15 Common Things That Weigh About 30 Pounds (+Pics)

Are you interested in understanding the weight of 30 pounds?

Perhaps you’re curious about what 30 pounds looks like in real life. 

Maybe you’re contemplating whether lifting 30 pounds is considered heavy or not.

You could also be out for a relatable comparison to better gauge the weight of something you are familiar with.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’ll take you through a list of 15 things that weigh about 30 pounds you can use as reference points for that weight.

By familiarizing yourself with a few of these items, you will understand the heaviness of 30 pounds and thus make informed decisions.

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Let’s dive in.

15 Common Things That Weigh About 30 Pounds

Thirty pounds is approximately equivalent to 14 kilograms. 

Use the following items to understand its scale.

1. 13 Liters of Water


Water is a reliable and relatable way of determining various weights, from 5 ounces to 100 kilograms. That’s because it’s universally available, and you can divide it into different quantities to suit what you want to understand. 

To determine 30 pounds, we’ll use the conversion fact that one liter of water weighs 8.43 pounds.

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From there, measure 13 liters of water into a lightweight bag or container using a 1-liter water bottle. It should weigh 30 pounds.

2. 15 Quarts of Milk

Thanks to its rich nutritional profile, milk is a staple in many households. It is often used in cooking, baking, and recipes that call for dairy products.

Milk is commonly available in quarts (typically equivalent to 4 cups) and weighs 2.15 lbs.

If you can get one right now, 30 pounds is 15 times as heavy. 

3. 3 Domestic Cats

Do you own a cat? Found in almost every household, these curious pets can be a playful way of understanding the magnitude of 30 pounds if you can hold them for a significant period. 

Although cats come in various sizes depending on the breed, most usually weigh approximately 10 pounds. 

So, 30 pounds is three times as much as the pets.

4. A Male Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz dogs are common among dog enthusiasts who appreciate their unique traits and history as a hunting breed. Their erect, pointed ears and bushy tails carried over their back add to their distinct look to mimic foxes.

Finnish Spitz are considered medium-sized, with males weighing anything between 25 and 31 pounds.

5. A Male Icelandic Sheepdog

On the same topic of medium-sized dogs, you can also refer to the Iceland Sheepdogs. These are characterized by double coats and often have a curled tail and upright, triangular ears.

Males weigh approximately 30 pounds.

6. 7 Standard Bricks

If you are in the United States, your brick familiarity can come in handy when you want to understand various measurements, starting with four pounds, since a standard brick in the country is usually 4.5 pounds. 

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And with that in mind, to get a mental picture of the heaviness of 30 pounds, you can imagine holding as many as seven bricks.

7. 1/3 Standard Bag of Cement

At 94 pounds, a standard bag of cement in the United States is usually heavy. That’s why construction workers use wheelbarrows to transport these bags to a construction site. 

If you have ever tried to lift or carry one, 30 pounds is about one-third of the weight of that bag.

8. 2 Bowling Balls

Bowling is a popular recreational sport where players roll a heavy ball down a lane to knock down pins arranged in a triangular formation.

If you regularly engage in the social activity, you probably know that although bowling balls come in different sizes, those weighing 16 pounds are the most common, especially among professional bowlers.

If you’re familiar with them, 30 pounds falls just short of the weight of two bowling balls.

9. 10 Standard Bowling Pins


Bowling pins, similar to bowling balls, come in different sizes.

That said, the standard bowling pin usually weighs 3 pounds, according to United States Bowling Congress standards (USBC).

Therefore, you can think of 30 pounds as ten times the weight of a standard bowling pin.

10. 30 Size 5 Soccer Balls

Suitable for players aged 12 years and above, Size 5 soccer balls are the standard size used in most professional and recreational soccer matches.

These balls usually weigh about one pound, although they may vary slightly depending on the materials used and specific design.

Imagine as many as 30 in a lightweight bag to get an impression of 30 pounds.

11. 30 NFL Balls

Most NFL balls weigh as much as Size 5 soccer balls. 

So, as you’d do with soccer balls, you can imagine a weight 30 times that of an NFL ball to get a mental image of the heaviness of 30 pounds.

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12. 22 Basketball Balls

Basketball balls are another sport-related way to understand how heavy 30 pounds is.

Although with these balls, you need eight less since basketball balls are slightly heavier than soccer and NFL balls, with most being approximately 1.37 pounds.

13. 9 MacBook Pros

MacBook Pros are popular among professionals and creatives requiring a high-performance laptop for various tasks such as graphic design, video editing, programming, and music production.

Compared to other laptops regarding their weight, they usually fall in the middle range, with most models weighing around 3.5 pounds.

If you’re familiar with them, 30 pounds is about nine times as heavy.

14. 7 Steel-toe Boots

Steel-toe boots have a reinforced steel toe cap that helps prevent injuries from heavy objects or compression. They’re suitable when working in hazardous industries such as construction, manufacturing, and heavy equipment operation.

Due to the extra features, these shoes are way heavier than the ‘normal’ shoes, weighing anything from 4 to 5 pounds.

Hence, to help you grasp the heaviness of 30 pounds, it’s about as heavy as seven steel-toe boots.

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15. A Typical Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are generally heavier than traditional bicycles and E-bikes. That’s understandable, as they boast extra features like sturdy frames, wide knobby tires, and suspension systems to handle rough terrains. 

And although their weight may vary, it usually falls between 28 and 32 pounds. 

If you own one (or your friend does), tell me why you should worry about the heaviness of 30 pounds.

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