14 Common Things That Are About 1 Inch Long (+Pics)

Are you interested in knowing how long one inch is? 

Knowing how long one inch is can be crucial in different scenarios.

If you’re involved in measurements and conversion tasks, it can help you accurately measure and convert distances, dimensions, and sizes.

It can also be useful when working on home improvement projects or engaging in crafts and DIY activities that involve precise measurements.

Also, if you are a measurement enthusiast, knowing the length of one inch can satisfy your curiosity and contribute to a broader understanding of measurement systems and their applications.

No matter your goals, your quest for understanding how long one inch ends here.

In this post, you will discover 14 things that are about one inch long to serve as references. 

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Let’s dive in.

14 Common Things That Are About 1 Inch Long

1. Diameter of Quarter

Also known as the US quarter dollar, the picture of a quarter must come to your mind when the thought of small lengths pops up. It is used in everyday transactions, especially in coin-operated machines such as parking meters and candy machines, so you likely have some handy. 

Each US quarter has a diameter of 0.955 inches, almost close to one inch.

So if you are looking for an item you can compare with one inch and you have a quarter, look no further.

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2. An Almond

Almonds are a common household item in many countries, including the United States, just like US quarter dollars. People often store them in kitchen cupboards and enjoy them in various ways, such as snacks or as an ingredient in smoothies.

Due to their ease of accessibility, they are reliable references for various small-length measurements.

Each nut is approximately one inch long, making it a perfect example of things that are about one inch long.

3. A Pile of 14 Nickels

Quarters might be less popular than nickels but are still widely accepted in everyday transactions. And if you have them handy, they can be reliable references for various small length measurements like one inch here. 

The diameter of a nickel is 0.8 inches, slightly shorter than one inch, but you can rely on its thickness instead.

They all have a thickness of 1.95 mm or approximately 0.0767717 inches. Therefore, if you can pile up as many as fourteen, they would measure about one inch long.

4. Thickness of 3 No. 2 Pencils

No. 2 pencils are the standard pencils used in schools. So, having used them during elementary and high school, you can easily visualize their length just by thinking about them.

These pencils are about 7.5 inches long, making them excellent references for relatively longer measurements such as eight inches.

But since they’re about 0.314961 inches thick, if you can line up three, they would have a thickness of about one inch.

5. Thickness of 5 AAA Batteries

AAA batteries are must-haves in many homes worldwide since they power everyday household items such as remote controls, portable radios, flashlights, digital cameras, and toys. 

And regardless of the manufacturer, AAA batteries are similar in size, each about 44.5 millimeters tall (about 1.75 inches) and 0.413386 inches thick.

Therefore, if you have five, you can arrange them according to their thickness to get a more precise picture of something measuring one inch.

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6. Edge Length of Five Sugar Cubes

Sugar cubes are small, solid pieces of compressed sugar widely used as a sweetening agent in beverages and food preparation. Due to their convenience, they are highly regarded where precise measurement is desired, such as in formal tea ceremonies or when serving guests.

Each sugar cube has an edge length of 1 cm (0.393701 inches), a perfect reference for things that are approximately one cm long.

If you are familiar with them, picture five arranged edge-wise to get a visual idea of one inch.

7. A Ice Hockey Puck

A hockey puck is a small, flat disc made of vulcanized rubber used in ice hockey, serving as the object of play.

If you are a dedicated ice hockey enthusiast or have familiarity with the sport from your college and high school days, a hockey puck could be the only item you need to understand the concept of one inch as it has a height/thickness of one inch.

8. A Paper Clip

Paper clips are ubiquitous everyday tools in various settings such as offices, schools, and homes. They hold assignment papers and other documents together to maintain a tidy and organized environment.

If paper clips are idling on your table, and you want an everyday item that is one inch long, look no further, as the tiny guys are just as long. 

9. Half an Eraser

Similarly to No. 2 pencils, the picture of erasers still lingers in our minds having used them daily during our school years. 

As you know, erasers come in different styles, including the multicolored ones. But forget those. 

Remember the entirely white rubbers? Most are usually 1.8 inches long, so half of one would be about one inch.

10. Inner Diameter of a Bottle Cap

Besides using bottle caps to seal drinks, we often repurpose them into fun and creative game activities, including as game pieces or tokens in tabletop games, such as bottle cap checkers or flicking games.

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But did you ever ask how long they are? Well, most are precisely 1.02 inches long.

11. A Pair of Skittles

When you think of a quick indulgence or a pick-me-up throughout-the-day snack, skittles will probably be on the list. 

Coming in multiple colors and in all the colors you can think of, skittles are the favorite candies among many. Each is about half an inch long, so two will give you an idea of something one inch long.

The containers, meanwhile, have a diameter range of 4-5 inches, so they are a perfect reference for four-inch and five-inch lengths.

12. A “1 Bolt

If you have experience in construction, automotive, machinery, or other industries that involve heavy-duty fasteners, you are likely familiar with 1″ bolts. These bolts are commonly used in critical components such as engines, chassis, and suspension systems. They play a significant role in providing strength and stability in these applications.

As their name implies, “1 bolts are typically one inch long, making them perfect for 1-inch size reference.

13. Canadian 1-dollar Coin

If you reside near the border between Canada and the United States, you’re likely familiar with the Canadian 1-dollar coin. It has gained popularity since replacing the 1-dollar bill in 1987. 

These coins could be just what you need to understand how long one inch is since they have a diameter of 1.04 inches.

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14. Half of Apple Airpods Charging Case

Apple fans like integrating AirPods into daily routines, thanks to their wireless freedom and seamless connectivity.

And when not wearing them, you often store them in the compact charging case that accompanies the earphones.

That charging case usually has a height of 2.11 inches, meaning half of it is approximately one inch.

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