How Big is 50 Acres? 12 Items To Help You Visualize That Area

You might be familiar with an acre since it’s a popular unit of measurement, especially in agriculture and real estate.

But what about 50 acres?

How do you visualize that? Even when you know it represents an area 50 times the size of one acre? 

Worry no more!

This post presents 15 things that are about 50 acres big to serve as reference points and help you visualize an area 50 acres big.

They include sports fields and famous buildings. 

Ready to visualize 50 acres?

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Let’s dive in.

12 Familiar References to Help You Visualize 50 Acres

Fifty acres is equivalent to about 202,342 square meters or 2,178,000 square feet. 

Assuming that area is a flat square, it would take approximately half an hour for someone to cover it, walking at the average person’s walking speed of 3 mph. 

Rely on the following items to visualize the vastness of that area.

1. 38 American Football Fields

We’ve used American football fields to visualize 500 acres and other vast measurements at as they are familiar among many.

And since 50 acres belong to that league, we can rely on the field again. 

The field is about 360 feet long and 160 feet wide, covering an area of 57,600 square footage (1.322314 acres).

So, to visualize an area of 50 acres, it’s as big as approximately 38 American football fields.

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2. 34 Soccer Fields

Soccer fields are also an excellent way to visualize enormous areas. Alongside American football, soccer is one of most popular and followed sports worldwide, and many can relate to many facilities associated with it, starting with the battleground. 

But unlike American football fields, you need to picture 34 soccer fields to understand the scope of 50 acres.

Although there’s no standard soccer field size, most are 100 meters long and 60 meters wide, covering 6,000 square meters (1.482632 acres).

3. 464 Basketball Courts

Visualizing an area 464 basketball courts would cover can be frustrating. But that emphasizes the vastness of 50 acres.

The good thing is many people are familiar with the size of basketball courts, making it a relatable reference point.

The courts are about 94 feet long and 50 feet wide for colleges and NBA, meaning they sit on 4,700 square feet (0.107897 acres) of space.

So, 50 acres of land is big enough to accommodate as many as 464 standard basketball courts.

4. 130 Hockey Rinks

If you come from Northern America, chances are you are familiar with a hockey rink and can picture its size since hockey has a dedicated fan base in that region. 

The rectangular-shaped hockey rink measures 200 feet long by 85 feet wide. That means it covers 17,000 square footage (0.390266 acres) of land. 

If you could place 130 hockey rinks side by side, they would be close to 50 acres in size.

5. 162 Olympic-size Swimming Pools

Many people enjoy swimming, especially during the summer when it’s a popular recreational activity to beat the heat and have fun.

And if you have done it in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, you must have been mesmerized by its sheer size.

An Olympic-sized pool is precisely 50 meters long by 25 meters wide, covering 1,250 square meters (0.308882 acres). 

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For a visual representation of 50 acres, imagine an area 162 times that big.

6. 900 Single-Family Homes

Due to geography, land availability, and economic factors, there’s a diverse range of home sizes.

That said, most single-family homes in the United States sit on an area of approximately 2,500 square feet (0.06 acres).

That means in 50 acres of land, you can build as many as 900 average-sized single-family homes. Picture that.

7. 86 White Houses

The official residence of the president of the United States, The White House, is a popular item that can help visualize vast measurements due to its relatability. 

The White House is 168 feet long and 152 feet wide, factoring in the porticoes (walkways or porches with a roof supported by columns). So it covers an area of 25536 square footage (0.586226 acres).

Therefore, to understand how big 50 acres is, imagine a land big enough to host as many as 86 White Houses.

8. Two and a Half Large Neighborhood Parks

The size of a neighborhood park depends on several factors, such as available land area, population density, community needs, and preferences.

They can be as small as two acres and as big as 20 acres.

So, going with the latter, you can view 50 acres as the area two and a half large neighborhood parks would occupy when placed side by side.

9. 10 Cruise Ships

Crush ships are suitable for vacationers seeking relaxation and exploration on the open waters.

These floating resorts are huge, measuring 1000 feet long and about 200 feet wide, and each covers an area of 200,000 square footage, equivalent to about five acres. That’s big enough to accommodate various amenities and activities, including dining options, entertainment shows, pools, spas, sports facilities, and more, all in one location! 

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So, to give you a picture of 50 acres, imagine as many as ten such sea giants close to each other.

10. 23 Grand Ole Oprys

If you are a country music fan or a music enthusiast, chances are that this is not the first time you have heard of The Grand Ole Opry. 

Located In Nashville, Tennessee, The Opry can accommodate about 4,000 fans coming to enjoy live performances by established and up-and-coming country music artists, plus various musical styles within the genre. 

As you can guess, the theater must be gigantic to host such numbers. And it is, as it’s nearly 100,000 square feet big, approximately 2.3 acres.

And if you can visualize as many as 23 such concert stages, you can get an impression of 50 acres.

11. Twice the Size of Ellis Island

Ellis Island is a historic landmark located in New York Harbor, USA. It used to be an immigrant inspection and processing point but now is federally owned as a National Park. 

The park covers 27.5 acres of space and attracts visitors to learn immigrant history, including the contributions of those who journeyed to America.

If you have been there, 50 acres is slightly less than twice the island.

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12. Grand Central Station

Have you been to the Grand Central Station? The transportation hub located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City? 

If so, it’s all you need to visualize 50 acres as it sits on 49 acres. It has 67 tracks and 44 platforms, making it the world’s largest railway terminal by the number of platforms and area occupied. 

It has room for a tennis court, an array of shops, restaurants, and cultural exhibits, making it a bustling hub where visitors and commuters can shop, dine, and explore historical displays. 

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