8 Common Things That are 18 Feet Long

You may be aware that 18 feet equal 6 yards, 216 inches, or 5 meters. But can that help you picture how long is 18 feet? Hell no.

That’s why the best way to approximate such a length is to use corresponding objects. And to help you out, we’ll explore 8 things that are 18 feet long. Some may be a bit longer or shorter, but at least they will give a near-exact estimate.

Let’s go.

8 Common Things That are 18 Feet Long 

1. Three Long Garden Rakes

Garden rakes are critical gardening and landscaping tools with many functions, including leveling, scrapping, or gathering materials in the yard. 

While some rakes are usually about 2.5 feet, you can find some that can be as long as 6 feet. According to gardeners, these extra-large rakes make work easier, enabling them to reach materials where their small counterparts cannot. 

If you do simple math, arranging or visualizing three long rakes will give you an estimate of how long 18 feet is.

2. 13 Metal Hangers

Hangers are almost found everywhere. In fact, chances are there are few in your closet or wardrobe. They allow quick access to clothes and help organize the room.

Others use them in strange ways, like making wreaths, supporting weak plants, and storing magazines. And you can add one more use to hangers, specifically the metal ones.

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Most metal hangers are usually 1.4 feet long, and while that’s far from our mark, you can take 13 and arrange them in a straight line to add up to 18 feet.

Additionally, when stretched, a metal hanger measures 4 feet, meaning you only need 5 of them to estimate how long 18 feet is.

3. Garage Doors

Garage doors are typically large doors on a house or garage. Home garage doors are essential as they not only accommodate automobiles, but also prevent burglars from getting into your house and getting away with valuables. 

According to A1 Garage Door Service, there are three types of garage doors, but we’ll only look at two.

The first is the single garage door, which usually measures 8-10 feet wide. If you have seen one, visualize two to get a rough estimate of 18 feet. 

The second is the double garage door, which, as you can guess, has a width of 16-18 feet. That means one double garage door is enough to approximate a length of 18 feet.

4. Two Male Ostriches

Ostriches are famously known for being the world’s largest birds. The flightless birds are only found in Africa, inhabiting the open arid and semi-arid regions, especially savannas. 

While ostriches offer one of the best bird-watching experiences, you can use them for referencing lengths. An adult male ostrich (it’s black with white tail feathers and wings) measures about 9 feet, so visualizing two together (one on top of the other) gives you an idea of how long 18 feet is.

5. Two Standard Hammocks

A hammock is a sling made of rope, canvas, or fabric, suspended between two or more points, often under a shade. They’re gaining popularity worldwide, with people using them for various purposes, such as sleeping, relaxation, or reading a book.

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While hammocks are often seen as symbols of summer and leisure, you can use them for referencing lengths. According to Designing Idea, a standard hammock measures 9-10 feet long, meaning you only need to add or visualize two to realize how long 18 feet is.

6. Three Ice Hockey Goalposts

Ice hockey is increasingly becoming one of the most popular and viewed sports internationally and is, in fact, an Olympic sport. You might have participated in hockey in your school days or seen your mates play it, and it’s much similar to ice hockey. 

If you’ve seen hockey goalposts, they are usually 6 feet wide, which remains the same for all levels of the game, including high school, NHL, and NCAA. Using hockey goalposts to estimate how long 18 feet is, visualize three attached to their sides.

7. Three Basketball Backboards

Can you picture the metal circle with a hanging basket through which a ball must enter for a player to score a point during basketball matches? That circle is called a rim, and as you might have noticed, it’s attached to a vertical board known as a basketball blackboard. You must have seen it, as basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports globally. 

All basketball blackboards are similar in size – in high schools, universities, NBA, and NCAA, and are usually 6 feet wide. Visualize three of these pieces of equipment closely attached to approximate a length of 18 feet.

8. Three Small-sized Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas come in different sizes, depending on a client’s requirements. For example, if you want a small patio umbrella for your small table, say one that can host a single or two occupants, the small patio umbrella is the most suitable. 

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A small-sized patio umbrella is usually 6 feet wide, according to Designing Idea. Doing a simple math of visualizing three of these umbrellas will give you an approximate length of 18 feet. 

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