How Heavy is 150 Grams? 17 Common Comparisons (+Pics)

150 grams is a convenient measurement for smaller items and everyday tasks.

Understanding how heavy it is can help you make informed decisions and carry out tasks accurately in many situations.

In this post, we explore 17 relatable comparisons, offering insights into the weight of 150 grams.

Whether you’re navigating the kitchen, sending mail, or embarking on a creative project, these comparisons provide a tangible sense of this often underestimated weight.

Let’s dive in.

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17 Common Comparisons For 150 Grams

150 grams equals 0.15 kilograms, 0.33 pounds, or approximately 5.29 ounces.

Comparing it to the following items can provide a tangible sense of the weight for a better understanding.

1. A Cup of All-purpose Flour

All-purpose flour is commonly used for comparisons in lightweight measurements because it is a widely available and universally used kitchen ingredient. It’s used for many recipes, including cakes, cookies, bread, and pastries.

A cup of this flour weighs 145 grams, online five grams shy of 150 grams.

2. ¾ of a Cup of White Sugar

White sugar is a staple ingredient found in most kitchens around the world. People use it for various purposes, including baking, cooking, sweetening beverages, and making desserts. 

A cup of white sugar weighs 200 grams, making it a perfect reference for 200 grams.

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To measure 150 grams, scoop a quarter from a full cup. The remaining sugar weighs 150 grams.

3. A Cup of Almond Nuts


Almonds are beloved nuts worldwide, primarily due to their rich, buttery taste and slightly crunchy texture.

A cup of these nuts weighs 140 grams, close to 150 grams.

And since each nut is about 1.1 grams heavy, you can sneak in nine more to a cup for a more precise idea of the heaviness of 150 grams. 

You can also use the same criteria with cashew nuts since they are just as heavy as almond nuts.

4. 1 & ½ Cups of Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a popular and nutritious breakfast option made from oats. It is a versatile food you can enjoy in various ways, such as rolled oats, steel-cut oats, or instant oats.

A cup of oatmeal weighs 100 grams – an excellent way to measure 100 grams at home.

If you add half a cup to that, it shoots up to 150 grams.

5. Half a Cup of Salt

Salt is a universally recognized and familiar ingredient known to people worldwide. Its presence in kitchens, restaurants, and processed foods makes it a staple in culinary practices globally.

Since a cup of salt weighs almost 300 grams, you only need half to get a sense of 150 grams.

6. 4 Slices of Bread

Bread is a familiar staple in households worldwide, coming in diverse forms, from baguettes to sandwich loaves.

Here, we refer to the standard rectangular-shaped bread, suitable for sandwiches, as it holds fillings well without being too dense or crumbly.

A slice of this bread weighs around 38 grams, with minimal variations depending on the manufacturer.

That means 150 grams is equivalent to holding five slices of bread.

7. A Packet of 137 Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are a popular treat during holidays, celebrations, and special occasions, and are known for their vibrant colors and variety of tastes.

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These candies are only 1.1 grams heavy, allowing you to indulge in multiple pieces at a go.

To understand the heaviness of 150 grams using these beans, hold as many as 137 in your hands.

8. 3 Strawberry Pop-Tarts

Strawberry Pop-Tarts are a variety of toaster pastries made by Kellogg’s. They have a flaky pastry crust filled with strawberry-flavored filling and are often frosted with pink icing and sprinkles.

Each pastry weighs approximately 50 grams, meaning three add up to 150 grams.

9. 3 Large-sized Chicken Eggs

Chicken eggs are a staple in many households worldwide due to their nutritional value and culinary versatility.

They come in all sizes, allowing consumers to choose the appropriate eggs for different cooking and baking needs.

Large-size eggs are the most preferred for recipes and weigh about 50 grams (boiled or raw).

Hence, 150 grams is comparable to three large-sized chicken eggs.

10. A Bundle of 150 USD Notes

US dollar notes offer a practical and convenient method for estimating and understanding light weights, making it a popular choice for quick comparisons.

Each US dollar note weighs one gram, no matter the denomination.

So, if you are lucky enough to possess as many as 150, they’re all you need to understand how heavy 150 grams is.

11. iPhone SE

The iPhone SE appeals to users looking for a compact, reliable, and budget-friendly smartphone option within the Apple ecosystem. It blends performance and affordability, making it a popular choice among consumers.

The smartphone weighs 148 grams, only two grams shy of 150 grams.

Other smartphones in that weight bracket include iPhone 8 (148 grams), Samsung Galaxy A01 Core (150 grams), Samsung Galaxy S 10 (150 grams), and Samsung Galaxy Lite (150 grams).

12. A Bunch of 33 Letter-size Papers

Letter-size paper, also known as US Letter or simply Letter, is the standard size in North America. Almost all letters, business documents, school assignments, and office communication documents use this paper.

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A sheet of Letter-size paper weighs 4.5 grams, meaning a bunch of 33 is about 150 grams heavy.

13. 6 Pairs of Alkaline AAA Batteries

Alkaline AAA batteries are commonly used in various household devices, such as remote controls, digital cameras, toys, and flashlights. People often keep them on hand for replacement when needed.

These batteries weigh about 11.5 grams, with negligible variations depending on the manufacturer.

Hence, six pairs can give you a sense of 150 grams.

14. A Baseball


Baseballs are used in baseball, a sport widely considered America’s national pastime. The sport has a rich history and has cultural significance in the United States and other countries. 

A regulation baseball has a diameter of about 3 inches and weighs between 5 ounces and 5.25 ounces, or almost 150 grams.

15. A Lacrosse Ball

A lacrosse ball is a small, solid rubber ball used in lacrosse. The sport is popular in schools, colleges, and universities, especially in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and some New England states.

A lacrosse ball weighs the same as a baseball, about 150 grams.

16. A Cricket Ball

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), a cricket ball weighs between 5.5 to 5.75 ounces (155.9 to 163 grams).

If you’re familiar with cricket, 150 grams is slightly lighter than a typical cricket ball.

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17. 6 Squash Balls

A squash ball is a small rubber ball used in the game of squash.

The sport might not be popular, but among the dedicated and active community of players, the balls provide a relatable reference point for light weights, including 150 grams. 

You need six to realize that weight, as squash balls are one of the smallest sports balls, weighing approximately 25 grams and with a diameter of only 1.57 inches. 

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