8 Common Things That are 6.5 Inches Long

Want to understand how long is 6.5 inches?

You can try converting them into other units, say centimeters or millimeters, but the theoretical figures that pop up in your calculator are not essentially useful. True? 

What if you knew objects that equal or are about 6.5 inches?

You’d have cracked it! Because it means you’ll only have to picture these objects anytime you want to get a sense of how long that length is.

To simplify that process, we’ve compiled a list of 8 everyday items in this post so you can use them for reference. It becomes as easy as ABC when those objects are the ones you often interact with. 

And now, it’s your turn to read on to find which items they are.

8 Common Things That are 6.5 Inches Long

Memorize a few of these items, and you’ll never again struggle to understand how long 6.5 inches is!

1. A Typical Butter Knife

A butter knife is a small blunt knife with a rounded or pointed tip we use to slice butter, cream, or honey and spread it on bread during a meal. 

Almost everyone has seen or used a butter knife at least once in their lifetime, so they make excellent reference items for short lengths because they’re easy to recall. 

And while the size of butter knives varies depending on the brand, they all range from 5-7 inches. So next time you want to visualize a length of 6.5 inches, think of how long is a typical butter knife.

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2. Two Credit Cards

Something you can use to understand short lengths is probably lying in your wallet; a credit card. 

But while you access money from your bank account instantly and pay for goods and services seamlessly, have you ever wondered about the dimensions of your credit card? Or you just insert it into the ATM and return it to your wallet after the transaction? 

Well, according to the International Organization for Standardization, all credit cards must be 8.56 centimeters or 3.3 inches wide and 5.4 centimeters or 2.1 inches high. Therefore, to get a sense of how long 6.5 inches is, you need to visualize the length of two credit cards arranged width-wise. Alternatively, you can picture how tall three credit cards are.

3. Three Billiards Balls

While Billiards is not as popular as other games, it is common in many swimming pools and clubs. 

The game is played by two individuals on a large, slightly slanting rectangular table, where a player hits a ball using a long stick into the pockets inside the edges of the table or against each other. 

If you’ve been near the billiards table, the balls have a standardized diameter of 2.07 inches, although the most used usually measure 2.25 inches. If you align three in a row, the length of the resulting diameter will measure 6.75 inches, which is close to our mark. 

4. Four Golf Balls

Have you ever played golf? Many people prefer it, especially when they’re out on family vacations and business trips, since the game offers an excellent package that includes a chance to enjoy the ambiance of a great outdoor setting. 

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The golf balls you see players hitting with clubs into a series of holes are not just random balls. They’re, in fact, legal and must have a diameter of 1.68 inches, according to the United States Golf Association (USGA).

By doing quick math, you need to think of four golf balls lined up in a row to get 6.72 inches, slightly longer than our mark.

5. Most Android Smartphones

Like most other products, smartphones come in different sizes, so you can choose which suits you best. 

And as of 2020, the 6.5-inch smartphones have taken the market by storm as manufacturers target professional content creators who do a lot of stuff, such as creating excel sheets and writing blog posts, from their smartphones. The general public, too, likes the idea of 6.5-inch smartphones due to their wide pics and snaps. 

Some familiar 6.5-inch smartphones include Motorola Moto G50 5G, Samsung Galaxy M32 5G, and Oneplus 9 5G. And remember, 6.5 inches means the smartphone display size, measured diagonally from the lower right-hand corner to the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

6. Six Loonie Coins

A loonie coin is an 11-sided gold-colored Canadian coin that gets its name from the common loon, a bird found throughout Canada and which is the face of the coin. 

The loonie has undergone modifications over the years, and currently, it has a diameter of 26.5 mm or 1.04 inches. If you have seen one, imagine how long six loonie coins are when arranged in a row to get a rough idea of how long 6.5 inches is.

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7. Seven 1-pound Coins

The 12-sided £1 coin is a UK coin that replaced the old, relatively heavy, and round £1 coin in 2017.

The majority of the population in the UK is familiar with the 12-sided one pound since the government billed it to become the most secure coin in circulation in the world. They’re available in all banks, and you can use them to service checkout tills, vending machines, and parking payment machines. 

No matter how you use the coins, they make perfect items for referencing short lengths, as they’ve got a standard diameter of 23.43 mm or 0.922 inches. Placing seven in a row will add up to 6.45 inches, roughly the length we’re trying to measure.

8. Side Plate

Side plates are usually smaller than dinner plates and have many uses, from placing napkins and hygienic paper rolls above the dinner tables to serving bread and desserts to serving small meals for kids. 

Side plates come in different sizes, but usually range from 6-7 inches long. So next time you want to visualize how long 6.5 inches is, you can’t go wrong with imagining how long is a typical side plate.

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