13 Common Things That Are 1 Yard Long (+ Pics)

Are you interested in understanding how long one yard is?

Maybe you are a measurements and dimensions enthusiast looking for more insights to help you comprehend the world in a structured and quantifiable manner. 

Or maybe you are involved in DIY projects involving measuring stuff like fabric, and you want the information to help you cut accurate measurements of the materials you need.

Regardless of your intentions, familiarizing yourself with a few things that are one yard long can be an excellent way to understand and determine a measurement of one yard.

And in this post, you’ll discover thirteen things that you can use as reference points, helping you practically understand just how long that measurement is.

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Let’s dive and start visualizing one yard!

Things That Are 1 Yard Long

One yard is about 91 centimeters, or 0.9 meters, or 36 inches, or 3 feet.

Use the below items to visualize that measurement.

1. Height of a Standard Kitchen Counter

Generally, the kitchen counter should be 36 inches (one yard) tall to maximize the ergonomics of kitchen tasks an average-sized individual would perform. 

So, if your kitchen counter adheres to the recommended or general standards, you need to look no further to determine how long one yard is.

2. Width of a Standard Front Door

Using the dimensions of standard front doors is an excellent way to understand and determine measurements since doors are universally available – so everyone can relate to them. 

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Of course, the dimensions of front doors change from country to country, so you should check the standard size in your country before using them as references. 

In the United States, for example, a standard front door measures 80 inches long and 36 inches (one yard) wide. 

So, if you’re near a building, look at how wide the front door is to get an idea of how long one yard is.

3. Length of Four and a Half Bricks

Bricks have served as reference points for various small-length measurements countless times here in measuringly.com, including 15 inches and 60 inches. So since one yard belongs in that category, we can rely on bricks again. 

Similarly to front doors, the standard sizes of bricks vary as you move from country to country. For example, they are usually eight inches (0.2222 yards) in the United States. 

Hence, if you can line up four and a half US-standard bricks in a straight line end-to-end, they would be precisely one yard long.

4. An Adult Walking Step

Using walking steps as reference points is one of the most relatable and quick ways of gauging short and relatively long distances. So long as you are a healthy adult of average height (about six feet), you can use this technique to understand various measurements, including x and x. 

According to the University of Iowa, the average person’s walking step length is 2.5 feet (0.8 yards). 

That’s almost close to the one-yard mark, but even if you want a more precise idea, you can make a slightly longer step.

5. Length of Three Sheets of Letter-sized Papers

Letter-sized paper is the standard size for general office or personal use in the United States.

The paper has standard dimensions, measuring 11 inches long and 8.5 inches wide.

If you have kept some for printing documents, writing letters, or creating resumes, you can turn them into length-reference objects. 

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To measure one yard, place three end-to-end lengthwise on a flat surface. Although they stretch to precisely 0.9 yards, you can get an idea, especially if you only want to share the information on trivia.

6. Length of Three 30-cm Rulers

For many, 30-cm rulers evoke nostalgic memories of childhood and school days when they were fundamental tools for learning, drawing, and crafting. 

And since you can visualize one, you can use that to determine how long one yard is.

As the name implies, a 30-cm ruler is precisely 30 centimeters long. Therefore, if you picture three rulers placed end-to-end in a straight line, you would realize a feat of 90 feet (one yard).

7. Length of Five Unsharpened Standard Pencils

Pencils, similarly to rulers, are reminiscent of school days, rekindling memories of classrooms, desks, and sketching pictures. 

But now, unless you are into sketching or have kids, you might not have one or easy access to them. However, chances are you can picture how long they are.

If so, imagine five unsharpened pencils arranged end-to-end as they make a line of approximately one yard. Each is usually 7.5 inches (0.2 yards) long, according to the Pens Guide.

8. Length of Seven Pens

Pens can also be reliable references for various small-length measurements. In fact, due to their wide range of applications, pens are more easily accessible than rulers and pencils.

A pen is shorter than a pencil. And although depending on the manufacturer, the size may vary, they all range from 5.11 to 5.59 inches, or approximately 0.15 yards.

As such, one yard is equivalent to the length of seven pens arranged end-to-end.

9. A Line of Six US Dollars

The US banknotes are one of the perfect items for referencing small lengths, starting with six inches, since each measures 6.14 inches (0.18 yards) long regardless of the denomination. 

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That means you only need six to determine how long one yard is. All you have to do is arrange them end-to-end lengthwise.

10. Diameter of 38 US Quarters

US quarters are a solid reference for tiny measurements such as five centimeters

But if you have many, say, a roll that contains forty coins, you can use them to determine relatively longer distances, like in our case here.

A US quarter has a diameter of 0.955 inches (about 0.03 yards).

If you have a roll of quarters, remove as many as 34, and arrange them end-to-end in a straight line. They stretch to about one yard.

11. Length of Three 2-liter Soda Bottles

2-liter soda bottles are common in parties, picnics, and casual gatherings that require a larger quantity of soda. But if you are a fan of soda, they can be regular visitors in your fridge.

A typical 2-liter soda bottle is usually 12.4 inches (0.34 yards) tall. If you can visualize three on top of each other, that would be approximately one yard.

12. Length of Three King-sized Submarine Sandwiches

A king-size submarine sandwich is a popular item on the menu when fast food lovers meet at social gatherings or events such as picnics or other casual get-togethers. 

As the term “king-sized” implies, these sandwiches are larger than regular-sized subs, with most being approximately 12 inches (0.333 yards) long. 

Three such sandwiches would be tough to finish, but that’s exactly how long one yard looks when you arrange them end-to-end.

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13. Half the Width of a Basketball Backboard

A basketball backboard is a rectangular-shaped board mounted vertically above the basketball hoop. It helps to rebound the ball back into play.

The size of a basketball backboard can vary, but the most common dimensions for professional play are six feet wide (two yards) and 3.5 feet tall.

Half of its width is a perfect reference point for one yard.

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