8 Things That are Approx 800 Meters Long

800 meters is equivalent to 0.49 miles or 0.8 kilometers.

It’s a distance you can see with the naked eye. And if you were to walk, it would take about 9.94 minutes, walking at the average human speed of 3 mph.

If you want to get a sense of how long it is, the last thing you’d think of is using measuring tools due to their inconvenience.

But when you turn to items equal or approximately 800 meters as reference points, it can be helpful. 

And that’s what we’ll cover in this piece. We’ve compiled a list of 8 popular items measuring approximately 800 meters long to make it simple to understand how long 800 meters is.

Let’s go!

8 Things That are Approximately 800 Meters Long 

1. 16 International Swimming Pools

Swimming is an overwhelmingly favored recreational and competitive sport in the United States, with many residential areas having at least a swimming pool. 

Those swimming pools in residential areas are typically smaller than the ones you find at international swimming competitions, say the Olympics or World Championships, which are usually 50 meters long.

So if you can picture sixteen lying end to end, they’d add up to 800 meters. Of course, visualizing such a scenario might be a relatively challenging task, but this guide on estimating distances comes in handy.

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2. 8 and 1/2 Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a historical statue located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. It depicts a female figure who raises her right hand over her head while holding a torch, while the left hand holds a tablet inscribed with the date America was declared independent. 

The Statue is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the United States. It’s also one of the tallest structures, standing 92.9 meters from the ground, including the foundation and the pedestal.

Thus, if you’ve visited the Statue of Liberty, imagine eight and a half lying down end to end as they’d cover a distance of 790 meters, just a little under our mark.

3. 7 and 1/2 NFL Fields

The NFL is the highest level of professional American football in the country. Millions of fans watch the games week after week, either in-person or on TV. 

NFL fields are uniform across the country, measuring 109 meters long, including the two end zones. 

So if you’re familiar with them, picture the distance seven and a half would cover when arranged in a row end to end. They add up to 817 meters, but not far from the length we’re trying to visualize.

4. 8 Soccer Fields

Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide, played at every level, from schools to universities to international competitions. 

If you’re a soccer fan or have attended a soccer match, you’re familiar with a soccer field and can even picture its size. While they’re not all equal, most are usually about 103 meters long. 

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So if you can visualize the length of eight soccer fields, they’d give you something close to our mark, at 824 meters.

5. 13 Hockey Rinks

Hockey might not be as popular as soccer or NFL, but it boasts a passionate and dedicated community of followers, including players, fans, and supporters.

Apart from the National Hockey League (NHL), the game is played at amateur levels, with many leagues throughout the country. So you are likely familiar with the hockey rink. 

The National Hockey League requires hockey rinks for championship tournaments to be 200 feet long (60.96 meters).

So if you’re familiar with them, picture thirteen arranged end to end as they give you about 792 meters. Again, just a little under 800 meters.

6. 8 Baseball Fields

Baseball is among the most popular sports in the United States and is a critical part of American culture. It is played at the amateur level, in leagues and colleges, with millions of fans. 

If you’re a baseball fan, you’re likely aware that all baseball fields differ in several ways. However, some areas are uniform, for example, the distance from the home plate to the nearest fence, usually measuring 99.06 meters long.

Therefore, if you can visualize eight such distances, you’d have a solid reference for something as long as 800 meters.

7. 11 Boeing 747s

Despite its dwindling popularity in recent years, Boeing 747 resides in the hearts of aviation enthusiasts and is still an iconic symbol of air travel. 

If you remember its size, it’s usually 70.66 meters long from the head to the tail.

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That means if you were to picture eleven arranged in a row end to end, they’d give you something close to 800 meters, at 777.26 meters.

8. 8 100-meter Dashes

A sprinting event in track and field sports, the 100-meter dash is a test of a combination of raw speed, power, and endurance, as athletes race down the straight track, covering a distance of 100 meters. 

Since 100-meter dashes happen at a 100-meter distance, they can be perfect for estimating relatively longer distances. 

Therefore, if you’ve been to the event, picture eight times that distance the next time you want to get a sense of how long 800 meters is.

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