14 Common Things That Are 3 Meters Long (+Pics)

Do you want to know the things that are 3 meters long? If you can relate how far a meter is, then the idea can help you determine 3 meters length. 

If a meter is 3.2808 feet, it shows that 3 meters is 9.8425 feet; this figure is approximately 10 feet in three meters. And if you know a few things that are ten feet long, it could help describe the length of other things.

In this article, we’ve mentioned a few things that are 3 meters long to help you relate the same length to other things.

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Things That Are 3 Meters Long

Here in this section, we have taken a deep dive into the common things you’ll likely see in your everyday life that are 3 meters long. 

1. Corrugated Galvanized Iron Sheets

Corrugated Galvanized iron sheets come in different standards, gauges, and lengths; they include 2.00m, 2.50m, and 3.00m. These iron sheets are mainly for house roofing purposes, and the most common length used is the 3 meters long sheets.

If you’ve come across the three meters long Corrugated Galvanized iron sheets, it could be much simpler to visualize this length. The Corrugated Galvanized Iron sheets come in different colors and designs. You only need to purchase according to your preference and choice, but of course, the cost differs.

2. A Dividing Board

A dividing board is normally for swimming pools, and they come in various sizes depending on the pool’s length. If the pool is long, also is the dividing board. Dividing boards can have a length ranging from 6 to 8 feet for mid-sized pools. 

But the standard length of the dividing board for longer swimming pools measures 10 feet which, when converted to meters, you’ll get approximately 3 meters. 

Dividing boards are fun to use if you love swimming. Here you can show your jumping tricks and diving skills which can be great fun for those watching.

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3. 3 Yards Field

Another great thing is the yard marking either on a football field or on the farm. One yard is equivalent to 3 feet. The 3-yard section is 2.75 meters or 9 feet; this measurement is close to 3 meters long. 

Dividing your field in yards helps in a number of ways. It’ll help you determine how far one is from the start line and helps allocate working sections in terms of marking and cleaning.

For the sake of livestock farms, yards sections into the paddock help plan grazing areas. The yard section can also make your farm look neat.

4. 9 Yoga Blocks

Are you familiar with yoga? If so, you should know how important these tools are when used as measuring instruments. The blocks come in various sizes ranging from 4 inches long to 12 inches. Twelve inches is approximately 1 foot, so if you take 9 of them, the end length will be 2.75 meters which is not far from 3 meters. 

The spongy-like feeling on the yoga blocks also helps reduce the risks of injuries caused by hard surfaces. 

5. Smart Car

With the climate crisis and the shift in the high cost of living, it is a reason why you should have a smart car. Smart cars are environmentally friendly because they use electricity instead of fuel. 

Fuel engines produce carbon oxide, among the greenhouse gasses contributing to the climate crisis. Therefore, if you own a smart car or have seen one, you can visualize its length. 

Smart cars are medium-sized, measuring 101.6 inches from end to end; this measurement is about a foot less to make 3 meters. With the ever-changing climate conditions, there is a need for why we should shift to green energy. 

6. 2 Pool Cues 

Although pool cues are in various lengths, the commonly used measure is between 56 and 57 inches long. If you stick two of the average pool cues, you’ll get approximately 112 to 114 inches long. This figure is not far from reaching 3 meters long.

However, the pool length will determine the length of the cue to use. If the pool is too long, then most definitely, the cue to use will need to be long.

7. Adult Male Tiger

The tiger is the largest cat species in the world. While the lengths of the tigers vary, an adult male tiger may measure approximately 3 meters long. There are also some cases where male tigers can grow to about 12 feet long, which is approximately 4 meters.

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For these cat breeds, the female usually grows smaller than the male; they can grow 2 to 2.7 meters long, while for the male, they grow between 2.4 and 4 meters. If you can imagine the size of an adult male tiger, it can help you describe a 3-meter length.

8. A Basketball Hoop

Do you know a basketball hoop? It is the ring covered with a net where basketball players score. The ring is normally attached to a board above the ground moderately high but not that high for some individuals.

According to NBA &FIBA regulations, a basketball hoop should be exactly 1o feet (3.05 meters) above the ground. If you think the hoop is too high for you, don’t think it is the same for others.

Some players are tall enough to reach the hoop in just a small hop, while others need to strive and jump with force to reach the same height. 

9. A Half Height of a Giraffe

Giraffes are the remaining tallest standing creatures of the land and are mostly found in some parts of Africa and Zoos in the United States and Europe.

If you’ve ever seen these creatures, you know how amazingly tall they are. A fully grown Masai giraffe can grow to about 6 meters high. 

If you are to divide the height into two sections, you’ll arrive at 3 meters. The distance from the legs to the back and from the back to the tip of the hard is almost the same. Therefore, to correctly relate 3 meters, you can think of the distance from the ground to its back.

10. Three Guitars 

A guitar is another popular musical instrument you should have encountered or used. And if you want to visualize how long the instrument is, you can visit a guitar store. 

While they come in various sizes, the average guitar measures approximately 1 meter long. If you are to stick three of these guitars, you’ll arrive at 3 meters in length. 

However, some guitars are too small, while others are too big. Some can even be challenging to lift, while others are light. For example, kids’ guitars are small compared to those of adults.

11. Three Times the Height of a Tennis Net

The tennis net is another thing that you can relate to in terms of meters. A professional tennis net is approximately 3.5 feet at the poles. And the net’s curve makes the middle measure approximately 3 feet wide. 

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So if you’ve ever watched a professional match, you probably know the game’s specifications. So, if you stick three of these nets, you’ll make a 3-meter-long width. 

If you don’t love playing tennis, then it’s time to consider one; you never know, it could be your time to shine. And most of all, you’ll benefit from being physically fit.

12. One-Third of London Bus Length

Have you ever come across the London bus? London bus measure 8.380 meters long, and if you are to multiply this figure by one-third, you’ll get approximately 3 meters. 

If you can imagine the length of one-third of the London bus, it’ll be easy to relate to other things. The size of the London busses helps accommodate more people, and they have become beneficial to the residents. 

And if you’ve never encountered a London bus, you can browse the internet to see one. These buses are popular around the cities and towns.

13. Ping Pong Table

Ping pong game is interesting to watch and play. It has become an entertaining sport for indoor lovers. If you are craving to become a player, you can search the internet for any place offering the game near you.

Having the tricks of playing is advantageous, but knowing the strength to push the ball not to exceed the table is another added advantage. Ping pong tables are similar in size, and all measure 2.74 meters long, which is not far from 3 meters. If you can visualize this length, it can be good to relate to other things.

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14. One-Half Queen Mattress

Queen and king mattresses vary depending on the country, but those made in the United States measure 2 meters in length. And if you add another half of the mattress, the figure will reach 3 meters.

Queen mattresses are expensive but very luxurious to sleep on. These mattresses are popular in 5-star hotels and rich families. 

But if you’ve never seen one, you can visit mattress stores. The idea of how long these mattresses are can help you relate the same measurement to other things.

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