you’ll learn nine items that equal or are roughly 20 feet big so you can use them as your references. All you need is a good memory and visualizing skills. 

Let’s start!

9 Common Things That are 20 Feet Big

1. Two-story House

With story buildings becoming mainstream worldwide, two-story houses are the first choice for most people, as they need a small block of space and are spacious and convenient enough. 

If you’ve been keen enough, there’s only an unnoticeable difference in the height of two-story houses, as the standard ones measure about 18-20 feet tall. So next time you want to understand how big 20 feet is, imagine the length of a two-story house.

However, make sure you refer to those with flat roofs, as others with steep, mansard, or A-frame roofing tend to be taller. 

2. Two Basketball Hoops

Invented in 1891, basketball is undeniably one of the most popular and widely viewed sports worldwide. It’s even played in high schools, so everyone likely knows a few things about basketball. 

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That said, do you know what a basketball hoop is? If you’ve been to a basketball game, you must have seen a circular metal ring with a loose hanging net through which players must pass the ball to score a point. Right? It’s called a basketball hoop, and according to NBA regulations, a professional hoop must be 10 feet long from the court. 

In other words, the height of any basketball hoop for players aged 12 years and above is usually 10 feet. That means imagining the length of two basketball hoops gives you a precise idea of how big is 20 feet.

And sticking with sports facilities…

3. A Quarter of Tennis Court

Similarly to basketball, tennis is another popular sport worldwide, with more than 87 million players, including high schoolers. 

The game is played on a rectangular court called a tennis court. And according to the tennis’ global governing body, the International Tennis Federation (ITF), all competitive tennis courts must have a standard length of 77.98 feet – including those found in high schools. Therefore, imagining how big a quarter of such a court is gives you 19.495 feet, close to our mark.

4. Four Medium-sized Loveseats

Also known as a two-seat couch, a loveseat is typically a sofa for one or two people – although three can also fix themselves in one. 

The sizes of loveseats vary slightly, and the typical ones found especially in tiny spaces such as bachelor apartments and lofts range between 58-60 inches in width.

Therefore, imagining four loveseats arranged in a row from arm to arm creates an object between 19.33 to 20 feet big.

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5. Two Average-sized Kayaks

A kayak is a small, narrow water vessel with two pointed ends and is usually propelled by a double-bladed paddle. They’re used for exploration, fishing, and adventure on the reefs. 

Kayaks come in different sizes according to their purpose. For example, those meant for recreational purposes are the smallest, measuring around 9.5-12 feet long, although 10 feet is the average size. 

According to specialists, that size is the ideal, as although slower, they are easier to maneuver when paddling, allowing room for performing tricks. 

So if you’ve seen a small kayak, imagine how big two would be to get a sense of something as big as 20 feet.

6. Rolls-Royce Phantom

A leading contender as the best luxury car on sale, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is a full-sized car made by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. 

The five-seater cylinder beast is also the longest passenger car in the United States, measuring 5982mm, or 19.62 feet when you factor in the cargo room plus the passenger space. So if you’ve seen one, imagine how long it is to get a sense of how big 20 feet is.

7. Two 10ft U-Haul Trucks

If you’re preparing for a household move, you’ll likely enquire about the services of a U-Haul truck, as they’re known for convenience. 

For single individuals, couples, and students, the most preferred U-Haul truck is the 10’ft truck, as they’ve enough volume of about 400 cubic feet and can carry a load of 2,850 lbs.

And as its name implies, a 10′ ft U-Haul is usually 10 feet long, meaning you need to imagine how big two can get.

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8. Two Outdoor Christmas Trees

A symbol of the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a Christmas Tree is a decorated evergreen tree, usually a pine, spruce, fir, or any other conifer. 

Most Christmas trees are about 7-7.5 feet tall to fit almost any room. However, those for outdoor installations and high-ceiling rooms are way bigger, measuring anywhere between 9.5-12 feet tall.

So if you’ve seen a group of people at Christmas holiday parties outdoors or in rooms with vaulted ceilings with these trees, it’s likely an extra large Christmas tree. Imagining how big two such trees are with one standing on top of the other, you won’t go wrong getting an idea of how big 20 feet is.

9. Sixteen Ten-Pin Bowling Pins

If you’ve played bowling – or even have watched it – you must have seen the bowling pins – the ones players use as a target for the bowling ball. 

According to the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), a bowling pin is usually 15 inches tall. That means if you can visualize sixteen of these pins in a row end to end, it would equal 20 feet. 

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