How Long is 70 Feet? (14 Practical Visuals)

You probably heard someone say something is about 70 feet long and want to get a practical context, or you want to share information on trivia. 

You are curious about learning measurements for educational purposes and find 70 feet fascinating.

You want to understand the length of 70 feet to help you visualize and compare it to other objects or measurements. 

What can you use as a reference point? 

Don’t worry; in just under nine minutes, I’ll show you 14 things that are about 70 feet long that serve as reference points for many others like you.    

Ready to get the concept of 70 feet? Let’s dive in.

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14 Things That Are About 70 Feet Long

Seventy feet is equivalent to 840 inches or approximately 21 meters. 

Use the following items to visualize the measurement.

1. White House

The White House, the official residence and workplace of the President of the United States, is one of the most recognizable and frequently depicted buildings countrywide. So due to its familiarity, it can help you visualize various measurements.

The building is 60 feet tall on the north side but 70 feet tall on the south side, making it a perfect reference for 70 feet.

2. Monument Rocks

Located in Kansas, United States, the monument rocks are a geological wonder that offers a sense of adventure and exploration for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

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If you have visited the rocks to witness their remarkable and photogenic appearance, they could be just what you need to determine how long 70 feet is. They reach a height of 70 feet.

3. A 7-story Apartment

The size of apartment buildings varies wildly due to economic, regulatory, geographic, and design factors.

Of course, 7-story buildings might be rare to find. But if there’s one around or you can recall one, it can help you understand the scale of 70 feet since they are just as tall based on US standards.

4. 7 Basketball Rims

The height of the basketball rim from the court is a perfect reference for various measurements, starting with 10 feet since it’s just as tall. Basketball is one of the most popular sports worldwide, including in the United States, so many people relate to basketball-related stuff. 

But even for relatively longer measurements, like in our case here, they can be reliable. To visualize 70 feet, imagine a distance seven times the height of a basketball rim.

5. 12 Average-sized American Males

It’s common to hear someone say, ‘he’s of American height,’ which typically means they are about six feet tall

And you can use that to visualize measurements, including 70 feet. To do so, if you are of that height or know someone that tall, 70 feet is about 12 times that.

6. 10 Queen-size Mattresses

Queen-size mattresses provide enough space for individuals to move around during sleep, ensuring better comfort and support.

These mattresses have standard sizes regardless of manufacturer, each measuring approximately 7 feet long.

If there’s one in your bedroom, 70 feet is about ten such mattresses arranged end-to-end in a straight line.

7. 10 Standard Front Doors

Standard front doors are one of the most relatable ways to visualize measurements since everyone can picture one. 

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But before using them to determine measurements, check the standard size in your country since they vary from country to country. 

For example, a standard front door in the United States is 80 inches long, approximately 7 feet. 

Using it as your guide, imagine a distance ten such doors would cover if placed end-to-end on a flat surface.

8. 10 Typical 3-seater Sofas

A three-seater sofa can comfortably accommodate multiple people and fit well within most living room configurations. That’s why they’re common in many households. 

Although the size may vary, a typical 3-seater couch is 84 inches long, precisely seven feet.

If you can recall the last one you saw or sat on, 70 feet is ten times that length.

9. 10 Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial trees come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and price points, making them an attractive option for many families during the holiday season.

Those designed for residential homes are usually approximately seven feet tall and can help you understand the scope of 70 feet if you picture a distance ten times their height.

10. 105 Standard Bricks

Bricks are everyday sights on construction sites, while you can also spot them in unplastered buildings. 

And similarly to front doors, the dimensions of bricks vary as you move from country to country, so confirm the standard size in your country before using them to visualize measurements. 

In the United States, a standard brick measures eight inches (0.666667 feet) long, a fraction of 70 feet.

And although it might be a tedious process, if you have one handy, it could be one of the most accurate ways of visualizing 70 feet. 105 bricks arranged end-to-end in a straight line will do the trick.

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11. 4 Male Giraffes


Often referred to as the skyscrapers of the animal kingdom, giraffes are the tallest animals on the planet. The average male is about 17 feet tall, allowing them to reach vegetation high up in trees in the Sub-Saharan regions where they inhabit. 

Four male giraffes stacked on top of each other would be about 70 feet high.

12. 6 African Bush Elephants

African bush elephants inhabit the same regions as giraffes, particularly in savannas and grasslands, where both species can find suitable food and water sources.

These majestic animals are also among the tallest, averaging about 12 feet from foot to shoulder.

For a visual representation of 70 feet, it’s about six elephants stacked on top of each other.

13. 4 & 1/2 Medium-sized Cars

Medium-sized cars strike a balance between being spacious enough for passengers and cargo while still being manageable for city driving and parking.

Although the size of medium-sized cars depends on the model and manufacturer, the difference is usually minimal.

Most are approximately 16 feet long and can help you determine a measurement of 70 feet if you can picture a distance four and a half times their size.

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14. 4 & 1/2 Standard Canoes

For people who live in regions with a canoeing tradition, such as Indigenous communities, outdoor enthusiasts, or individuals residing near lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water, a canoe is a relatable way to visualize measurements. 

Although the size of these water vessels may vary, the most common types of canoes are usually 16 feet long, the same as a medium-sized car. 

Therefore, as you can guess, 70 feet is about five and a half times the size of a standard canoe.

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