9 Common Things That Weigh About 1000 Tons

Interested in knowing how heavy 1,000 tons is? 

There’s no better way to understand such weight than referring to some of the heaviest items around us. 

And in this post, we’ll embark on an extraordinary journey to uncover and marvel at things that defy the limits of scale; Things that weigh 1000 tons

Prepare to be awe-struck as we delve into a world where sheer massivity reigns supreme. From towering steel behemoths to mammoth creatures of the deep, these heavyweight wonders will stretch your imagination and challenge your perception of size. 

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Without further ado, let’s dive into the realm of 1000 tons!

List of Common 9 Things That Weigh 1000 Tons

1. Five Blue Whales

Blue whales, the magnificent giants of the ocean, are the largest creatures to have ever graced the earth.

These beasts have enormous hearts, the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, and their stomachs can accommodate about a ton of krill! Overall, each weighs about 200 tons when they are adults. That means if you had five, they would be perfect examples of things that weigh 1000 tons. 

If you’ve visited the coast of California in the United States, particularly Monterey Bay and the Channel Islands, you have probably seen these giants.

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2. 500 Average-sized Cars

Cars are everyday sights, so they can be reliable references for small and heavy weights, as we’ve seen several times here on measuringly.com

Although the size varies depending on the model and manufacturer, the average car weighs approximately two tons, according to the EPA Automotive Trends Report

Therefore if you could place about 500 average-sized cars on a scale, they would be very close to weighing 1,000 tons.

3. Nine Cloud Gates

Located in Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois, United States, the Cloud Gate, also known as the “Bean”, is a public sculpture that takes the form of a large, shiny, stainless steel that reflects and distorts the surroundings. 

The iconic landmark has been a popular tourist attraction since its unveiling in 2004, since it’s one of the largest structures in the United States, weighing approximately 110 tons. 

If you could imagine nine such structures together and weigh them, they would be close to equalling 1,000 tons.

4. 230 Southern Elephant Seals

Southern elephant seals have a characteristic thick, wrinkled skin, which varies in color from light to dark brown. They inhabit the cold waters of the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica. 

These sea giants are renowned for their aggressive behavior and their sheer size. The bulls (males) often weigh way heavier than their female friends, about 4.4 tons. 

Therefore, to equal a total weight of 1,000 tons, you would need around 230 southern elephant seals.

5. 1,000 Liberty Bells

The Liberty Bell is housed in the Liberty Bell Center, a part of the National Park Service’s Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia. It is displayed in a glass pavilion, allowing visitors to view it and learn about its history as it represents American freedom and independence.

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Despite its small size, with a circumference of only three feet, the gigantic bell possesses an astounding weight of 1.04 tons. This considerable weight is primarily due to its composition, more than 70% being copper.

Therefore, a collection of 1,000 such bells would weigh about 1,000 tons.

6. 210 Ambulances

Ambulances are everyday sights on roads and highways, transporting injured or sick individuals to medical facilities.

Ambulances might be small compared to other vehicles, but surprisingly, they’re much heavier, even than some trucks, at about 4.75 tons. That’s because, in addition to their weight, they contain significant medical equipment and supplies, including defibrillators, stretchers, and oxygen tanks.

If you could place about 210 ambulances together and weigh them, they would be close to equalling 1,000 tons.

7. 142 African Elephants

African elephants are massive creatures that roam the grasslands and savannas of Sub-Saharan countries, including Kenya and Tanzania. 

They are the largest land animals and can grow to about seven tons. They compete with the Blue Whales for the heaviest features on animals, as their ears weigh about a ton, while their trunks can reach about 175 pounds! 

Therefore if you could place 142 African elephants on a scale, they would weigh approximately 1,000 tons.

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8. 1,000 American Bison

American bison, also known as American buffaloes, are characterized by shaggy, dark brown coats, which become lighter in color during the summer months. They inhabit protected areas, national parks, and private ranches across the United States and parts of Canada and are the national mammal of the United States. 

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Bison are the largest animals in North America, with bulls weighing about one ton. 

So, imagine a park containing about 1,000 American bison to visualize how heavy 1,000 tons is.

9. 40 Standard Excavators

Excavators are powerful machines commonly seen in construction, mining, forestry, and other industries requiring earthmoving and excavation activities. They are equipped with a boom, arm, and bucket, enabling them to efficiently dig, move, and lift materials such as soil, rocks, debris, and other heavy objects. 

Of course, excavators come in different sizes and configurations, but standard ones weigh about 25 tons when loaded. 

That means if you had 40 of these standard excavators fully loaded at their maximum, they would weigh around 1,000 tons.

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