12 Familiar Things That Weigh About 80 Pounds (+Pics)

Curious about the weight of 80 pounds

It makes sense. 

Understanding how heavy a weight like 80 pounds is can be a valuable skill that can serve various practical, educational, and personal purposes.

It can serve as a point of reference for comparing the weight of other objects, yourself, or others.

It can also broaden your horizons if you are curious, like dimensions enthusiasts, and like to learn new facts or measurements.

So, to help you understand the magnitude of 80 pounds, I’ll walk you through a list of things that weigh about 80 pounds to serve as reference points.

They include some everyday items, so read to the end to find your favorite item.

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Let’s dive in.

12 Common Things That Weigh About 80 Pounds

Eighty pounds is about five stones, 36 kilograms, or 1,280 ounces. And that’s relatively heavy in everyday life.

While it may not be considered exceptionally heavy for tasks like weightlifting or moving heavy equipment, it’s certainly not something you’d want to carry around for an extended period without assistance.

You can compare it to the following items to understand how heavy it is.

1. 10 Gallons of Water

Water is an excellent reference point for different measurements, from as lightweight as 1 kilogram to as heavy as 100 kilograms. It’s available everywhere, and the best part is you can divide it into different quantities to suit what you want to understand. 

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So, if you are wondering if 80 pounds is too heavy or light to lift, you can gauge yourself with a 10-gallon container (or two 5-gallon water containers) since they weigh almost the same.

2. 8-9 Gallons of Milk

Even if you are an ardent consumer of milk, eight to nine gallons is a substantial amount, typically more than a household would consume in a short period.

It’s equivalent to 32 to 36 quarts or 64 to 72 pints of milk, so it weighs differently depending on the country.

For instance, it’s about 8.6 pounds in the United States, while in Canada and the UK, it’s approximately 10 pounds heavy.

Therefore, depending on the country, you can refer to about 8-9 gallons of milk if you are curious about what 80 pounds feels like.

3. 7 Gallons of Paint

Although the coverage area you can paint with seven gallons will depend on the type of paint and its thickness, they’re enough for the exterior of a house, a large room, multiple rooms, and other extensive painting projects.

You can expect such much paint to be heavy, and it does, averaging approximately 80 pounds (consider a gallon weighs about eleven pounds).

4. 18 Standard Bricks

Can you find bricks around? Although they are popular in construction sites, it’s not uncommon to find some in homes as leftovers. They can be repurposed for other tasks, such as preventing soil erosion or raising garden beds. 

Standard bricks in the United States usually weigh 4.5 pounds, making them perfect references for 4 pounds and other relatively light weights. 

However, you can also rely on them for relatively heavy weights, such as 80 pounds, although you need as many as seventeen.

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5. 4 Average Passenger Car Tires

Passenger car tires are specially designed for small vehicles like sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs.

They come in various sizes, specified by a combination of numbers and letters on the sidewall, so their weight may vary.

That said, a standard passenger car is about 20 pounds on average.

Thus, you can compare 80 pounds to about four passenger car tires for a good-enough idea.

6. 2 Bushels of Currants

Currants are small, flavorful berries with various colors, including red, black, and white. Due to their tart flavor, they’re popular with culinary creations like jams, jellies, sauces, and desserts.

While they may not be as popular as other berries, if you grow currants at home, they could be just what you need to understand the heaviness of 80 pounds.

A bushel of these berries weighs precisely 40 pounds, meaning you need only two.

7. 4 Average-sized Watermelons

It’s universally known that watermelons are about 90% water.

But did you know there are over a hundred varieties of these summertime fruits? Yes, they exist, with pink or red flesh, yellow, orange, and even seedless varieties!

They also differ in weight, but if you take the average large size typical green watermelon, it weighs approximately 20 pounds, according to the Watermelon Board.

As such, you can compare 80 pounds to about four such watermelons.

8. 2 4-year Old Kids

A 4-year-old child is typically in the early stages of their development, marked by significant growth and exploration. They’re curious and often engage in imaginative play, such as pretending to be superheroes or princesses, and often engage in simple games and activities.

At this stage, they are about 40 inches tall (approximately half a queen-size mattress) and weigh 40 pounds on average.

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So, 80 pounds is comparable to the weight of two 4-year-old kids.

9. A Female Rottweiler

Did you know that Rottweilers are one of the ancient dog breeds? Their history dates back to the Roman Empire, where they served as herding and cattle-driving dogs.

They’re among the largest breeds, with females weighing from 79 to 90 pounds, depending on genetics and entertainment.

10. 5 Standard Bowling Balls

If you’re a bowling player or fan, you can testify how heavy bowling balls are in relation to other sports balls like soccer, tennis, or basketball. 

Although they typically weigh between 6 and 16 pounds, a standard bowling ball weighs 16 pounds, according to the United States Bowling Congress standards (USBC).

So, if you’re a bowling enthusiast, you can imagine something five times as heavy as a standard bowling ball.

11. 2 Youth Boxer Punching Bags

If you are into weightlifting, you are probably aware of the general rule that your punching bag should be half your weight. 

Also, according to the punching bags’ basic guidelines, the ideal bags for youth boxers and young beginners weigh precisely 40 pounds.

Therefore, if you have at some point used one, 80 kilograms is twice as heavy.

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12. Some Select 75-inch smart TVs

75-inch smart TVs are great for movies, gaming, and sports, thanks to their immersive viewing experience.

Although these TVs measure the same in dimensions, their weight varies depending on the model, from 80 to 110 pounds.

So, a few select 75-inch smart TVs, including the LG 99 Series TV and Hisense A6 Series TV, can help you understand the heaviness of 80 pounds as they weigh approximately as much. 

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