9 Common Things That are 11 Feet Long (With Examples)

If you want to understand how long 11 feet is, you’ll find this post handy. 

At measuringly.com, we use an easy-to-follow approach, comparing measurements to everyday objects. This approach helps you visualize whatever length you want. 

And we do the same with 11 feet. 

So, read on to find out how to visualize the measurement next time.

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9 Common Things That are 11 Feet Long

1. Two 2022 Subaru Foresters

The 2022 Subaru Forester is a common sight on American highways. Many people prefer it thanks to its spacious room for cargo, reliable all-wheel drive, and not forgetting the top-notch safety ratings it boasts. 

The compact SUV is one of the tallest out there, with a height of 5.6 feet, excluding the roof rails.

That means if you can visualize the height of two such cars, they’d be just 0.8 feet shy of 11 feet mark.

2. Two Adult Americans

As you probably know, people grow to different heights, with the environment as a key defining factor. 

The Netherlands has the tallest of all, with the average height of a person in the country being around six feet. But in the United States, an adult averages a height of 5.3 feet, according to World Population Review.

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Therefore, if you can lay two American adults on the ground, they would stretch to just 0.4 feet short of our target.

3. Eighteen Standard Pencils

If there’s one item anyone is familiar with is the standard pencil, also known as the no. 2 pencil. It’s the one used in elementary schools and universities for those pursuing disciplines involving drawing or sketching. 

At measuringly.com, we have used these pencils to help us understand small measurements such as 15 inches, and we can use them here, too.

They’re usually 7.5 inches long, meaning if you can line up 18 in a row end to end, they would stretch to just 0.25 feet under 11 feet mark.

4. Seventeen Standard US Bricks

United States standard bricks can be found in different places, including construction sites and garden beds. 

Similarly to pencils, these bricks are perfect for referencing different measurements, including 14 feet

But you can also use them to visualize relatively longer measurements, like our case here. 

To do so, assume you are a mason and lay seventeen bricks end-to-end on the ground. That would add up to 11.25 feet, a little bit longer, but a good picture of something approximately 11 feet long.

5. Eleven Long Rulers

Rulers accompanied pencils as one of the must-have essentials during the days of elementary education and also in high schools. That’s why they can make excellent references since you can visualize their length even when someone wakes you up from sleep.

A long ruler (the one marked up to 30 centimeters) is usually one foot long. That means if you can lay eleven end-to-end on the ground, they would add up to precisely 11 feet.

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6. Eleven 2-Liter Soda Bottles

2-Liter soda bottles are one of the most common bottles you can find around. In fact, there could be one at home in the fridge if you like enjoying a glass of soda after a long day at work. 

But even if you don’t have any at home, you can easily picture their height. Right?

If so, you’d only need to visualize eleven arranged end-to-end as they add up to approximately 11 feet.

7. Eight MacBook Pros

Apple unleashed the MacBook Pro in 2021 as the demand for laptops with big screens surged. 

This marvel of a laptop is one of the largest in the market, with a screen display size of 16 inches. Remember, the screens’ display size is measured diagonally, from the bottom left to the right corner. 

Therefore, if you’re familiar with this device, you can picture how long eight such screens can be (10.66 ft) to get a sense of 11 feet. 

Other 16-inch laptops you can use as references include the HP Spectre x360 and Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra.

8. Eleven King-size Submarine Sandwiches

Also known as a hero, sub, or hoagie, a king-size submarine sandwich consists of a narrow roll or loaf of bread sliced horizontally and filled with various meats, cheeses, vegetables, and other condiments. 

A king-size submarine is the largest of all, usually one foot. If you can remember the last one you enjoyed, picture how long eleven would be to understand how long 11 feet is.

9. A basketball Hoop Plus a Long Ruler

A basketball hoop is a circular metallic ring with a hanging net attached to a board through which players must shoot the ball to score points in a basketball game. 

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Since all basketball hoops are usually 10 feet above the ground, we have used them severally to reference as relatively long measurements as 25 feet

And we are yet to stop! 

But since the height of one basketball hoop gives you a rough estimate of 11 feet, you’d be better if you picture it, then imagine adding a long ruler, which we already know is one foot long, at the end.

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