9 Common Things That Weigh About 25 Tons

What do 25 tons mean?

Similar to other heavy weights, such as 100 tons, it’s practically impossible to understand how heavy 25 tons is without comparing it with objects. 

So if your curiosity has got you interested in learning about the scope of 25 tons, this post is for you; here, you’ll discover nine things that weigh about 25 tons, so you can always refer to them. 

Even if you are motivated by professional needs or project requirements, this comparison method has proven effective in understanding various weights, lightweight and heavy. 

So, prepare to be amazed, informed, and inspired by 25-ton objects and stories lying behind them.

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9 Common Things That Weigh About 25 Tons

1. A Standard Excavator

Excavators, also known as hydraulic excavators or diggers, are heavy construction equipment commonly used in various industries such as mining, forestry, demolition, and construction. 

These heavyweights come in different sizes and configurations, ranging from compact mini excavators weighing about six tons to larger machines weighing 45 tons. 

However, most fall under standard excavators, which weigh approximately 25 tons.

2. Two Unloaded Concrete Mixing Trucks

Concrete mixing trucks, also known as concrete mixer trucks or transit mixers, are specialized vehicles designed for transporting and mixing concrete from a production facility to a construction site. 

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Concrete mixing trucks vary in size, with the largest having a capacity of 10 cubic yards. These weigh about 13 tons when unloaded. Therefore, two should give you an impression of 25 tons.

3. 16 Midsize Cars

Midsize cars, also known as midsize sedans, are a popular category of automobiles that fall between compact cars and full-size cars in terms of size, interior space, and overall performance. 

Although the size of midsize cars varies depending on the manufacturer and model, they weigh approximately 1.6 tons on average.

So you can imagine a combined weight of 16 such cars to understand how heavy 25 tons is.

4. 4 Loaded Small Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are heavy-duty vehicles for transporting and unloading bulk materials such as sand, gravel, dirt, or construction debris. These trucks are popular in construction sites, mining operations, and large-scale earthmoving projects, where they remove their cargo by tipping it to the side. 

Dump trucks come in various sizes and configurations. Smaller models, mainly used for residential construction, weigh about 6 to 7 tons when loaded. Imagine four such trucks to get an idea of how heavy 25 tons is.

5. 5 U-Haul Cargo Vans

U-Haul cargo vans are compact, box-like vehicles that offer moving services for individuals and small businesses. 

When empty, a U-Haul cargo van weighs approximately 2.3 tons. However, since it can carry as heavy cargo as 1.94 tons, it has a total mass of nearly five tons when loaded.

Therefore, five such cargo vans loaded at capacity can give an impression of what 25 tons is.

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6. 45 Hydro Poles

Hydro poles, also known as utility poles or power poles, are tall structures used to support overhead power lines and other utility cables over long distances. You have probably seen them along highways. 

Hydro poles can be made of various materials, including metal, concrete, and wood and come in different sizes. 

The most common, however, are wooden, usually measuring 40 feet tall, and each weighs 0.5 tons.

That’s a small fraction of 25 tons, so you need as many as 45 to get a sense of 25 tons.

7. 4 Type C School Busses

Type C school buses have unique boxy shapes and flat-front noses. They’re everyday sights on highways, transporting students to and from educational institutions. 

These buses are the longest and can reach 30 feet long to accommodate as many students as 72.

And when empty, one weighs approximately 6.25 tons. That means four such buses would weigh 25 tons. 

8. 5 Empty Type A-1 Bus

Type A-1 buses resemble a van, where the front portion is built on a truck chassis, while the rear part takes the body of a bus. They are commonly used for school bus routes, daycare centers, shuttle services, and other applications requiring the transportation of a small group of passengers, about 32 at capacity. 

Smaller than Type C school buses, type A-1 buses weigh less, about five tons – the weight of a loaded U-Haul cargo van.

As such, five types of A-1 buses can be excellent examples of things that weigh about 25 tons.

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9. 12 20 ft. Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are used for transporting goods across different modes of transport, including ships and trucks. They can also be repurposed for storage units, temporary shelters, modular housing, and even creative architectural projects. 

These containers come in different sizes, but the standard ones are 20 feet long and weigh about two tons when empty.

So next time you want to understand how heavy 25 tons is, you can imagine the weight of 12 such containers. 

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