How Big is 10 Cubic Yards? 14 Common Comparisons (+Pics)

Ten cubic yards is a volume measurement equivalent to 27 cubic feet or approximately 764.6 cubic meters.

It’s commonly used in construction and landscaping to quantify large amounts of material, like soil, gravel, or concrete.

Knowing the volume of 10 cubic yards provides practical information for efficient resource management. It helps you estimate the size of materials needed or removed, aiding in project planning, budgeting, and logistics.

This post explores 15 comparisons for ten cubic yards to help you understand its significance. 

Whether you’re filling a garden with soil, pouring concrete in your DIY project, or managing debris, these comparisons will give you a practical sense of how ten cubic yards looks.

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Let’s dive in.

14 Common Comparisons For 10 Cubic Yards

1. 2X A Midsize Sedan

Midsize sedans typically offer more interior space than compact cars but are smaller than full-size sedans.

Although that space varies between different models, the difference is usually minimal, with most ranging from 110 to 119 cubic feet (approximately four cubic yards). Some models in that range include the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and Ford Fusion

So, picture a space slightly more than the volume of two midsize sedans to get a sense of 10 cubic yards.

2. 13X A Midsize Car Trunk

You can also use a midsize car’s trunk to visualize ten cubic yards. 

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On average, midsize sedans typically offer trunk volumes of about 20 cubic feet (approximately 0.74 cubic yards). It can vary based on the car’s design, model year, and whether it prioritizes passenger space over cargo capacity, but it’s usually that big in most cases. 

So, if you’re dealing with landscaping, envision a pile of soil or mulch that would fill a midsize car’s trunk as many as 13 times. That soil should be about ten cubic yards.

3. 4X A Standard Pickup Bed

Pickup beds are integral for tasks ranging from daily activities to heavy-duty work, making them a practical feature for many utility purposes. 

The dimensions of a full-size standard pickup bed can vary, but most are about 8×5.33×1.5 feet. 

That means when level-full, it contains 2.5 cubic yards of material. 

So, ten cubic yards would be roughly equivalent to level-filling a  full-size standard pickup bed four times.

5. 90X A Medium-sized Wheelbarrow

Gardeners choose wheelbarrows depending on the nature of the tasks, the amount of material one needs to move, and the garden’s terrain.

A medium-sized wheelbarrow is often the most preferred due to its versatility – you can use it to move soil, mulch, or small plants. 

Since it has a capacity of approximately three cubic feet (0.11 cubic yards), you’d need 90 wheelbarrows to make up ten cubic yards.

6. 10X A Large Refrigerator

Large refrigerators suitable for large families of five or more or households with higher storage needs have capacities ranging from 22 to 28 cubic feet or approximately one cubic yard. 

That means you can visualize ten cubic yards as ten times the volume of a large-size fridge. 

Meanwhile, a medium-sized fridge, ideal for a family of four or three, has a volume of about 20 cubic feet /0.74 cubic yards. So, ten cubic yards is about 14 times as big. 

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And with a small refrigerator for one or two people, ten cubic yards is about 22 times as big.

7. 295X A 5-gallon Bucket

A 5-gallon bucket is a handy household tool used in many settings, including gardening, construction, and household chores.

This container usually has a capacity of approximately 0.91 cubic feet or 0.03 cubic yards.

Thus, ten cubic yards is the volume of approximately 295 5-gallon buckets.

8. 30X A Medium-sized Dog Crate

Medium-sized dog crates can fit many dog breeds due to their versatility and practicality.

They typically measure 30 by 24 by 21 inches, with a volume of 15,120 cubic inches or approximately 0.32 cubic yards.

Thus, ten cubic yards is comparable to 30 medium-sized dog crates at capacity.

9. 100 Large-size Wardrobe Boxes

Large wardrobe boxes are convenient for preserving the shape and condition of your garments during a move. They often come with a metal hanging bar, allowing you to transfer your clothes directly from the closet to the box.

The dimensions of large-size wardrobe boxes can vary, falling between 2.5 and 3.59 cubic feet.

That’s about 0.1 cubic yards for each box, meaning visualizing as many as 100 can give you a sense of 10 cubic yards.

10. 6 2-seater Sofas

2-seater sofas offer a cozy seating arrangement for two people and are common in apartments, offices, or as complementary furniture in larger sofa sets.

The dimensions of 2-seater sofas vary, but most are around 68 inches long, 38 inches deep, and 34 inches tall, covering 87,856 cubic inches or approximately 1.74 cubic yards. 

So, you can compare ten cubic yards to a pile of six 2-seater sofas.

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11. 53 Square Hay Bales

Square hay bales are especially popular in traditional and smaller farms in suburban or urban areas, where space and equipment might be limited.

They’re typically 14 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 35 inches long, taking 8,820 cubic inches or approximately 0.18 cubic yards of space.

Imagine a pile of about 53 square hay bales to realize the significance of ten cubic yards.

12. 500 Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are versatile building materials for constructing various structures, including walls and foundations.

They come in different sizes and configurations, with standard ones measuring 8×8×16 (all in inches).

As a cinder block is 1024 cubic inches (approximately 0.02 cubic yards), you’d need as many as 500 to cover ten cubic yards.

13. 5 Bar-size Pool Tables

Pool tables in bars and some recreational spaces are the smallest of any pool table.

They’re typically 78 inches long, 39 inches wide, and 30 inches above the ground, occupying a space of 91,620 cubic inches or approximately two cubic yards.

Therefore, imagine creating a 2×3 grid with five bar-size pool tables placed in two rows and three columns to visualize ten cubic yards. You can also arrange them end-to-end to realize the same.

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14. 2 Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis tables come in standard sizes regulated by international regulations.

They’re usually 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet tall, occupying 112 cubic feet (approximately 4.1 cubic yards) of space.

A stack of two tennis tables is, thus, a little smaller than ten cubic yards but big enough to give you a sense of what ten cubic yards would occupy.

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