How Much is 700 Kilograms? 13 Common Comparisons (+Pics)

In professional and personal contexts, comprehending weight measurements contributes to making informed decisions and ensuring you carry out tasks safely and efficiently.

700 kilograms is a heavy weight, and understanding its magnitude can help you in various aspects of life. 

It can assist in planning moves, managing shipments, evaluating loads for vehicles, or even conceptualizing the scale of objects or materials.

This post explores 13 comparisons for 700 kilograms to shed light on this weight. By comparing 700 kilograms to familiar objects, you will have a tangible sense of the weight you are dealing with.

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Read on.

13 Common Comparisons For 700 Kilograms

700 kilograms equals 700,000 grams, approximately 24,691.7 ounces, or roughly 1,543.24 pounds.

You can compare it to the following items.

1. 16 Standard Bags of Cement

Bags of cement come in various sizes, typically measured in kilograms or pounds, depending on the country.

In the United States, a standard bag of cement typically weighs about 94 pounds (42.64 kilograms). That’s the most commonly used in construction and masonry projects across the country.

So, sixteen standard bags of cement in the United States are only 12 kilograms shy of 700 kilograms.

2. 10 Half Barrel Kegs

Half-barrel kegs are a popular choice for commercial use, including bars, restaurants, and breweries, as well as for homebrewing at events that require brewing on significant scales. 

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These kegs have a standard capacity of 15.5 U.S. gallons, equivalent to approximately 58.67 liters, and weigh 160 pounds or about 72 kilograms. 

Of course, ten half barrel kegs are not precisely 700 kilograms, but they are close enough to give you a realistic idea of how much 700 kilograms is.

3. 5 Whirlpool French Door Refrigerators

Whirlpool French door refrigerators are known for their spacious and user-friendly design, featuring double doors for the refrigerator compartment and a freezer drawer at the bottom. 

They are among the heaviest French door refrigerators, weighing about 145 kilograms.

So, if something weighs 700 kilograms, it’s like having five Whirlpool French door refrigerators.

4. 10 Average-sized Washing Machines

Washing machines are essential household appliances designed to automate the cumbersome task of cleaning clothes.

They come in various types, including top-loading and front-loading machines, which can lead to significant weight differences.

That said, on average, the most popular models weigh about 70 kilograms. Some examples in this weight bracket include WHIRLPOOL WWDE-7512 – Front Load Washer & Dryer and LG F4V9RWP2E Washing Machine: Efficient & Versatile.

So, using these as the benchmark, 700 kilograms is ten times as heavy as an average-sized washing machine.

5. 3 & ¼ 55-gallon Water Drums

The 55-gallon drum has become a standard size in many industries due to its practicality and ease of handling in terms of storage and transportation.

As its name implies, this drum contains 55 gallons (approximately 208 liters) of water at capacity and weighs 220 kilograms. 

Therefore, to bring you close to 700 kilograms, you will need three 55-gallon drums with water at capacity plus a quarter.

6. 28 Full-size Mattresses

Also known as double mattresses, full-size mattresses are a popular choice for individuals who want more sleeping space than a twin-size mattress but may have space constraints that prevent them from getting a queen or king size. They are a popular choice for teenagers, college students, or individuals with limited space.

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Depending on the nature of the materials, thickness, and specific brand or model, a full-size mattress can be as heavy as 100 pounds.

That’s, however, a rarity, as most of these mattresses fall between 50 and 60 pounds (approximately 25 kilograms).

Therefore, you can compare 700 kilograms to lifting as many as 28 full-size mattresses.

7. 38 Twin-size Mattresses

Twin-size mattresses are the smallest and are suitable for children’s rooms or as a space-saving option in shared living spaces.

They’re the lightest, weighing between 40 and 45 pounds or approximately 19 kilograms on average.

Hence, you can compare 700 kilograms to a heap of 38 twin-size mattresses.

8. 4 Honda Sport Motorcycles

Honda sport motorcycles are popular worldwide and have a strong presence in various markets, which is no surprise considering Honda is the No. 1 motorcycle seller in every continent.

These motorcycles do not weigh the same. They range from 360 to 400 pounds or approximately 170 kilograms on average. A good case in point is the Honda CBR300R

Therefore, you would need four Honda sport motorcycles to bring your total to approximately 700 kilograms.

9. 28 Bushels of Corn

A bushel of corn is a standardized unit of volume used by farmers, distributors, and consumers in the agriculture industry.

In the United States, a bushel of corn is equivalent to 56 pounds or about 25.4 kilograms.

A perfect reference point for 25 kilograms, but if you are familiar with it, you can use it to understand other heavy weights, including 700 kilograms.

To do so, you can imagine stacking as many as 28 bushels. They add up to 700 kilograms precisely.

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10. 341 Standard Bricks


Bricks come in various dimensions and sizes, and these factors can vary based on region, intended use, and specific architectural requirements.

In the United States, a standard brick is usually 8 inches long, 2 1/4 inches high, and 3 5/8 inches deep and weighs approximately 2.05 kilograms.

While we usually use these bricks to understand light weights, such as two kilograms, they can also provide a context for heavier weights, such as 700 kilograms.

To provide perspective for that weight, envision a stack of 341 standard bricks on a construction site.

11. An Adult Holstein Cow

Holstein cows are a popular dairy breed known for their distinctive black-and-white markings. They are the primary breed for dairy production, valued for their high milk yield. 

They are one of the largest and heaviest dairy cattle breeds, with adult Holstein cows typically weighing about 1500 pounds or only 20 kilograms shy of 700 kilograms. 

Heifers, meanwhile, tip the scales at approximately 800 pounds (about 362 kilograms) three months after their first birthday.

12. 8 Adult Male Mastiffs

Mastiffs are popular dog breeds characterized by their muscular build, distinctive wrinkled faces, and calm demeanor.

They are one of the heaviest dog breeds, with adult males falling between 175 and 190 pounds or approximately 85 kilograms on average.

So, 700 kilograms is eight times as heavy as these dogs.

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13. 7 Newborn Elephants

Amongst mammals, newborn elephants are one of the heaviest at birth.

For example, an African elephant calf typically weighs around 220 to 250 pounds (100 to 115 kilograms) at birth, while an Asian elephant calf is usually lighter, about 200 pounds (90 kilograms).

So, taking approximately 100 kilograms as the average weight of a baby elephant, you can think of 700 kilograms as seven newborn elephants. 

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