10 Common Things that are 17 Inches Long

things that are 17 inches long

17 inches is about 43.2 centimeters or one foot and five inches. But that’s damn hard to measure with bare eyes. And since 17-inch long objects are hard to find, it becomes a massive challenge to approximate such length. The good news is you can find a couple of objects that add up to 17 … Read more

8 Household Things That are 9 Inches Long

things that are 9 inches long

Taking the measurements yourself using a ruler or a measuring tape is the surest method to determine a length of 9 inches.  But if you don’t have these tools? Or in the event you can’t access them? The alternative is to visualize the length by looking at some specific objects – and in some cases, … Read more

9 Common Things That are 5 Centimeters Long

things that are 5 cm long

Without a ruler, it can be challenging to know how big is 5 centimeters. So what do you do when you want to approximate such length when you don’t have measuring tools? A good way to do so is to visualize objects that are 5 centimeters. And while these objects may not be as accurate … Read more

10 Common Things That are 3 Feet Long

things that are 3 feet long

If someone were to ask you how long is 3 feet, your mind can go blank. In the quickest response, you may say 3 feet is as long as one yard or one meter, which is true.  But still, your answer is not satisfactory.  What if you could name several things that are 3 feet … Read more

8 Common Things That are 18 Feet Long

things that are 18 feet long

You may be aware that 18 feet equal 6 yards, 216 inches, or 5 meters. But can that help you picture how long is 18 feet? Hell no. That’s why the best way to approximate such a length is to use corresponding objects. And to help you out, we’ll explore 8 things that are 18 … Read more