10 Common Things That are 400 Feet Big

Are you looking to conceptualize a size of 400 feet?

400 feet is equivalent to 121.92 meters or 133.33 yards. But you probably already know that converting it into other measuring units doesn’t help you understand how big that length is in terms of familiarity.

That’s why the best idea is to think of it in terms of everyday objects that are roughly that size so that you understand it by visualizing. 

This post looks at ten everyday objects that are 400 feet to give you enough real-life reference points.

Let’s go!

10 Common Things That are 400 Feet Big

1. Baseball Field

Baseball is the oldest competitive sport in North-American history. So if you’re a fan, you might be familiar with the size of the pitch, the game’s venue. 

While no Major League ballparks are alike, the size of a baseball field must be uniform across baseball. The distance between the home plate and the nearest stand, fence, or any other obstruction in the center field must be 400 feet. That makes a baseball field a great reference point, as you only need to visualize that distance.

2. 5 Tennis Courts

If you’re a tennis fan, you must be familiar with the size of a tennis court, either the one you saw at the tennis opens or in other competitions, including in high schools. 

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According to the International Tennis Federation, all tennis courts must measure the same, usually 23.77 meters long or roughly 7 feet. That means you can use any court as a reference point, and if you imagine five such courts in a row end to end, it totals around 400 feet.

3. 2.5 of a Standard Cruise Ship

A cruise ship is an enormous luxury vessel used to take passengers on voyages for pleasure. They include accommodation, entertainment, and other comfortable amenities, including pool bars. 

Although rare, you can get a cruise ship as small as 400 feet and as large as 1,100. But a standard cruise – that carries multitudes of over 3000 people and has hundreds of rooms – usually has an average size of about 1000 feet in length is the most common. So Imagine how big 2.5 of a standard cruise ship is to understand how big 400 feet is.

4. 11 Standard School Buses

School buses are daily sights on the roads as they are always busy taking pupils to different school events. 

School buses vary in size depending on the needs and budget of the school. Some can hold up to 80 passengers, but the standard ones usually have room for 72 individuals and are the most frequently seen on the road. These standard buses are typically 35 feet in length. 

Therefore, to get a rough idea of how big 400 feet is, you can imagine eleven standard school buses placed end to end.

5. 4.5 of the Height of the CN Tower

Also called the Canadian National Tower, the CN tower is a broadcast and communications tower in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

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With a total of 147 floors, the CN tower was the longest freestanding structure in the world until the construction of Burj Khalifa in 2009, measuring 1,815 feet tall. 

The tower is one of the greatest attractions in the country, so if you’ve visited the site, you can imagine dividing the building into four and a half equal portions. One portion would be around 400 feet big.

6. 8 Step-deck Trailers

Also known as drop-deck trailers, step-deck trailers are versatile vehicles and great alternatives to flatbeds for companies transporting cargo as tall as 10 feet. 

Like school buses, the slow-moving step-deck trailers are frequent sights on the roads and highways. They are usually about 48-53 feet long, meaning you need to visualize the space eight such vehicles would take to get a sense of how big 400 feet is.

7. 2 Hockey Rinks

The hockey rink is the playing ground for hockey, a popular sport, especially in Canada and other countries, including the US and European countries. It’s also played in high schools, although not recognized as much as other sports. 

Hockey rinks are perfect for estimating lengths, as they’ve got a standard size. The National Hockey League (NHL) rules state that hockey rinks for championship tournaments should be 200 feet long. Therefore, visualizing two gives you exactly 400 feet.

8. 2 Neck Canals

The Neck Canal was built in 1730 to improve navigation in river Mohawk in Oneida County, New York. 

According to the National Register of Historic Places, the Neck Canal is 200 feet long, so visualizing two would total 400 feet.

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9. 4 Blue Whales

Blue whales are the largest animals to ever grace the earth, with adults growing as big as 100 feet long, especially the females. Visualizing four adults would give you something close to 400 feet. 

They’re common if you visit Southern California, particularly Dana point, from May to October. You can get as close to them as you want since they’re harmless to humans, so feel free to approach them next time you visit the region.

10. 4 Boeing 737-500s

The Boeing 737-500 is a twin-engined airliner produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. These airlines have a capacity of 142 passengers but have been retired in October in favor of large. 

Before the company retired them, Boeing 737-500 frequented the sky, and if you saw them, they measured about 100 feet from nose to tail. So if you can remember how long they were, you can visualize four arranged in a row the next time you want to understand how big 400 feet is.

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