9 Common Things That Weigh About 100 Pounds (Examples)

You might be asking yourself:

“What is 100 pounds in weight? “

“Can someone carry 100 lbs?” 

And the motivations towards understanding the concept of 100 pounds can vary wildly. 

You might be motivated by weightlifting and fitness needs. Or maybe you’re looking for general information or are driven by curiosity.

Well, no matter what’s behind the motivation, items that weigh about 100 pounds can help you understand or determine the scope of 100 pounds. 

And in this post, you’ll discover nine items weighing approximately 100 pounds so that you can have something to refer to. 

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Let’s get right into it! 

List of 9 Things That Weigh About 100 Pounds 

You might not be familiar with all, but at least you’ll find something to relate to.

1. 12 Gallons of Water

Water is a must-have in every household worldwide, and since you can divide it into different units, it can be perfect for understanding various weights, lightweight and heavy. 

According to the Weight Calculator, 12 gallons of water weighs 100. 14 pounds. Therefore, if you want to understand or determine how heavy 100 pounds is, you only need to measure 12 gallons of water using one-gallon containers.

2. 22 Bricks

Bricks are versatile building materials you can find in some homes as leftovers. Gardening enthusiasts also use them to make garden beds, so they might be available if you visit those areas. 

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Bricks are reliable references for small weights, such as four pounds, because a standard one, in the United States, is approximately 4.5 pounds. 

But if you can get them in plenty, 22 such bricks would give you an impression of something weighing 100 pounds as they add up to 99 pounds. 

If you live in other countries, you may want to check the standard weight of a brick in specific countries because the size changes as you move from country to country.

3. 3 Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks, also known as concrete blocks or cinder blocks, are rectangular blocks made from a mixture of cement, aggregates, and water. Similarly to bricks, they’re used in construction, and you often see them on unplastered walls. 

Of course, the size of cinder blocks varies wildly. But standard ones measure 8 × 8 × 16 inches or 4 × 8 × 16 inches and weigh 35 pounds. So the collective weight of three gives you 105 pounds.

4. 20 Reams of Letter-sized Paper

Letter-sized papers are used for printing documents and letters at home and in offices. 

The standard weight of a single ream of these papers weighs precisely 5 pounds.

So if you can remember the weight of the last one you lifted, imagine adding 19 more. It could be relatively weighty, but that’s how heavy 100 pounds can be.

5. A Newborn Foal

Horses are popular pets in the United States, with Horseback riding being a popular recreational activity in the country. Many people own horses for enjoyment, pleasure riding, or as working animals on ranches or farms. 

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If you have visited organized settings like riding schools and in more informal settings such as trail riding, chances are you have seen some baby horses, known as foals. 

On average, newborns weigh about 1/10 of their mothers’ weight, approximately 100 pounds.

6. 4 2-year-old Toddlers

Toddlers are always fun to play with and often spark a smile on your face with their mere presence. 

When they’re about two years old, they can be a fascinating way to understand various measurements because they have a known weight. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at that time, they weigh about 26 pounds. 

Therefore, to get an impression of something as heavy as 100 pounds, imagine the weight of four 2-year-old toddlers.

7. Five Watermelons

Watermelons are large, oblong, or round, refreshing fruits widely known for their juicy, sweet flesh and distinctive green rind with black seeds. They are popular in grocery stores, and you can enjoy them as smoothies or small wedge-shaped slices. 

While watermelons can be as heavy as 80 pounds, according to the Watermelon Board, an average-sized one weighs approximately 20 pounds. 

Therefore, the combined weight of five such melons would give an idea of 100 pounds.

8. 8 Average-sized Pumpkins

Pumpkins and watermelons belong to the same botanical class but are consumed differently. Also, pumpkins are commonly utilized during the fall season and Halloween celebrations for decorative lantern purposes. 

An average-sized pumpkin is lighter than an average-sized watermelon, weighing about 13 pounds. 

So using pumpkins as your reference point, you would need as many as eight as they have a collective weight of 104 pounds, close to the 100-pound mark.

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9. A Male Komondor

Also known as the Hungarian sheepdog, Komondors are large, robust, livestock guardian dogs known for their distinctive long, corded coat.

Adult males weigh approximately 100 pounds.

And although these dogs are rare in the United States, if you own one or are familiar with them, they are a classic example of things that weigh about 100 pounds. 

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