List of Common Things That Weigh 30 Grams (+Pics)

Something weighing 30 grams is incredibly lightweight. 

Thirty grams is equivalent to mere 0.0661387 pounds or 1.05 ounces. A seemingly minuscule weight you can lift with your finger! 

But want a more practical understanding of how heavy 30 grams is? Compare it to things that weigh 30 grams. This comparison method works for heavy and light weights, as we always see here on 

And thankfully, this post explores a diverse range of 30-gram objects. You will find items that resonate with your curiosity or even something within arm’s reach. 

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Let’s dive right in.

List of Things That Weigh 30 Grams

1. A Bundle of 30 US Banknotes

At, the US dollar notes are among our favorite items for referencing various weights, lightweight such as 5 ounces , and relatively heavy such as 11 ounces . They’re used in everyday transactions, so they are readily available, and in fact, chances are you have some in your wallet right now. 

All US dollar notes have the same weight of precisely one gram, regardless of the denomination. That means 30 notes can give a practical understanding of 30 grams.

2. 5 US Quarters

Similarly to notes, US quarters can be excellent reference points for a diverse range of weights because they are also readily available. You may not have many, but you likely keep some for small transactions, such as paying for laundry machines and parking meters. 

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Each US quarter weighs 5.67 grams, a fraction of 30 grams. But if you can get five, they would have a combined weight of approximately 30 grams.

3. 6 A4 Papers

A4 papers are still household items, despite the digital transformation of how we work. If you like writing and note-taking, you probably have some lying on the desk, in a drawer, or your document holder. 

These papers are also a reliable reference for light weights since they have standard sizes, although that changes as you move from country to country. In the United States, each weighs 5.1 grams, so you need to grab six to realize how lightweight 30 grams is.

4. 30 Metal Paperclips

If you work with papers or like keeping them, paperclips come in handy, helping you organize your work desk or cabinet. 

Of course, paperclips come in different sizes and types, but most are metallic, measuring about one inch. These are the most common in many offices and at homes, too. 

They might be tiny, weighing only one gram, but if you can get as many as 30, they can be reliable benchmarks if you want to understand how heavy 30 grams is.

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5. A Slice of Whole-Grain Bread

You might not like having bread for breakfast, but it’s still among the most commonly consumed types of breakfast in the United States and worldwide. 

Whole-grain bread is the preferred choice for many people due to its superior health benefits and higher nutritional value. 

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A standard one varies in size from country to country, but it weighs about 450 grams in the United States. A slice of it, meanwhile, is a perfect example of things that weigh 30 grams as it is just as heavy.

6. A Packet of 28 Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are small bean-shaped candies with a soft, gel-like center and a sugar-coated shell. They’re also often associated with holidays such as Easter, when they are commonly used to fill Easter baskets or participate in Easter egg hunts.

Jelly beans are another tiny item we like referencing for seemingly minuscule weights on our blogs since most people usually have them at home.

Each jelly bean weighs 1.1 grams. And since a packet can hold up to 80 jelly beans, if you can devour all but 28, it should weigh around 30 grams.

Also, some packets contain about 30 beans, so two can help you realize a similar weight.

7. A Serving of 28 Almonds

In numerous American households, if you open a pantry or kitchen cupboard, you’re likely to find almonds. The snacks are favorite for many due to their nutrition and versatility. 

Similarly to jelly beans, a shelled almond weighs precisely 1.1 grams. And since the recommended daily serving is about 23 almonds, you need to add only five to get an impression of 30 grams.

8. 7-8 Teaspoons of Sugar

Sugar is a versatile household ingredient for food items such as cakes, cookies, muffins, pastries, and beverages like tea and coffee.

If you like preparing sugary dishes, you often add several teaspoons – and most of the time, you’re unconcerned with how heavy it is.

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Well, one teaspoon is approximately four grams. Make about 7-8 scoops to get 30 grams.

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9. 25 Paper Towels

Paper towels are disposable absorbent sheets of paper used for various cleaning tasks, such as wiping spills, drying hands, or cleaning surfaces at home and in commercial settings. 

Although paper towels are made from wood pulp, their weight may vary depending on the thickness. 

That said, one weighs about 1.2 grams, usually. So if you gather about 25, you’d have a perfect reference for 30 grams.

To Wrap it Up…

With this diverse collection of things that weigh 30 grams, you can select your favorite item and immerse yourself in the world of 30 grams.

Whether you’re a measurement enthusiast or looking to measure 30 grams at home, whatever your motivation is, you can always compare 30 grams against the items. You’ll never go wrong.

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