9 Things That are Approximately 4 Centimeters Long (With Visuals)

Four centimeters is a small measurement, equivalent to 1.57 inches.

But although small, it can be tricky to conceptualize.

However, if you have good visual skills, it is easy as you only need to compare it with items approximately that length. 

And to help you visualize and conceptualize this measurement, we have compiled a list of 9 objects approximately four centimeters long.

So, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or looking to brush up on your measurement skills, this post is for you.

Let’s dive in!

9 Things That are 4 Centimeters Long

1. Six Standard Pencils

The thought of a pencil can take you back to the old days of your elementary education since that’s where you probably used them most of the time. And since they’re universally known and are standardized, they make solid reference points for small measurements. 

We have used them to understand things measuring about 15 inches long, and still, we can use them here.

They have a thickness of 0.635 centimeters, meaning if you can envision six laid next to each other, they would be only 0.19 shy of the mark.

2. Two Dimes

Dime is a currency of the United States with a face value of ten cents. It’s widely accepted in daily transactions in many places for buying small items such as candy as well as paying for parking meters and booths. 

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Alongside pencils, the dime is another item we have used for estimating small measurements, such as seven inches, as they are also standardized and thus are perfect for use as references. 

It’s the smallest denomination among the US coins, with a diameter of 1.7907 centimeters. So, if you can place two side by side, they’d be only 0.4186 centimeters under the four-centimeters mark.

3. Two Nickels

Worth five cents, nickels are US coins used for everyday transactions, including buying snacks and paying for parking meters, transportation systems, and vending machines. 

Like dimes, nickels have a standardized diameter of 2.1209 centimeters. So if you are using them as your reference, you only need to place two side by side as they’d add up to approximately four centimeters (4.2).

What’s more, if you can stack about 20 or 21, you would realize a length of approximately four centimeters long.

4. Two Cents

Also known as pennies, the US cents are the smallest denomination in the United States currency system, worth one-hundredth of a US dollar. But still, they’re used in everyday transactions, especially when paying for groceries or coffee. 

These cents have a diameter of 1.905 centimeters. If you have some reserved for your next shopping trip, you only need to place two side by side as they’d give you something approximately four centimeters long.

Alternatively, if you can stack as many as 27, they would have a thickness of about 4.1 centimeters long.

5. 23 US Quarters

US quarters are less common than all coins we have seen so far. However, they are more noticeable in circulation than the rest because they have the highest face value and, thus, are more preferred in coin-operated machines. 

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A US quarter has a diameter of 0.955 inches. Although perfect for understanding small measurements such as three inches, this does not help estimate a length of four centimeters. 

So, we turn to its thickness instead. 

These coins have a thickness of 0.175 centimeters, meaning you need to stack about 23 to realize a feat of 4.025 centimeters, which is not far off the mark.

6. 19 Half Dollars

Half dollars are not as popular as the other coins. But still, you can find them in banks as well as in vending machines as they are eligible for legal tender. They are also popular among coin collectors and others who appreciate their significance. 

If you have a collection of these rare coins, they double up as solid references for small measurements, as, like other coins, they are standardized with a thickness of 0.215 centimeters.

Therefore, if you can stack 19, you would create something approximately four centimeters long (4.085 centimeters).

7. A Golf Ball

Golf balls are used to play golf – a competitive sport and a recreational activity in the United States with millions of participants. 

If you have visited the many golf courses and clubs available in almost every state, chances are you are familiar with golf balls.

All these golf balls must have a diameter of 4.2 centimeters, only 0.2 centimeters past the four centimeters mark.

8. Half a Hockey Puck

A hockey puck is a small, round, flat disk made of vulcanized rubber used by hockey players to score a point and move the game forward. 

All hockey pucks are usually 7.62 centimeters in diameter. Therefore, if you can envision cutting one in half, you would have two pieces, each measuring approximately four centimeters long (3.82 cm).

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9. A Squash Ball

Squash might not be as popular, but it commands a dedicated following in the US, with many squash courts and clubs countrywide.

If you are one of those dedicated fans or players, a squash ball is an excellent reference if you are looking to understand how long four centimeters is.

It’s usually approximately four centimeters in diameter, so you can visualize it next time you want to understand how long that measurement is.

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