9 Common Things That are 5 Centimeters Long

Without a ruler, it can be challenging to know how big is 5 centimeters.

So what do you do when you want to approximate such length when you don’t have measuring tools?

A good way to do so is to visualize objects that are 5 centimeters. And while these objects may not be as accurate as any measuring tools, they can give you a rough idea.

9 Things That are as Big as 5 Centimeters

1. Half a Width of Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet paper is found in almost every household. Aside from wiping, they are used for various roles in the toilet, including cleaning bathroom surfaces and covering toilet seats. You can also use toilet paper to blow your nose or to clean your eyeglasses. 

While you use toilet paper daily, you might have never realized how wide they are. If you’d take a ruler, most toilet papers are about 10 centimeters. So to approximate 5 centimeters, visualize a toilet paper cut into half width-wise.

2. Half Ice Pop Stick

Also called popsicle, ice pop is a frozen snack or dessert stuck in a wooden stick. They are popular in many countries, especially among kids. Adults also enjoy the treats, but be watchful for their high sugar, which can significantly contribute to weight gain. 

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Due to their unhealthy profile, you may want to avoid ice pops altogether, but don’t let that deter you from using the stick as reference materials. In fact, the sticks are standard to 10 centimeters long, so you only need to cut one into two or visualize half of it to know how big 5 centimeters is.

3. Half a Standard Golf Tee

Have you ever seen people playing golf? Put another way, are you ever played golf yourself? 

Well, that plastic or wooden stuff you see players using to raise and hold the golf ball before striking is called a golf tee. And you can use it to get a good idea of how big 5 centimeters is.

According to Golfspan, a standard golf tee, which is common and most produced, is as tall as 10.6 centimeters. While you may not be able to cut it in half, you can visualize it to estimate a length of 5 centimeters.

4. AA Batteries

AA batteries are single-cell, cylindrical-shaped dry batteries. They are the most common swappable batteries and are what would come to the minds of many when the thought of classic batteries strikes. 

AA batteries are often combined into pairs to power up many portable consumer electronics, while you can also find them in single-cell devices, especially kids’ toys. But you can also use them in length references.

While AA batteries can vary in size depending on the brand, they’re all made to fit in every device they’re meant to be. They usually range between 4. 9, and 5 centimeters, which gives you a good reference for 5 centimeters.

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5. Standard Soda Can

We’re all familiar with soda cans. But have you come across a standard one? If not, it is relatively small but big enough to contain 12 ounces of fluid. 

People use a used soda can for different functions. Some use them as a wreath for Christmas, as seedling pots, or even as birdfeeders. So why can’t you add another use? The cans are usually 5.4 centimeters wide, but don’t let the slight difference stop you from referencing them when you want to have an approximate view of 5 centimeters.

6. A Standard Playing Card

Standard playing cards are used for playing popular games such as Poker and Go Fish

While a deck of standard playing cards varies depending on the manufacturer, most are slightly bigger or smaller than 6.1 centimeters. They might be somewhat bigger than our mark, but you get the idea when you visualize them. 

But remember that you can only use standard cards for referencing 5 centimeters, and not the Index or Jumbo, as they’re way larger, about 12 and 25 centimeters, respectively.

7. Two Almonds

Almonds are nutritious nuts of the almond tree, also called the Prunus dulcis. The United States is the leading producer of almonds, although they originated from the Middle East. 

A lot of people keep almonds in their cupboards. You can eat them raw, make milk, and even butter.

But have you ever thought of using the nuts as length reference materials? Well, one full-sized almond measures 2.5 centimeters, so you only need to do a quick math, placing two of them close to each other to visualize how big 5 centimeters is.

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8. Matchstick

A matchstick is the most popular item on our list, and everyone knows its importance in starting fires. In fact, they’re the best for the purpose because of their affordability and don’t pose threats compared to other lighters. 

Depending on the brand, matchsticks come in different shapes and sizes. But despite the size variation, most of them fall between 4.8 and 5.7 centimeters. Even when you have no one around, visualizing a matchstick gives you a collective length of 5 centimeters.

9. Two US Quarters

A quarter is the short name for a quarter dollar and is worth 25 cents, as its name implies. 

As per the US mint, a quarter dollar has a diameter of 2.42 centimeters, meaning if you arrange two coins on their sides, they will add up to 4.84 centimeters, which is pretty close to our mark of 5 centimeters. And in fact, when you round off the figure, you get 5 centimeters, so they are a good idea to approximate such lengths. 

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