11 Common Things That Weigh 5 Ounces (+Pics)

Are you curious about the weight of five ounces?

Or you’re looking to measure a precise amount of five ounces for your DIY project, for example, when cooking or baking?

Well, no matter your ambitions, this post is for you. 

The post covers eleven interesting items that weigh five ounces.

So to determine how heavy 5 ounces is, all you have to do is to compare it with these items.

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Let’s dive in.

List of 11 Common Things That Weigh 5 Ounces

You might not be familiar with all of them, but you’ll find one or more items you can relate to.

1. Ten Spoonfuls of Water

Who doesn’t know what water is? 

In fact, water is the first item you should think of when you want to determine small measurements such as three ounces. It’s easily accessible and has a standard, well-known weight. 

According to Cool Conversion, a tablespoonful of water weighs approximately 15 grams (0.529109 ounces). Therefore, grab a tablespoon at home and make ten scoops into a lightweight plastic bag. They weigh 5.2 ounces.

2. A Baseball

You don’t need to be a baseball fanatic to know what baseball is, as baseball is among the most popular sports in the United States, widely played at the amateur level, with numerous youth leagues, high school teams, and college programs across the country. 

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All baseball balls are made with corks and rubber cores and tightly wrapped in yarn. And according to MLB, each must weigh anything between 5 and 5.25 oz. Therefore, next time you want to understand how heavy five ounces is, refer to a baseball.

3. Four Alkaline AA Batteries

Alkaline AA batteries are used in portable electronic devices such as flashlights, remote controls, toys, and digital cameras. Chances are they’re several at home since many households keep alkaline AA batteries on hand for use in these devices. 

So if there are some at home, you only need four to determine how heavy five ounces is. One weighs approximately 0.8 ounces, meaning four will give you 4.8 ounces.

4. 140 US Dollar Notes

We’ve used the US dollar notes in most blogs here at measuringly.com as benchmarks for several measurements, including ten grams and 100 grams. They’re solid references since they’re commonly available and have standard sizes. 

These banknotes usually weigh one gram (0.035 ounces), regardless of the denomination. So if you can collect as many as 140, they can be a reliable reference for things that weigh five ounces.

5. 25 Quarters

Similarly to US dollars, quarters can be your go-to item when you want to determine small weights. They are used in everyday transactions, especially in small payments or coin-operated devices such as parking meters and laundry machines. So, you probably have several at home for your next shopping. 

Each US quarter weighs 5.67 grams (about 0.2 ounces). That means you only need to hold 25 to understand how heavy five ounces is.

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6. Three Large Boiled Eggs

Eggs are integral in a diet due to their rich nutritional profile and health benefits. That’s why most people keep crates at home. 

They can also double up as reliable benchmarks for small weights, including 100 grams and, like in our case here, five ounces. 

That’s because when boiled, a large egg weighs about 1.8 ounces. So if you’re looking for things that weigh five ounces and have a crate of eggs at home, you need not look further; it will only take about 15 minutes to boil.

7. 20 #10 Envelopes

Also known as standard business envelopes, #10 envelopes are rectangular envelopes with a pointed flap on the long side sealed with an adhesive or moisture. They’re the most common for sending letters, invoices, and other personal and professional documents. 

These envelopes usually weigh 6.75 grams (about 0.24 ounces). So if you can collect as many as 20, they should weigh approximately five ounces.

8. A Standard Pringles Can

If you’re craving a quick, savory, and slightly salty snack with a hint of potato flavor, you can’t go wrong with Pringles. They’re common in grocery stores, convenience stores, and vending machines. 

These tasty snacks come in different variations, and 5.8 ounces Pringles can is the most common. 

So if you have some at home, they can be reliable examples of things that weigh five ounces, as the extra 0.8 isn’t a deal breaker. You only need to hold the can before devouring its contents.

9. Ten Empty 12-ounce Cans

A 12-ounce can is a standard size of aluminum can commonly used for packaging several consumer products such as beer, soft drinks, and energy drinks. They’re usually cylindrical and have a pull-tab lid at the top for easy opening. 

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One empty 12-ounce aluminum can weighs about 15 grams (0.5291 ounces), similar to ten spoonfuls of water. So if you can collect as many as ten, they should weigh approximately five ounces.

10. A Standard Funko Pop!

Funko Pop! are collectible figurines stylized to represent various characters from popular movies, TV shows, video games, comics, and more. If you’re a pop culture enthusiast and like collectibles, these pops are a must-have at home. 

While they come in various sizes, a standard Funko Pop! usually weighs between four and five ounces (it’s always indicated on the box if it’s the standard one). So if you have one on display on the shelf or desk, look no further.

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11. 2/3 Cup of Sugar

Cups are viable alternatives for kitchen scales when baking or cooking at home. And if you can fill them with some ingredients, they can help you determine various small weights. 

For instance, a standard cup in the United States holds 7.7 ounces of sugar at capacity. But if you only fill two-thirds, it weighs approximately five ounces.

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