7 Common Things That are 3 Cubic Feet Big (With Pictures)

Are you having a nightmare trying to find things that are three cubic feet big? 

Maybe you’re planning to move out, so the knowledge can help you estimate how much space you need in a truck mover for your belongings… 

Or you’re partaking in a home improvement project involving materials such as concrete or soil, so you need to understand how much of these materials you need to buy. 

The situations involving measuring and estimating three cubic feet are many.

That’s why understanding things that occupy that volume can be helpful – and shouldn’t be a nightmare. 

And to prove you right, this post covers seven items approximately three cubic feet big, so you can always refer to them.

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7 Common Things That are 3 Cubic Feet Big

1. 15 1.5 Gallon Fish Bowls

A fish bowl is a small, transparent sphere-shaped (or round) glass or plastic container designed to keep fish as pets. Keeping fish as pets is a popular activity that has existed for decades in the United States. 

If you’re a fish enthusiast, you’re likely familiar with fish bowls. They come in different sizes, depending on the size and number of fish you want to house. 

The most popular is the 1.5-gallon fish bowl, which accommodates one or two fish. It occupies a volume of about 0.2 cubic feet, meaning if you can stack 15 on top of each other, they would take a volume capacity of approximately three cubic feet.

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2. Six Personal Coolers

Also known as portable coolers, personal coolers are lightweight devices that keep drinks and food cold or hot. They’re typically used for outdoor activities, such as picnicking, hiking, or camping, but are also great alternatives for traditional fridges if you live in a small apartment. 

These coolers come in different sizes, from lunch-box size devices to larger ones that can hold multiple stuff. The most popular in the United States have a storage volume of 16 quarts or 0.53 cubic feet. 

If you can imagine stacking six such coolers or visualize them side by side in a row, they would take a volume of about three cubic feet.

3. A Compact Washer

A compact washer is a small, lightweight washing machine designed for small apartments and dorm rooms where a full-sized washing machine is impractical.

Compact washers are increasingly becoming popular household essentials in the United States, thanks to their affordability and energy efficiency. 

While these compact washers come in different sizes, they all fall in the 2.3 – 3.2 cubic feet category. But that little deviation should not stop you from classifying them under things approximately three cubic feet big if you are familiar with them.

4. Two Pet Carriers For a Large Cat

A pet carrier is a portable enclosed container used by pet owners who want to travel with their pets comfortably and safely. 

Pet carriers designated for large cats usually measure 18.1 inches in length, 11.8 inches wide, and have a height of 11.8 inches. That means they occupy a volume capacity of 2506.32 cubic feet (or 1.49 cubic feet).

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Therefore, if you can stack or visualize one placed on the other, you would create a gigantic pet carrier of approximately three cubic feet.

Alternatively, you can use a pet carrier for small dogs as it measures roughly the same size as that of a large cat.

5. 20 Standard KitchenAid Mixer Bowls

Mixer bowls are essential for any home baker or cook who wants to prepare different recipes, including cake batter, cookie dough, bread dough, and whipped cream. 

KitchenAid dominates the market for mixer bowls, so they can be perfect reference points since most people are familiar with them. A standard one takes in a volume capacity of 4.5 quarts or 0.15 cubic feet, so if you need to measure three cubic feet of a liquid, say water, you can fill such a mixer twenty times.

6. 90 USA-standard Bricks

We’ve used the USA-standard bricks as reference points to understand different measurements, including volumes and lengths, here at measuringly.com since they have standard sizes. And we’ll use them here too. 

A standard brick in the United States measures 8 inches long, is 3.625 inches wide, and stands only 2.5 inches high. If you do the math, it occupies a volume of 65.25 cubic inches or 0.0377604 cubic feet.

Therefore, imagine laying as many as ninety such bricks on the ground to know how big three cubic feet of space is.

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7. Three Medium-sized Backpacks

Medium-sized backpacks are ideal for camping trips as well as overnight trips.

These bags come in different sizes, with the smallest having a volume of 30 liters (roughly one cubic foot) and the largest occupying 40 liters (about 1.4 cubic feet).

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That means you can use three smallest medium-sized backpacks or two large ones if the stuff you want to carry or measure is as big as three cubic feet.

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