8 Household Things That are 9 Inches Long

Taking the measurements yourself using a ruler or a measuring tape is the surest method to determine a length of 9 inches. 

But if you don’t have these tools? Or in the event you can’t access them? The alternative is to visualize the length by looking at some specific objects – and in some cases, doing some simple math.

This post explores 8 household items that can give you an idea of how long 9 inches is.

8 Household Items That are 9 Inches Long

1. Standard Lunch Plate

Lunch plates come in different sizes, depending on the brand. But a standard lunch plate, common in many households, usually has a diameter of 9 inches, making it the most convenient object for visualizing such length

You can use other luncheon plates, too, as they typically have a diameter of between 8.75 – 9.5 inches, which is not far from the 9-inch mark.

2. Nine Loonie Coins

A loonie coin is a gold-colored Canadian coin and a cherished national symbol of Canada. 

While the loonie coins are currency, they make capable reference materials for 9-inch objects. One loonie coin has a diameter of 1.04 inches, meaning if you arrange nine of them close to each other in a row, you get 9.36 inches. Well, that’s slightly longer than 9 inches, but you get the idea. And in fact, 9.36 inches rounded off (which happens in many measurements) translates to 9 inches!

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3. Two iPhone 6

Released in September 2013, iPhone 6 is relatively dated, but the smartphone is still compact.

The technical specifications of the iPhone 6 include a 4.7-inch display, but you can ingeniously use the device to reference things that are 9 inches long. 

How? Visualize the displays of two iPhone 6 to get 9.4 inches, which is equal to 9 inches when rounded off.

But before you visualize the two devices together, bear in mind that, like in laptops, the display sizes of smartphones are measured diagonally, from bottom left to top right.

4. Midsize Bible

The Bible is a holy book whose contents are held sacred by several religions, including Christianity, Samaritanism, and Judaism. 

While the content is still similar, Bibles come in different sizes. And according to Church Bible Publishers, Midsize Bibles need to be functional and portable as many people usually travel with theirs. That’s why they are 9.075 inches tall, making them one of the best materials for referencing 9-inch lengths.

Also, the Life Application Bible for children usually stands roughly 8.5 inches in height, and if you know it, you can use it for referencing 9-inch lengths.

5. A Standard Printer Paper

Printer papers come in different sizes as they serve varying purposes. 

However, according to Gordon Flesch, the most common traditional sizes are called the Letter and measure 8.5 inches wide to give you a better idea of 9-inch lengths. And the good news is these papers are the most common as they’re used in everyday life, as academic documents, and in business – so chances are that you’ve run into one at least once.

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You can also use the Legal standard printer papers as, although they’re relatively longer than the Letter, they also measure 8.5 inches in width.

But before approximating 9 inches with printer papers, first, confirm which type they are (they should be either the Letter or Legal. That’s because if you use the Tabloid format, that is 11 inches wide, you’d have the wrong idea.

6. Ten One-pound Coins

The 12-sided one-pound coin is the currency of the United Kingdom. And although it may have lost its legal tender status in 2017, you can make it useful when you want to approximate lengths of 9 inches. 

But you need ten of these coins, as the diameter of one ten one-pound coin is 0.9 inches. So when you arrange the coins close to each other in a row, they would give you a measurement of exactly 9 inches.

7. Three Baseballs

Baseballs are used in playing a bat-and-ball game, a popular sport in several countries, including the USA, Dominican Republic, and Canada. 

But you can creatively use these small balls estimating lengths. A typical baseball measures 2.86 inches in diameter, according to Wezen-ball. That means you only need to arrange three of them in a row to approximate 9 inches, as they add up to 8.58 inches.

8. One and a Half US Dollar Note

To lower manufacturing costs in 1929, the US reduced the dimensions of all Federal notes. Now, US dollar notes measure 6.14 inches in height.

Well, 6.14 inches is too far from our 9-inch mark, but if you do simple math, you can use the bills to approximate such length.

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How? Take two dollars, fold one into half, then place it close to its counterpart so that they appear like one long dollar, and boom, you’ve got 9.21 inches.

They may be just 0.21 inches longer than the mark, but such insignificant figures are usually rounded off – unless you’re taking on an architectural project.

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