11 Things That Weigh About 1 Ton (With Examples)

Have you ever wondered how heavy one ton is? 

Well, one ton is incredibly heavy and is equivalent to 1,000 kilograms or 2,000 pounds!

If that’s not helpful, things that weigh about 1 ton can help you paint a picture of how heavy one ton is.

And luckily, we’ll cover eleven such things in this post. 

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So, let’s read on.

11 Common Things That Weigh About 1 Ton

1. The Liberty Bell

Initially called the State House Bell or Old State House Bell, the Liberty Bell symbolizes justice and freedom in the United States. It’s on display in the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia – and visitors can see the iconic crack that runs through the bell and learn more about its history and significance. 

The bell is largely made of bronze and some traces of lead, gold, arsenic, silver, and zinc, which account for its total weight of 1.04 tonnes.

2. 20 Bags of Cement


In the United States, the standard bag of cement weighs 94 pounds. And due to its ease of availability, it’s one of the items you can turn to for reference if you want to estimate relatively heavy weights. 

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It weighs 94 pounds, a fraction of one ton, but with as many as 20 such bags, you can get an idea of how heavy one ton is.

3. Utility Side by Sides

Utility Side by Sides are also commonly known as Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) or Recreational Utility Vehicles (RUVs). They’re designed for off-road use and feature two seats and a cargo bed, similar to a pickup truck. They are typically used for work-related tasks and recreational use. 

These vehicles are some of the lightest, with most weighing 2000 pounds (precisely one ton) on average.

4. 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage is a subcompact hatchback offering good fuel economy and affordable pricing. 

The weight of this car depends on the model, but it averages one ton, attributed to its use of high-tensile steel in its construction. The vehicle is deemed a lightweight and fuel-efficient option for drivers looking for a practical and affordable subcompact car.

5. Two Concert Grand Pianos

Concert grand pianos are used by pianists and professional musicians, especially those who perform in large concert halls or venues. They’re also found in music schools and conservatories offering training classes.

You can barely lift one concert grand piano unless someone or something gives you a helping hand, as it weighs about 0.45 to 0.6 tonnes.

Therefore, when two are stacked, they would give you an impression of how heavy one ton is.

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6. 10 ft. Shipping Container

Ten ft. shipping containers are typically used for smaller storage needs or in limited-space situations. They often transport goods over short distances, such as between ports or within a city, while some people convert them into storage facilities for individuals or businesses. 

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An empty ten ft. shipping container (its tare weight) is about one ton and can carry cargo as heavy as a whooping 9 tonnes!

7. 20 ft Travel Trailer

A travel trailer is a recreational vehicle (RV) designed to be towed by a truck or SUV. If you enjoy camping and outdoor adventures, it’s not a new item to you. 

Although 20 ft trailers are not very common, if you’re familiar with them, they can serve as a reliable example of things that weigh around 1 ton. This weight is not unexpected since these trailers usually have facilities like a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a place to sleep.

8. Seven Barrels of Oil

A barrel of oil is a standard unit of measurement for petroleum products such as crude oil. 

One barrel equals 42 US gallons or 159 liters and weighs approximately 300 pounds (0.15 tonnes). 

Therefore, with seven barrels, you can have a reliable reference for things that weigh about 1 ton.

9. American Bison

Also called the American Buffalo, the American Bison is a mammal recognized by its shaggy, dark-brown fur, massive head with a prominent hump, and short curved horns. 

It’s the largest mammal in North America, with the heaviest bulls weighing up to one ton.

You can find the American bison primarily in protected reserves and national parks throughout North America.

10. Female Great White Shark

Great white sharks are one of the most powerful predatory fish in the ocean. These mammals prefer cool to temperate areas, and a popular spot to sight them is the waters of San Francisco and the Farallon Islands in California. 

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Although these sharks rank lowest among the heaviest sea creatures, do not underestimate them; they are still quite heavy, with mature females weighing about one ton.

11. A Male Giraffe

Giraffes are the world’s tallest creatures, native to Africa. They grace the open woodlands and savannas, especially in national parks and wildlife reserves of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Namibia.

The skyscrapers are also some of the heaviest, with some males weighing upto about 1.5 tonnes. But on average, a male giraffe weighs about one ton.

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