8 Common Things That Weigh About 100 Tons (+Pics)

Have you ever wondered what weighs 100 tons? 

From massive vehicles used in the construction industry to enormous animals that roam the earth, there are a surprising number of things that weigh about 100 tons.

And in this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of these heavyweights and explore why they weigh so much.

So whether you’re an engineer, a logistics specialist, or simply curious about the world, read on to discover some fascinating things that weigh about 100 tons.

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List of Things That Weigh About 100 Tons

1. The Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate, also known as “The Bean,” is a public sculpture located in the heart of Chicago, Millennium Park, Illinois. It was designed by British artist Anish Kapoor and was installed in 2004.

The Cloud Gate is one of the most popular sights in Chicago, as it’s among the largest permanent outdoor art installations worldwide, measuring 32 feet high, 66 feet long, and 42 feet wide. It weighs about 100 tons since it is made entirely of heavy stainless steel.

2. A Quarry-sized Haul Truck

A quarry-sized truck is a heavy-duty vehicle used in mining, construction, and quarry operations. They transport various materials, including dirt, rocks, sand, gravel, and minerals, such as coal, iron ore, copper, and gold. 

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These trucks are some of the largest vehicles in the world, usually weighing approximately 100 tons. That’s because of their powerful engines that can generate thousands of horsepower capable of hauling enormous amounts of material over rough terrain. Due to their weight, they have a carrying capacity of between 200 to 400 tons.

3. 16 Empty Type C School Buses

Type C school buses transport students to and from school. They are the most common type of school bus, and you can recognize them by their distinctive yellow colors, stop signs, and flashing lights. 

These buses are usually between 23 and 30 feet long, carry about 72 passengers, and weigh approximately 6.25 tons when empty. They’re built on a truck chassis while the body is made of steel and other heavy-duty materials which reinforce its weight. 

Due to their popularity, they are excellent benchmarks for relatively heavy weights. So since you’re probably familiar with them, you can imagine 16 to comprehend an immense weight of 100 tons.

4. 60 Midsize Cars

Generally, midsize cars are larger than compact cars but smaller than full-size cars. They’re the most popular cars on roads and highways because they are affordable. 

The size of midsize cars varies depending on the model and manufacturer, but generally, they weigh about 1.6 tons. Of course, that’s a small fraction of 100 tons, but if you can imagine a fleet of 60 such cars, you can build a picture of something as heavy as 100 tons.

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5. 6 53-foot Van Trailers

Foot van trailers are enclosed cargo trailers used to transport and store goods. They are attached to the back of a suitable vehicle, say a van, and are often used by businesses, individuals, and organizations for transporting goods over long distances. 

These trailers come in various configurations and sizes, ranging from small, compact models to large ones measuring 53 feet long. These long ones usually weigh about 18 tons when empty,

Picture in your mind about six such heavyweights stacked together to get an idea of how heavy 100 tons is.

6. An Average-sized Blue Whale

Blue whales are known for their distinct mottled blue-gray skin and broad and U-shaped heads. They also have long, streamlined bodies and throat pleats that run from their chin to their belly. They inhabit all oceans, but you’re most likely to see them in the Southern Hemisphere, where they feed during the summer. 

These whales are the largest animals ever to grace the planet. Mature ones can weigh as much as 200 tons, but they usually average approximately half of that.

Accounting for their massive weight is the heart which can weigh about 400 pounds (it’s as large as a car bumper!). Their stomachs, meanwhile, can hold about 2,200 pounds of krill (food), and as if that’s not surprising enough, their tongues can weigh as much as an adult elephant (seven tons)!

7. 14 African Elephants

African elephants are massive creatures that, in large groups, roam the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, feeding on vegetation, including grasses, leaves, bark, and fruits. 

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The ever-unbothered beasts are the largest land animals, with mature bulls weighing approximately seven tons. If you have seen them, picture about fourteen to get an impression of something about 100 tons.

The massive weight of these beasts is attributed to their big bodies, as well as gigantic flapping ears that can weigh as much as 100 pounds each.

8. North Atlantic Right Whale

North Atlantic right whales are known for their paddle-shaped flippers and V-shaped blows. They inhabit the North Atlantic Ocean, primarily along the eastern coast of North America, from Florida to Newfoundland. 

These massive whales also deserve a spot among the heaviest animals, as they can reach anything between 100 to 110 tons. They have stocky bodies and gigantic flippers, as long as 50 feet, to thank for their weight. 

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