7 Common Things That Weigh About 5 Tons (+Pics)

If you travel around the world, you can find several things that weigh about 5 tons

And by knowing them, you can better comprehend the weight of 5 tons (and its multiples) to further your interests. 

Comparing weights to something familiar is a creative way to understand them. 

The method has proven effective in determining even small weights, such as 100 grams, as we’ve demonstrated countless times at measuringly.com. 

And it can also work for heavier weights, like in our case here. 

In fact, it is the only practical option since few people have access to industrial-grade weighing scales at home that can measure tons. 

So this post covers seven items that can help you determine the scope of five tons. And as a bonus, you will discover why these items weigh this much. 


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Let’s get right into it!

List of 7 Things That Weigh About 5 Tons

1. An Ambulance

Ambulances are everyday sights on highways and roads, recognizable from a distance thanks to their loud siren sound and flashing lights. 

In the United States, ambulances have different characteristics and vary in size. Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 ambulances are the most common and weigh between 4.75 tons and five tons. Ambulance Type 4 is the only outlier, weighing approximately seven tons – but worry less about it as it’s uncommon on roads. 

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These vehicles are built on a heavy-duty chassis and feature several medical equipment and supplies, such as oxygen tanks, defibrillators, and stretchers, to account for their weight.

2. A Male Southern Elephant Seal

Southern elephant seals are fascinating sea creatures with reduced limbs and no external ear. They derive their names from their trunk-like noses reminiscent of an elephant trunk used by males to produce loud vocalization during mating. 

The southern elephant seals are slightly heavier than their northern counterparts, with bulls weighing as much as 4.4 tons. The females, however, can weigh only about a tenth of the bulls.

The heavy weight of these sea creatures can be attributed to their blubber, which acts as an insulator, and dense bones that allows them to dive to great depths. 

You can observe them in their natural habitat along the coast of California, including in Piedras Blancas, Elephant Seal Rookery, and Drakes Beach.

3. Class B Recreational Vehicle

When you find yourself craving RV camping, the first thing you’re going to consider is how many you are so as to choose the right recreational vehicle (RV) since they come in different sizes. 

If you’re only two, a Class B recreational vehicle, the smallest, is the perfect fit because it accommodates 1-2 individuals. 

This vehicle is also the lightest of all, weighing approximately five tons. The massive weight is due to their sturdy steel frames and fiberglass walls. They also contain amenities such as a kitchen and sleeping quarters. 

Some popular Class B RVs include Hymer Aktiv and Winnebago Revel.

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4. A Loaded U-Haul Cargo Van

A cargo van is a compact, box-like vehicle with a sliding side door and a rear door that swings open for hauling cargo. It offers moving services for small businesses and individuals moving to or from a college dorm or a small studio apartment. 

When empty, a U-Haul cargo van weighs 2.3 tons since it’s designed with a heavier frame and suspension system than a standard passenger vehicle. It also has extra features such as shelving units and storage compartments.

But since it can carry a maximum of 1.94 tons, anytime you see it heavily loaded, it has a mass of nearly five tons.

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5. Three Midsize Cars

Midsize cars are typically larger than compact cars but smaller than full-size cars. They’re the most popular because they balance price and space. 

Although midsize cars vary in size depending on the manufacturer and model, they usually weigh about 1.64 tons.

So if you can imagine the weight of three, you can paint a picture of something about 5 tons in your mind.

6. Five Liberty Bells

If you have ever visited Philadelphia, you might have seen the Liberty Bell with its distinctive crack that runs down its length. The iconic bell represents American freedom and independence and is a popular tourist destination. 

The gigantic bell measures three feet in circumference and hangs about three feet from the ground. It’s largely made of copper and other smaller amounts of zinc, silver, and arsenic, which contribute to its mass of 1.04 tons. Five tons is as heavy as five such bells.

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7. Nine Hydro Poles

Hydro poles, also known as power poles or utility poles, are tall structures used to support electrical power distribution and transmission lines. 

These poles can be made of steel and concrete and come in various sizes. 

However, the most common are made of wood, are usually 40 feet long, and weigh about 0.55 tons. Therefore, if you can picture nine, they would weigh about five tons.

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