9 Common Things That are 8 Meters Long

Things that are 8 meters long come in handy, especially when you want to gauge far distances with no measuring tools.

That said, you’ll need to apply practical and visual skills. And that may take time, depending on how you grasp things.

But eventually, with experience, you’ll find it easy to estimate long distances. 

This post explores 9 items that are 8 meters long. And since they’re only a few, we’ve included others that add up to that distance when put together to give you more referencing options. 

Let’s go!

9 Common Things That are 8 Meters Long

1. Hot Max Extension/Appliance Hose for Propane Gas

Homeowners use hose pipes for connecting gas piping to appliances and home systems, such as heating systems. 

Hot Max Extension/Appliance hose is such a hose and is one of the most popular in many households due to its compatibility with a range of appliances. 

According to Hot Max, the manufacturing brand, this gas hose pipe is standardized to 8 meters. If you’ve one, you’ll need to unfold and stretch it. If you don’t, you can only imagine such a scenario to create an item that is 8 meters long in your mind.

2. The Smallest Standard Garden Hose

Many products come in different sizes so buyers can choose what suits their needs. And such is the case with garden hoses that farmers and gardeners use to water their plants. 

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Garden hoses can be as long as 30 meters. But the most common are the small ones, and they are usually 8 meters long.

Gardeners prefer these 8-meter-long hoses as they’re cost-effective and easy to use and store. They are mostly found among home gardeners, but it’s not surprising to find extensive gardeners using a couple.

3. Seven Standard Golf Clubs

Golf is not a new sport to many, as it’s popular in many countries, including the US, Canada, and Ireland. You might also have seen individuals playing the sport for recreational purposes on TV. 

Golfers use different types of clubs to strike the ball. And although each player has their preferences, the standard length for most golf club manufacturers is 1.14 meters. That means you’ve to imagine seven golf clubs placed end-to-end to visualize an 8-meter object.

4. The Pedestal of Christ the Redeemer Statue

Christ the Redeemer statue is Brazil’s cultural icon and a global symbol of Christianity, attracting millions of people to the summit of Corcovado where it stands. The monument is made of concrete and soapstone and is the fourth-largest Jesus statue in the world. 

The base supporting the statue is called the pedestal and measures 8 meters long. If you’ve visited the site, goodluck finding a holier object to reference 8-meter distances.

5. Two Average-sized Cars

Car sizes vary a lot depending on the models and manufacturers. That said, the most common types you see every day are average-sized because they’re cost-effective, fit the needs of the large population, and meet various parking requirements. 

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A good case in point is the standard sedan, or VW Beetle, some of the most popular cars worldwide. Both are about 4 meters long, so you need to imagine two packed in a row to achieve our mark of 8 meters.

6. Three Standard Ping Pong Tables

A Ping pong table is a rectangular, flat table used for playing table tennis, a world-class sport celebrated in many countries, except in the United States. You may have zero real-life experience playing table tennis, but you must have seen it on TV as it’s popular. 

All ping pong tables are 2.74 meters long, as a requirement by the Table Tennis Federation, the sport’s governing body. That means arranging three tables in a row is a great idea to create something an item that is 8 meters long.

7. Two Male Adult African Elephants

African elephants are the world’s largest land animals that roam the savannas of Sub-Saharan Africa. They’re easily recognizable, and you can differentiate them from their Asian cousins thanks to their large size and large ears that resemble the African continent. 

According to The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, African elephants are endangered, but you can use the available ones as your reference objects.

Male adults are usually 4 meters from toe to shoulder, meaning to make it 8 meters, you’ll need to imagine one animal on top of the other. A bizarre scenario, but you get the idea.

8. Half Lipa Moja Boat

Lipa Moja boat is a tour boat regularly found on Korčula islands and river Neretva. The boat is meant for excursions and offers school field-themed trips for tourists visiting the region. 

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Lipa Moja is one of the longest boats in the world, measuring 16 meters long and 4.4 meters wide. While that length is far off our mark, imagining cutting the boat in half will give you an idea of an 8-meter-long object.

9. Orcas

Orcas, also known as killer whales, are beautiful but deadly whales that inhabit every ocean. But with all their ferocity, the sea giants have never killed humans in the wild as they’re not part of their diets. 

The largest orca ever recorded was 9.8 meters, but according to scientists, most of them average 8 meters when they’re adults.

Due to their fearsome reputation and their fondness for deep water habitats, you may never see an orca in your lifetime. But at least you can boast you know their size.

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